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This is a recap page for Dragon Tales.

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    Season 1 

  1. To Fly With Dragons / The Forest of Darkness - Emmy and Max discover a magic dragon scale which takes them to Dragon Land; Ord faces his fears in a dark forest.
  2. To Kingdom Come / Goodbye Little Caterpoozle - Ord's selfishness causes the gang to end up in a strange kingdom where they cannot leave; Cassie thinks her pet caterpoozle died.
  3. Knot A Problem / Ord's Unhappy Birthday - Max learns how to tie knots when the youngest merry-go-round pony goes missing; The gang plans a surprise birthday party for Ord but they have to keep it secret.
  4. Tails You Lose / Calling Dr. Zak - Emmy loses a game of Freeze Dance and doesn't want to play anymore; Zak is scared to go to the doctor when he gets a thorn in his foot.
  5. Pigment of Your Imagination / Zak's Song - The gang must work together to fix their map to Rainbow Canyon after it breaks; Melodious Do-Re-Mi Birds keep fleeing whenever everyone loudly joins their concert and ignore Zak when he tries to get them to come back.
  6. Snow Dragons / The Fury Is Out On This One - Max and Ord get lost when trying to meet Quetzal at the Snow Dragon; Max must learn to control his anger when he accidentally releases a Fury.
  7. The Giant of Nod / The Big Sleepover - Zak and Wheezie's arguing wakes up the Giant of Nod and he traps everyone; When Zak and Wheezie have a sleepover, Cassie is worried about being away from home.
  8. A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words / The Talent Pool - A Doodle Fairy uses pictures to help the gang find the special Giggle Flowers Ord wants to give to his mother; Cassie thinks she doesn't have her own special talent.
  9. Emmy's Dreamhouse / Dragon Sails - The gang builds a treehouse but Emmy wants it done her way; Cassie wants to find a rainbow crystal, but Ord is too big for the gang's boat until he finds a purpose.
  10. Eggs Over Easy / A Liking To Biking - The gang has to stop Cyrus the Serpent from stealing a Rhyme Bird egg; Ord learns how to ride a bicycle.
  11. Sky Pirates / Four Little Pigs - The kids and dragons help Captain Scallywag hunt for buried treasure; The gang puts on a puppet show of The Three Little Pigs, but Emmy, Zak and Wheezie all want the same part.
  12. Zak And The Beanstalk / A Feat On Her Feet - Mungus the giant kidnaps the Do-Re-Mi birds and the gang must save them; Cassie learns how to rollerskate.
  13. Not Separated At Birth / A Kite For Quetzal - Zak and Wheezie wish to be two separate dragons and learn the consequences of being apart; The gang wants to surprise Quetzal by making kites, but it requires planning.
  14. Dragon Drop / Cassie Loves A Parade - Zak and Wheezie learn how to catch a ball at the Dragon Fair; Cassie doesn't get picked for the School in the Sky Parade and is depressed.
  15. A Cool School / Max's Comic Adventure - Emmy and Max attend a day at the School in the Sky to help Max with his fears; Max leads the gang on an adventure to rescue his comic hero, Mondo Mouse.
  16. It Happened One Nightmare / Staying Within The Lines - Ord is afraid to go to sleep after having a nightmare; The gang has to recolor Dragon Land after a rainstorm, but Max's scribbling causes problems.
  17. Follow The Dots / A Smashing Success - The gang uses their knowledge of counting to ten to help Ord find his Whack-It-Back whistler; Emmy accidentally breaks Wheezie's trumpet but doesn't want to tell her.
  18. Quibbling Siblings / Wheezie's Hairball - Zak and Wheezie's arguing scares away a rare Jugglebug and they must work together to find it; Wheezie learns to care for her new pet hairball.
  19. A Tall Tale / Stormy Weather - Max despises being short, but his height comes in handy to find Eunice the Unicorn's missing glasses; The gang helps Ord with his fear of thunder.
