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Headscratchers / My Babysitter's a Vampire

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  • So only very old vampires are capable of hypnosis in MBIAVverse. Erica feeds on humans daily. She even robs clothing from the people she mugs for blood. How is no one trying to have her arrested for mugging them? Does no one object to being jumped, chomped, and sucked on?
    • You're a police officer. Some guy comes up to you in the station and says he was attacked by a monster that sucked his blood. What's your first response? I know mine would be "Yeah, sure you were."
      • "Officer, a blond girl about 5-foot-9 mugged me, biting me on the neck and stealing my jacket." Next day different person, "officer a blond girl in her late teens bit me on the neck and stole my boots." Same story from different people every day for a year. Yeah, Erica should have been arrested as a mugger by now.
      • If Whitechapel has its' own police department, they could be in on the Masquerade. Given how common amalgamated regional police forces are in southern Ontario, though, that's less likely.
      • Okay, point taken. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the victims probably aren't all there after having their blood sucked. Also, the vampire council is probably doing some after-the-fact glamouring to keep people from catching on. However you explain it, it's probably for the best that no one's called the cops. After all, does Erica really seem like the type to just let herself get arrested?
      • Something else I realized is that her victims may not even see who attacked them. I mean, could your eyes follow someone moving at super speed? All she'd have to do is run up behind them, knock them out, feed, take whatever item of clothing she wants and leave. They'd wake up dizzy, drained of a little blood, missing their clothing, and having no idea who actually attacked them.
  • Erica and Rory are able to stay among humans with relative ease, despite being full-fleged vampires. Why is it that Sarah has implied that she isn't returning to join Benny and Ethan now that she's fully turned. Is she just scared that she won't be able to handle herself?
    • Most likely, especially since she's had a taste of Ethan's blood which is supposed to be super rare blood type. she's probably afraid she'll lose control or she doesn't think she can face them.
    • It didn't seem final, but so soon after she had broken her commitment to not drink human blood, she was probably just afraid to face him. She wasn't leaving them forever, she just wanted to give them/herself some space.
  • In Friday Night Fights, Sarah is ready to stake Kurt if her suspicions of Erica having turned him into a vampire were correct. She's ready to murder him for being what she is, but shows no interest in killing Erica, the vampire who turned him. (Well, WOULD have turned him, had the theory panned out) Definately a What the Hell Hero moment for me when watching it.
    • The short answer to that question is that it's easy for her to contemplate killing someone she barely knows, but it's more difficult when it's her best friend.
  • In the Humans VS Vampires game, why are Sarah and Rory humans?
    • They're not humans. They're just fighting for the human faction.
  • Did Erica sending Ethan and Sarah to a vampire restaurant seem wildly out of character to anyone else but me? I mean, even at her absolute bitchiest, she never gave a sign that she wanted Ethan dead. (Not counting the times where Jesse was giving her orders.) Why would she suddenly decide to basically send him to a place where he'll likely be eaten.
    • Sarah was the one who was expected to eat him (since he was her "meal"), and Erica knew that wasn't going to happen. If worse came to worst she probably could have claimed she was taking him to go.
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    • Erica just wanted Sarah to see that she was no longer human and dating ethen would only end badly
    • Also, Erica eats people all the time without killing them. She may have thought that the restaurant would warm Sarah up to the concept of drinking live, without actually resulting in anyone's death.
  • Why did Sarah need to drink Ethan's blood to save him in Revamped? Erica and Rory were both right there, already full vampires. How come neither of them made an attempt to save him, even though Erica made it clear that she knew exactly what Sarah was doing?
    • Erica would have refused if asked, because she wants Sarah to become a full vampire like her; everyone knows it, so no one bothered to say aloud. As for Rory... he's so much a Cuckoo Cloud Lander that no one, including him, would trust him with it? (Sorry, best I can do)
    • Ethan was bit with vampire venom already injected. Sarah need to suck the venom out of his system before it start to cause damage to him. His blood just came out along with the venom. However it would be interesting to see if Ethan can start developing immunity of vampire venom since the venom cannot be removed entirely as per physics dictated but he obviously is not turning into a vampire. This also leads to a possible future that Sarah can start administer diluted vampire venom in small amounts below required to turn someone, to vaccinate the boys and potentially render them immune to vampire attacks forever.