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Funny / My Babysitter's a Vampire

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  • In the pilot movie, when Ethan and Benny follow Sarah into a dark alley and discover her feeding on a rat. First, they make two incredibly girly screams, then Ethan runs as Benny continues to scream two more times until Ethan comes back to yank him away.
  • "Yeah, they're finally fighting back illegal downloads!"
  • This exchange in the Sun King episode:
    Benny: Why are my hands all oily?
    Rory: Why do I look like a basted turkey?
    Both: *exchange glances* Ewww...
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  • Sarah's defense against allegations of drinking from dug up corpses:
    Sarah: First of all, gross, and second of all, eww!
    Anastasia: Both are valid points.
  • Ethan and Benny are talking about a Halloween party, and Ethan considers inviting Rory, to which Benny responds by reminding Ethan of what happened the last time they invited Rory to a party. Cue flashback of Rory wearing a makeshift one-shouldered loincloth and a broom, leaping onto a couch and chanting "I'm a caveman!"
    Benny: And that wasn't even a costume party.
  • Sarah's imitation of Erica choosing a victim to eat:
    Sarah: He's too stringy, he's too old, I hate her outfit.
  • From the Pilot Movie, the scene where the vampires mock Ethan for needing a babysitter. Just the whole idea that a group of vampires would take time out of their initiation ceremony to make fun of their prey is absolutely hilarious.
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  • "You potioned martial arts experts?!"
  • This exchange from the second season finale
    Benny: You bit my best friend!
    Sarah: And you made me suck out the venom when you knew what it would do!
    Jesse: And I'd love to be sorry about that, but you all know I've done much, much worse.
  • This moment from the movie. It's Sara's tone on the last line that really sells it:
    Sarah: Whatever you guys saw, it's not what it looks like.
    Ethan: You're a freaking vampire who kills animals and drinks their blood!
    Sarah: Okay, so it is kinda what it looks like.

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