  20. Blowin' With The Wind / No Hitter - The gang teaches a wind named Windy how to whistle; Max learns to use his words during a game of Dragonball.
  21. Do Not Pass Gnome / Treasure Hunt - Max learns to listen during a game of Simon Says; The gang must learn to follow directions when they get trapped in a Treasure Trove.
  22. The Jumping Bean Express / Get Offa My Cloud - Quetzal asks the gang to take some jumping beans to his twin brother Fernando, but they keep jumping away; A super growing sunflower takes Max to the clouds with no way to get back down.
  23. Backwards To Forwards / Sounds Like Trouble - Magic sparkles cause everyone and everything in Dragon Land to go backwards; Ord must face his fears and retrieve his goo ball from a dark cave.
  24. The Greatest Show In Dragon Land / Prepare According To Instructions - The gang must face obstacles on the way to Wonderworld despite Zak and Wheezie's hurt wing; The gang heads out to see dancing crystals, but problems arise when Emmy refuses to follow the instructions on how to get there.
  25. Wheezie's Last Laugh / Frog Prints - An elf prankster steals Wheezie's laugh; Max bonds with a Unifrog but he cannot take it home with him.
  26. Crash Landings / The Big Cake Mix-up - Max gets hurt during relay practice and refuses to race; Everyone accidentally brings the same ingredients to make Dragonberry Cake for a contest.
  27. Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book / My Way Or Snow Way - The gang uses Quetzal's magic pop-up book to tell stories, but they all have different ideas at once; The gang helps a snowman find his missing puppy.
  28. Sand Castle Hassle / True Blue Friend - The gang tries to build sand castles for the Turtle Dragons but various problems keep knocking them down; Ord accidentally gets the gang covered in permanent paint and they must find a way to get it off.
  29. Zak Takes A Dive / Under The Weather - Zak admits he has never learned to swim and gets lessons; The weather in Dragon Land is behaving strange, and the gang has to find out why.
  30. My Emmy Or Bust / Light My Firebreath - Max goes to Dragon Land alone while Emmy is at the store and encounters a Sea Dragon; Wheezie accidentally loses her firebreath and the gang has to help her get it back.
  31. Follow The Leader / Max And The Magic Carpet - Ord gets captured by Pookie the troll during a game of Follow the Leader; Max finds an old magic carpet but has so much fun with it ignores Ord.
  32. Rope Trick / Baby Troubles - Emmy teaches Zak and Wheezie how to jump rope; The gang babysits Cassie's baby sister Kiki but Ord squishes her favorite toy.
  33. Small Time / Roller Coaster Dragon - Emmy and Max are shrunken by Shrinking Violets and they must find a way to get big again; Wheezie wants to ride the Roller Coaster Dragon but the next ride won't be for ten minutes, so the others help her pass the time.
  34. Up, Up And Away / Wild Time - The gang must rescue Ord when he gets trapped in a bubble; Max nearly wrecks the Dragon Scale Festival when he starts acting silly.
  35. Bad Share Day / Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On - Cassie finds a magic crayon but is hesitant at wanting to share it; Quetzal's maracas are broken, so the gang works to make new ones.
  36. Ord Sees The Light / The Ugly Dragling - Max's Dragonfrog friend disappears into the Forest of Darkness and Ord must face his fears again; A dragon with really big feathers is afraid everyone will laugh at her.
  37. Out With The Garbage / Lights, Camera, Dragons - Zak accidentally throws out Wheezie's personal treasures when cleaning their room; Emmy decides to film a movie about the mystery of Ord's missing mouse but refuses Max's help.
  38. Bully For You / The Great White Cloud Whale - Cassie is bullied by the new student Spike and Quetzal helps her find a way to deal with it; The gang helps Captain Scalliwag find the Great White Cloud Whale who swallowed his ship.
