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Recap / My Gym Partners A Monkey S 4 E 5 The Ivy League

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Mrs. Warthog discovers a clerical error, that mislabeled Jake as a spider monkey, when he's really a spider plant, getting him transferred to the all-plant school, Creeping Broad Sedge Leaf Middle School.

  • Creator Cameo: Tom Sheppard, the writer of this episode, gets a shout out, as his picture appears on a box of microwavable Sheppard Pie.
  • Decoy Getaway: Jake's plan to escape Creeping Broad Sedge Leaf Middle School is to switch places with an actual spider plant. Nobody could tell the difference.
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  • Go Mad from the Isolation: All of the students and teachers at Creeping Broad Sedge Leaf Middle School were lifeless, unresponsive, non-anthropomorphic plants. Spending all his time among these people, Jake slowly lost grips with realit and just went completely bonkers.
  • Hidden Depths: Slips is actually a linguistic genius, who's intelligence was being repressed by Jake, leaving a bad impression on him.
    Slips: I realized after Jake left, that his constant barrage of buttock buffoonery was dumbing everything down. I feel so much clearer and smarter now.
  • Literal Metaphor: Jake notes how his plant school isn't exactly a bed of roses, and then corrects himself.
  • New Job Episode: New school episode, in this case.
  • The Reveal: Played for laughs. This happens so consistently in the episode, it becomes a joke.
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  • Running Gag: Cup dropping. Every time someone witnesses something shocking, they drop a cup of coffee, whether they were holding one beforehand, or not.
  • Self-Deprecation Mrs. Warthog lists all the inconsistencies with certain characters, pointing out their unnatural colors and misleading last names.
  • Toilet Paper Trail: Jake tries to make a good impression on his first day at his new school, but his foot drags behind a giant roll of toilet paper, with the entire toilet attached to the end.
  • Voiceover Letter: Jake's voice is heard, when he's writing his letter.

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