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  • Fridge Horror:
    • There are at least a couple of passing references to "Ragnarok" in the series, including "Ragnarok Canyon" and "Ragnarok Cheese." (Though, according to at least one book release, Hand in Hand in Dragon Land, the actual spelling is "Rag-na-Rock.")
      • Given the premise, that a magical dragon sent scales out into other worlds to find people who could come and visit, it's likely just a loan word.
    • The show was never really specific about whether time is effected in the real world while Max and Emmy are teleporting to Dragon Land and back. While most episodes they return to the playroom and it looks exactly like how they left it, sometimes the kids teleport to Dragon Land just as it's daylight at their house and return to the real world when it's nighttime. It just keeps alternating. Is time effected in the real world effected while kids are in Dragon Land?
      • It goes beyond that. In one episode, Max and Emmy bring home a video recording from Dragon Land. What's going to happen when their parents find it?
      • Most likely, they'll take it to the media, and the governments of the world will find a way to go to Dragon Land. At which point, the governments will wrongfully assume the dragons are monsters plotting to invade Earth, eat everyone, and claim it as their own, and nuke the whole place.
      • Well, that went dark in a hurry. Given the way the dragons look and act, their parents are more likely to think their kids have made friends with a family of costumers and puppeteers.
      • Or they're going to assume that Emmy and Max staged the whole thing, either alone or with the other kids in their neighborhood, and think nothing more of it. C'mon, they're just kids!
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    • What'll become of the gang when Emmy and Max grow up? Are dragons even aware that human children eventually grow up?
      • Technically yes they are. Remember that pirate captain they met up with who had buried toys under the schoolhouse? He states the toys were his as a boy and he and Quetzal buried them as children. They're certainly aware that Quetzal is an adult or at least much older than them so they're aware that humans age/grow up.
    • The fact that the dragons could murder someone and no one would ever know makes you hope that 1. there are not more magic scales and 2. that most dragons are good.
  • What would happen if one of the kids died in dragonland?
    • Well, logically, they'd either disappear (if nobody could find them) or turn up dead (assuming someone could return the body to the human world).

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