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Recap / Love, Death & Robots

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A recap page for Love, Death & Robots, Netflix's animated Science Fiction Anthology. Note that Recap pages are Spoilers Off, and thus all spoilers will be unmarked.

Because of Netflix releasing the show using multiple episode orders, this page will use the order listed on IMDB.

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    Volume 1 
  1. "Sonnie's Edge" — Animated by Blur Studio
  2. "Three Robots" — Animated by Blow Studio
  3. "The Witness" — Animated by Pinkman.TV
  4. "Suits" — Animated by Blur
  5. "Sucker of Souls" — Animated by Studio La Cachette
  6. "When the Yogurt Took Over" — Animated by Blow Studio
  7. "Beyond the Aquila Rift" — Animated by Unit Image
  8. "Good Hunting" — Animation by Red Dog Culture House
  9. "The Dump" — Animated by Able & Baker
  10. "Shape-Shifters" — Animated by Blur
  11. "Helping Hand" — Animated by Axis Studios
  12. "Fish Night" — Animated by Platige Image
  13. "Lucky 13" —Animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks
  14. "Zima Blue" — Animated by Passion Pictures (as Passion Animation Studios)
  15. "Blind Spot" — Directed by Vitaliy Shushko
  16. "Ice Age" — Visual Effects provided by Digic Pictures, Atomic Fiction and Blur
  17. "Alternate Histories" — Animated by Sun Creature Studio
  18. "The Secret War" — Animated by Digic Pictures

    Volume 2 
  1. "Automated Customer Service" — Animated by Atoll Studio
  2. "Ice" — Animated by Passion Pictures
  3. "Pop Squad" — Animated by Blur
  4. "Snow in the Desert" — Animated by Unit Image
  5. "The Tall Grass" — Animated by Axis Animation
  6. "All Through the House" — Animated by Blink Industries
  7. "Life Hutch" — Animated by Blur
  8. "The Drowned Giant" — Animated by Blur


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