  39. To Do Or Not to Do / Much Ado About Nodlings - When everyone minus Cassie gets trapped inside a Dragonrhinoceros, they try to tell her what to do to help, but she has her own plans; Max must correct his mistakes when he accidentally breaks the Nodlings' wagon.
  40. Don't Bug Me! / Over And Over - Max scares Ord with a spider but is unaware of his fear; Max faces his fears of the monkey bars.

    Season 2 
  1. Lucky Stone / The Mefirst Wizard - Max accidentally tosses Ord's lucky stone into the water and the others must retrieve it; The friends' fighting over who goes first on an obstacle course unleashes the Mefirst Wizard and they must take turns to send him away.
  2. Cassie Catches Up / Very Berry - Cassie loses her confidence when she keeps losing a carnival game; Ord gets stuck in a hole while picking Dragonberries.
  3. Finders Keepers / Remember The Pillow Fort - Zak and Wheezie lose their tickets for the Dragon Land Aquarium; Max and Ord disagree over what color their pillow fort should be.
  4. Big Funky Cloud / Copy Cat - Ord is depressed when he loses his favorite blanket and gets a rain cloud over his head; Max starts acting like Emmy when he meets a mysterious cat.
  5. One Big Wish / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Max makes a wish that he would be big and soon regrets his decision; Max and Ord disagree over who gets to take home their art project.
  6. A New Friend / Have No Fear - A disabled new dragon student leads the friends on an exciting treasure hunt; Ord must overcome his fear of Cassie's pet Butterfrog when she disappears.
  7. Cassie, The Green-Eyed Dragon / Something's Missing - Cassie is jealous when everyone hangs out with her little brother Finn; When Emmy goes to sleep-away camp, the dragons help Max pass the time.
  8. A Crown For Princess Kidoodle / Three's A Crowd - The friends help Princess Kidoodle find her missing crown so she can become ruler of the Doodle Fairies; Emmy meets a new dragon friend and begins forgetting Cassie.
  9. Knuck Knuck, Who's There? / Just Desserts - Emmy and Cassie get lost in the knuckerholes when trying to find Cassie's pick-up sticks; After the gang accidentally ruins Mungus' wiggly jiggly for his mother, they help him bake a new one.
  10. Dragonberry Drought / A Snowman For All Seasons - All the dragonberries are missing and the friends must find them; The gang tries to make it snow at Snowy Summet when the weather becomes warm.
  11. I Believe In Me / Bye Bye Baby Birdie - The friends help Cassie rehearse for a school play; Emmy bonds with a baby Rhyme Bird unaware she took her from her family.
  12. Back To The Storybook / Dragon Scouts - The gang goes into Quetzal's magic pop-up book where they imagine themselves into various fairytales; Cassie wants to join the Dragon Scouts and Emmy helps her fit in.
  13. The Serpent's Trail / Head Over Heels - Emmy's new detective kit is stolen by Cyrus and the gang must find it; Emmy learns to do a cartwheel.
  14. Sticky Situation / Green Thumbs - Max is asked to be an animal guard but accudentaly lets out one of them; The friends meet a dragon daisy and bring her back to her family.
  15. Teasing Is Not Pleasing / Team Work - Emmy is teased during a basketball game by dragon bullies and the others have to help her; Zak and Wheezie must learn to work together when they lose their badges.
  16. On Thin Ice / The Shape of Things To Come - Zak and Wheezie learn to ice skate on the way to Willie the Seal's birthday party; The friends must know their shapes to help Zak clean his Dragon Disc at the Crystal Fountain.
  17. Hide And Can't Seek / The Art of Patience - Ord has a hard time playing hide and seek; Max learns to be patient when getting color clay from Rainbow Canyon.
  18. So Long Solo / Hands Together - Zak and Wheezie learn to take turns for the Twilight Talent Show; Quetzal shows the gang a special song and dance for the Happy Hearts show, but Ord can't get the moves right.
  19. Sneezy Does It / Try It You'll Like It - The Big Whistling Wind has a cold and the gang has to heal him; Zak learns that trying new things aren't so bad while at the Dragon Land Amusement Park.
