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Recap / Pushing Daisies S 1 E 3 The Fun In Funeral

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The Past

Ned experiments with his gift to learn how it works. He discovers the one-minute grace period by killing some fireflies; horrified, he vows to never again keep something alive again for longer than a minute.

The Present

Emerson's latest case has personal implications for Ned: it's an investigation into the untimely death of the Coeur d'Coeurs funeral home owner, the one who died in Equivalent Exchange for Chuck's life.

Leaving the Pie Hole in the care of Olive—who is unaware that she is being flirted with by homeopathic salesman Alfredo Aldarisio—the three investigators speak with the deceased's brother, eager to learn the location of the loot he'd stolen from corpses.

Some time later, Ned finds an unpleasant surprise in his freezer: the surviving funeral home owner, now dead and placed so as to frame Ned. The three investigators, surmising that he died in the Coeur d'Coeurs funeral home and not at the Pie Hole, drive the body back to the funeral home to replace it. There they find Wilfred Woodruff VI, the descendant of a Civil War veteran, whose heirloom sword was stolen by the funeral home owners. He had written a death threat; when he showed up to confront his target only to see him die unexpectedly, he decided to pin it on Ned rather than become a suspect himself.


Wilfred defeated, Ned stumbles across the cache of stolen items, and the three investigators take them back to the Pie Hole and prepare to send each one back to its next of kin.



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