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  • In the movie, Erica walks out a bedroom at a high school party with her hair messed up, her glasses tilted sideways, and a guy leading her out.
  • The camera goes away from Erica and Rory in a truck by themselves in "Blood Drive" and when it comes back they are kissing and several minutes has gone by.
  • In the movie, when Ethan's Seer powers begin to onset, he asks his mother if she's ever seen things that weren't there. She thinks he's talking about drugs.
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  • In Three Cheers For Evil, Benny's grandma talks about disliking cheerleading because 'you're left with saggy pom-poms'.
  • In Die Pod, Rory predicts that he will "interface with Erica".
  • On the violence side, the movie actually averts Nobody Can Die when Jesse and his gang attack a theater full of Innocent Bystanders and successfully kill about a dozen or so of them (and collecting their souls into a Soul Jar to boot!) before Ethan, Benny, and Sarah can fully stop them.
  • One of Jesse's minions says "Big Frakkin' Deal!" in the movie. Needless to say, he was a Battlestar Galactica fan.
  • Hell, the simple fact that a show airing on Disney Channel isn't adverse to showing blood whenever a vampire bites someone.
  • In the Web Game Humans Vs. Vampires, the Whitechapel High sign has a letter spray painted over another to read "Whitecrapel High School."
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  • In Die Pod, when Erica say that she doesn't want to be seen with Rory, he says, "Ah, an intimate date! I'm going to need candles..."
  • Blood Drive gives us this exchange:
    Vampire Nurse: You have no idea what you're full of, do you? note 
    Ethan: Well Benny has a few ideas.
  • In Village Of The Darned, Benny accidentally gives Sarah and Erica tails. Later, as the girls walk away, Ethan (rather than freak out) says "Hey - nice tails."
    • At the end of the episode, Sarah and Erica ask Benny what was in his 'energy potion' that he gave them; he awkwardly tells them that it was his own blood. Sarah is grossed out, but Erica's reaction:
    Erica: "I drank Benny's' blood? This is awful!"
    Sarah: "Yeah - so gross."
    Erica: "No, you don't understand - I liked it! Sarah, it was the best! I can't stop thinking about it!"
    Sarah: "It's not your fault. Everything tastes good when you're hungry."
  • Going back to the dying part, in one episode Rory mummifies his cat, alive. Then brings it back to life with Benny's help. Then mummifies it AGAIN at the end of the episode.
  • In "Blue Moon", when Ethan changes back to a human, he is shown naked from the waist up. Sarah then says she did not need to see take and covers him with a blanket from waist down implying he is naked. Some versions cut to a far-away shot of the group and you can see Ethan's bare legs.
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  • It's a misunderstanding, but...
    "You guys were taking a shower at the same time?"
    "Different showers, Rory! Different showers!"
  • Almost EVERYTHING in this video. Unfortunately, these didn't get past the radar in the U.S. airings.
  • At an impromptu "dance party", Erica is being moody. Benny tells her not to be a party pooper, and she hisses at him. He says "Okay, poop. Poop away..."

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