  20. Just For Laughs / Give Zak A Hand - The gang struggles to watch Kiki and Finn while hunting for eggs; Zak learns to use his injured wrist.
  21. Make No Mistake / The Balancing Act - Max worries he'll make a mistake in the school play; Ord loses Emmy's skateboard and the friends must find it.
  22. Room For Change / The Sorrow And The Party - Cassie is afraid of moving to a new room; The gang must cheer Max when he doesn't get invited to his friend's birthday party.
  23. The Grudge Won't Budge / Putting The Fun In Fun Houses - Zak and Wheezie hold grudges against each other, causing a Grudge to stick to Zak and not leave unless they make up; Ord is scared to go into a funhouse at the Dragon Land Fair.
  24. Puzzlewood / Let's Dance - Everyone gets lost in a forest of puzzles; Wheezie opens a magic box which causes everyone to dance nonstop.
  25. Just the Two of Us / Cowboy Max - Zak and Wheezie find it hard to complete their secret project alone; Max develops a fear of horses after falling off the merry-go-round.

    Season 3 
  1. To Fly With A New Friend - Emmy and Max introduce their new neighbor Enrique to Dragon Land.
  2. Rise And Bloom - The friends must keep Max awake in time to see the Bursting Blossoms' early morning bloom.
  3. Super Snow Day - Emmy and Max must help Enrique get used to snow when going sledding at Snowy Summet.
  4. Musical Scales - Zak and Wheezie shed their scales right before a concert.
  5. Hand In Hand - Enrique visits Wyatt the Wishing Well in an attempt to stop Emmy and Max's arguing, but causes them to be stuck hand-to-hand.
  6. Sky Soccer - Ord is excited to try out for Sky Soccer, but he keeps missing the ball and his friends must help him.
  7. Making It Fun - The gang is asked to paint the racetrack for the Junior Unicorn Race, but they find it boring.
  8. Itching For A Cure - Mungus the giant has a rash on his back and can't stop rolling on the ground.
  9. The Big Race - While modifying Lorca's wheelchair so he can compete in a race, Enrique accidentally holds them back.
  10. Flip Flop - An ancient statue causes Zak and Wheezie to switch personalities.
  11. Max Loves A Train - Max leads the gang to find missing train tracks so they can ride the Dragon Land Express.
  12. El Dia del Maestro - The gang plans a surprise for Quetzal on the day of the El Dia de Maestro concert.
  13. Finn's Blankie - Cassie's mother throws Finn's favorite blankie in the laundry, making him devastated.
  14. Express Yourself - Cassie is unable to express her dislike for a nickname Enrique gives her.
  15. Prince For A Day - Ord is made a ruler of the Doodle Fairies after saving Princess Kidoodle.
  16. A Small Victory - Max and Lorca learn to use their disadvantages in good ways during a scavenger hunt.
  17. Feliz Cumpleanos, Enrique - The friends hold a birthday party for Enrique, but he misses his traditions from back home.
  18. Down The Drain - Captain Scalliwag accidentally pulls the drain in the Dragoon Lagoon, and the friends must get the water back.
  19. All That Glitters - Max loses Quetzal's special golden dragon scale and is afraid Quetzal will be upset.
  20. Play It And Say It - Ord constantly forgets the Spanish numbers Quetzal taught him.
  21. Moving On - Cassie is upset when her sister Sophie is going away to cooking school.
  22. All Together Now - Max is left out when Emmy and Enrique leave him out at the Dragon Land Carnival.
  23. Sad Little Star - The friends help a star join in on all the daytime activities she always misses.
  24. Hello, Ms. Tipps - When the School in the Sky gets a substitute teacher, Lorca misses all the activities Quetzal gives out.
  25. A Storybook Ending - Enrique gets to choose a story from Quetzal's magic pop-up book, but can't think of an ending for it.


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