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Anastasia is an immortal child.
So many of the actors playing teen vampires (especially Cameron Kennnedy/Rory) look distinctly...less juvenile in the season 2 advance pics than they did in the movie that this'll have to be addressed somehow in the second season.
  • The presence of a child vampire on the Council makes this unlikely.
    • Alternately, the Theory of Narrative Causality is involved. We know that vampirism is affected by belief - this is why holy water burns vampires while chemically-identical regular water just gets them wet. For most of human history, growth and aging were thought to be part of a single continuum, while medical science now understands them to be two entirely separate processes. So, the "little girl" was turned before this was known and remained the age she was turned at since, while the main cast continues to grow until they reach the young-adult phase.

We haven't seen the last of Jesse.
Season 2 was filmed in late 2011, in between Seasons 1 and 2 of The L.A. Complex, which rules out Joe Dinicol having a scheduling conflict.
  • Confirmed. He shows up in the Season 2 two-part finale.

There is a conspiracy on Whitechapel.
This isn't a case of Adults Are Useless, what with all the supernatural activity you'd think people would be asking questions. So many people might be dead or monsters themselves due to the vampire feeding habits. Ergo, the adults are hiding something from their children and know more then they let on. A more logical explination is that there is a hellmouth under Whitechapel.

Whitechapel are or at one point where, crosstown rivals with Bailey Downs
Both are small towns located in Canada, and Whitechapel is full of vampires, and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning implies that there are plenty of werewolves in the Bailey Downs area so why not ?

Sarah still isn't feeding from humans, even as a full-fledged vampire.
  • Why else would she be afraid that one bite from a human would turn her evil, as shown in Independence Daze? If she'd fed from humans before, then she wouldn't have to worry about that. She's probably been feeding from animals.

If there is a season three, the Big Bad will be a Slenderman expy.

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