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Recap / Monster Rancher S 2 E 3 Farewell My Friend

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While crossing a river, the Searchers come across Captain Jim and his Eared Mew companion, who run a ferry. Jim is adamant about not choosing a side in the war and will offer his services to anyone, even baddies. Genki isn't happy, even more so when Jim dismisses him as just a kid.

But the next morning, when Arrowheads attack their boat, Genki and Jim are forced to fight — and Jim realizes that not choosing a side doesn't mean the baddies won't go after him.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Just a Kid: Jim blows off Genki's opinion this way. After seeing Genki fight alongside him, he still thinks of him as a kid, but one with a lot of guts.
  • Morality Pet: Jim's Eared Mew shows he's not a bad person, just stubborn in his ways.
  • True Neutral: Invoked. Jim offers his services to everyone, good or bad, and refuses to choose a side in the war.
    • Neutral No Longer: However, after learning that Moo's forces don't care about his neutrality, he decides to take a stand. In the season 2 finale, Jim leads an army of rebels to fight against Moo.


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