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Recap / Archer S 2 E 10 El Secuestro

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When Pam is kidnapped, mistaken for Cheryl, ISIS discovers that Cheryl is really an heir to a billion-dollar empire and is being hunted by masked gunmen. Meanwhile, Archer and Ray attempt to rescue Pam while everyone else weighs the dollar-value of her life.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Character Development: The last vestiges of early, boring Pam fall off here, as she settles into the skull-cracker she's more known for.
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  • Everyone Has Standards: As much of a bitch as Malory is, even she wouldn't refuse to let her employees attend the funeral for their relatives, which is why she gets angry when Cheryl says she skipped her parents' funeral because Malory threatened to fire her if she was late again.
  • Idiot Ball: The kidnappers did not even know what Cheryl looked like, which is what resulted in them taking Pam by mistake. ISIS also does not come off well, since they are a spy agency who apparently did not even do a thorough enough background check to know that the secretary of the head of the agency was not who she claimed to be. Plus, their wire trace technology is sub-par because Mallory spent the budget on a fancy conference room table instead.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After throwing Pam under the bus by telling the kidnappers she's Cheryl, Cheryl actually does feel horrible about it and refuses to sign Malory's contract for protection until they get her back.
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  • Real After All: Malory mentions Cheryl once lied about being late because "Her ocelot was sick." After finding out Cheryl's extremely wealthy, Malory also learns she's got a pet ocelot named Babou. She looks noticeably surprised when she realizes the ocelot story was true.
  • Secretly Wealthy: Cheryl is the heiress of the enormous Tunt railroad empire. Mallory practically swoons upon learning just how rich she really is. Lana is more explicit:
    Lana: I am literally wet with jealousy!
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Pam's speech at the end after snapping the neck of the last kidnapper, calling everybody out for the shit she went through and preparing to beat Malory's ass for offering only $5000 to save her.
    Lana: Pam, you okay?
    Pam: Do you people even give a shit?!
    (Pam snaps the neck of the last kidnapped with her bare hands)
    Cyril: Good God, woman!
    Pam: Cheryl's dumb ass gets me kidnapped and the shit kicked out of me all day and nobody even tries to rescue me?!
    Ray: Archer's fault.
    Archer: Shut up.
    Pam: YOU shut up, Mister "Pam's Not Worth It!" Then you stupid a-holes shoot a jillion stupid a-hole bullets at me!
    Malory: Not me! I wasn't shooting!
    Pam: Annnnd YOU! The worst of the bunch!
    Malory: Me?! Why me?!
    Pam: Five thousand measly dollars?
    Malory: You know, maybe I lowballed him at first but I-I I had some wiggle room!
    Pam: Yeah? Well let's see how much you wiggle when I'm whipping five thousand bucks worth of your ass!
    Malory: What?!
    Lana: Hey, whoa, Pam!
    Archer: Lana. Let her have this one.
    Malory: Sterling! Somebody? Anybody?!
    Pam (taking her bra off to reveal Lord Byron's "The Destruction of Sennacherib" tattooed on her back): Yeah, anybody wanna piece of this?
    Lana: ...nope.


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