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Recap / Felix the Cat (Otto Messmer)
aka: Felix The Cat Classic

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A recap page for the Silent/Golden Age cartoons of Felix the Cat. Unfortunately, many episodes of the Silent Era Felix cartoons are missing or lost, but titles for those episodes are included here as a formality.

1919-1936 cartoons


  1. Feline Follies (nov. 9): An alleycat named Master Tom courts ladyfriend Kitty Cat over a couple days, but things quickly turn sour due to a group of mice and some news Kitty is late to share...
  2. The Musical Mews (nov. 16)
  3. The Adventures of Felix (Dec. 14)


  1. A Frolic With Felix
  2. Felix the Big Game Hunter
  3. Wrecking A Romeo
  4. Felix the Food Controller
  5. Felix the Pinch Hitter
  6. Foxy Felix
  7. A Hungry Hoodoo
  8. The Great Cheese Robbery
  9. Felix and the Feed Bag
  10. Nifty Nurse
  11. The Circus
  12. My Hero
  13. Felix the Landlord
  14. Felix's Fish Story


  1. Felix the Gay Dog
  2. Down on the Farm
  3. Felix the Hypnotist
  4. Free Lunch
  5. Felix Goes On Strike
  6. Felix Out of Luck: Felix's owner has seemingly left town for a week, so Felix is forced to find food for himself on the streets.
  7. The Love Punch
  8. Felix Left At Home



  1. Felix Saves the Day (feb. 1, 1922): Felix is playing softball with kids when a kid gets framed and arrested for assaulting an officer. Felix is forced to take up his place at a baseball game to help the team win, but he ends up getting help from above.
  2. Felix at the Fair
  3. Felix Makes Good
  4. Felix All at Sea
  5. Felix in Love
  6. Felix in the Swim: Felix and his friend Willie want to go to the swimming hole, but they find trouble with Willie's mother forcing the kid to take piano lessons.
  7. Felix Finds a Way
  8. Felix Gets Revenge: Felix rescues a kid and is nearly adopted, but the kids father refuses to allow Felix into the house. Unfettered, Felix finds any way he can to sneak inside of the house.
  9. Felix Wakes Up
  10. Felix Minds the Kid: After failing to get some food, Felix seems down on his luck when he's offered a job to babysit a kid. Unfortunately, the kid causes no end of trouble for the cat.
  11. Felix Turns the Tide: A war is going on between cats and mice, and Felix joins the effort and fights on the front lines.
  12. Fifty-Fifty
  13. Felix Comes Back: Felix is trying to forage food as usual, but gets captured by a bitter chef and sent all the way to the arctic region, where he has to fight for his life.
  14. Felix on the Trail
  15. Felix Lends a Hand: In the dead of winter, Felix meets an antique shop owner whose lover has been kidnapped in Egypt. He gives Felix a magic carpet to allow him to fly there and rescue her.
  16. Felix Gets Left
  17. Felix in the Bone Age: Felix visits a natural history museum and gets conked out after licking a prehistoric ham bone, which somehow sends him all the way back to the stone age.


  1. Felix the Ghost Breaker: Felix is haunted by a ghost at night, but is forced to save the day when the ghost and its friends invades the house of a farmer.
  2. Felix Wins Out (Jan 15)
  3. Sunken Treasure
  4. Felix Tries For Treasure
  5. Felix Revolts: Felix is once again trying to scrape together whatever food he can find when he overhears a town meeting where a plan to drive the cats out of town is discussed. Infuriated, Felix bands together a legion of cats to stage a revolt against the town in retaliation.
  6. Felix Calms His Conscience
  7. Felix the Globe Trotter
  8. Felix Gets Broadcasted
  9. Felix Strikes It Rich
  10. Felix in Hollywood: Felix travels to Hollywood and sees many famous celebrities of the 1920s, and ends up becoming a movie star in his own right.
  11. Felix In Fairyland
  12. Felix Laughs Last
  13. Felix and the Radio
  14. Felix Fills a Shortage
  15. Felix the Goat Getter
  16. Felix Goes A-Hunting


  1. Felix Out of Luck
  2. Felix Loses Out
  3. Felix Hyps the Hippo
  4. Felix Crosses the Crooks
  5. Felix Tries to Rest
  6. Felix Goes West
  7. Felix Doubles for Darwin: After failing to catch a fish, Felix meets an organ grinder with a chimp who have a newspaper offering money to whoever can find proof that man comes from monkey. Felix agrees to split the profits with the man, and travels to Africa to find the answer.
  8. Felix Finds Out
  9. Felix Cashes In
  10. Felix Fairy Tales
  11. Felix Grabs His Grub
  12. Felix Pinches The Pole
  13. Felix Puts It Over
  14. A Friend In Need
  15. Felix Finds 'Em Fickle
  16. Felix Baffled by Banjos
  17. Felix All Balled Up
  18. Felix Brings Home The Bacon
  19. Felix Minds His Business
  20. Felix Goes Hungry
  21. Felix Finishes First


