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Recap / The Casagrandes

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This is a recap page for The Casagrandes, spin-off of The Loud House.

Note: Episodes are listed in production order, not when they were first aired.

All spoilers are unmarked.

Season 1

  1. "Going Overboard" / "Walk Don't Run"
  2. "The Two of Clubs" / "Vacation Daze"
  3. "New Haunts" / "Croaked"
  4. "Snack Pact" / "The Horror-Scope"
  5. "Arr in the Family" / "Finders Weepers"
  6. "Stress Test" / "How to Train Your Carl"
  7. "Operation Dad"
  8. "Flea Market" / "Copy Can't"
  9. "Away Game" / "Monster Cash"
  10. "Trend Game" / "This Bird Has Flown"
  11. "V.I.P.eeved" / "Señor Class"
  12. "Fast Feud" / "Never Friending Story"

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