  1. Felix Wins and Loses
  2. Felix All Puzzled
  3. Felix Follows The Swallows
  4. Felix Rests in Peace
  5. Felix Gets His Fill
  6. Felix Full O' Fight
  7. Felix Outwits Cupid
  8. Felix Monkeys With Magic
  9. Felix Cops the Prize
  10. Felix Gets The Can
  11. Felix Dopes It Out
  12. Felix Trifles With Time
  13. Felix Busts into Business
  14. Felix Trips Through Toyland
  15. Felix on the Farm
  16. Felix on the Job
  17. The Cold Rush: Felix's owner won't feed him until he solves a crossword puzzle, with the word being something found in Russia. Felix decides to travel to Russia himself to find the answer.
  18. Eats Are West
  19. Felix Tries the Trades
  20. Felix at the Rainbow's End
  21. Felix Kept on Walking
  22. The Cat And The Kit: A short promoting General Electric, and starring Felix.


  1. Felix Spots the Spook
  2. Felix Flirts With Fate: An excerpt exists.
  3. Felix in Blunderland
  4. Felix Fans the Flames
  5. Felix Laughs it Off
  6. Felix Weathers the Weather
  7. Felix Uses His Head
  8. Felix Misses the Cue
  9. Felix Braves the Briny
  10. A Tale of Two Kitties
  11. Felix Scoots Through Scotland: An excerpt exists.
  12. Felix Rings the Ringer
  13. School Daze
  14. Felix Seeks Solitude
  15. Felix Misses His Swiss
  16. Gym Gems: Only a small fragment of the film is known to exist.
  17. Two Lip Time
  18. Scrambled Yeggs
  19. Felix Shatters the Sheik
  20. Felix Hunts the Hunter
  21. Land O Fancy
  22. Felix Busts A Bubble
  23. Reverse English
  24. Felix Trumps the Ace
  25. Felix Collars the Button
  26. Zoo Logic


  1. Felix Dines and Pines: Felix spends a day going on an eating spree, but he has a truly nightmarish adventure after he eats an old boot.
  2. Pedigreedy
  3. Icy Eyes
  4. Felix Stars in Stripes
  5. Felix Sees 'Em in Season
  6. Barn Yarns
  7. Germ Mania
  8. Sax Appeal
  9. Eye Jinks
  10. Roameo
  11. Felix Ducks His Duty
  12. Dough-Nutty
  13. "Loco" Motive
  14. Art for Heart's Sake
  15. The Travel-Hog
  16. Jack From All Trades (AKA "Mr. Do It All")
  17. The Non Stop Fright
  18. Wise Guise
  19. Flim Flam Films
  20. Felix Switches Witches
  21. No Fuelin
  22. Daze And Knights
  23. Uncle Tom's Crabbin': Felix travels to the deep south and meets Uncle Tom and his family, and tries to help him out against the vile Simon Legree.
  24. Whys And Otherwise
  25. Felix Hits The Deck
  26. Felix Behind in Front


  1. The Smoke Scream
  2. Draggin' the Dragon
  3. The Oily Bird
  4. Ohm Sweet Ohm
  5. Japanicky
  6. Polly-Tics
  7. Comicalamities: Felix goes out of his way to try and win over Kitty Cat, with the help of the hand of the artist drawing the cartoon.
  8. Sure-Locked Homes
  9. Eskimotive
  10. Arabiantics
  11. In and Out-Laws
  12. Outdoor Indore
  13. Futuritzy
  14. Astronomeows: Felix the cat takes a journey into space, but finds himself dealing with all manner of bizarre alien creatures in the process.
  15. Jungle Bungles
  16. The Last Life


  1. False Vases
  2. One Good Turns
  3. Romeeow


  1. Frolics At The Circus
  2. April Maze: Felix and his nephews go out for a picnic, but their fun is spoiled by bad weather and a rascally little rabbit.
  3. Felix Woos Whoopee: Felix takes part in an act of late night debauchery, getting drunk out of his head at a nightclub party while his wife waits at him, wondering why it's taking so long for him to get home.
  4. 40 Winks: After a night of conducting a choir of singing cats, Felix tries to get some sleep, but is repeatedly foiled over and over again.
  5. Hootchy Kootchy Parlais Vous
  6. Oceantics
  7. Skulls And Sculls: Felix goes through a nightmarish initiation process, but ends up being accepted into a college fraternity and taking part in a boating race.
  8. Tee Time: Felix gets bored with his piano lessons, so he sneaks outside to play golf, which ends up getting him into an adventure that sends him halfway across the globe.


  1. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg: Felix is running a relief service for the poor with the help of a goose that can lay golden eggs. When the goose is kidnapped by the nefarious Captain Kidd, Felix is forced to save her.
  2. Neptune Nonsense: Felix's pet goldfish is lonely, so Felix tries to go fishing so he can find her a friend. This ends up getting him pulled under the sea, which leads to him encountering many different characters, including the fabled King Neptune.
  3. Bold King Cole: Felix is enjoying nature when a flash storm forces him inside of a castle, where he meets the braggart King Cole. When the King is captured by the ghosts of his ancestors, Felix tries to save him.

Alternative Title(s): Felix The Cat Classic