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Quotes / Unhand Them, Villain!

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Batgirl: Let the kid go, Joker!
Joker: I'm trying to!

Violet: Let her go, she's done nothing to you!
Count Olaf: Well, if you really want me to let her go I will, but even a stupid brat like you might realise that if I let her go, or more accurately if I had my comrade let her go, Sunny might not survive the fall to the ground; that's a thirty foot tower, which is a very long way for a very small person to fall, even when she's inside a cage. But if you insist...

What was that? Put Nathaniel down? As you wish...

Honey Lemon: Blobby, let go of Krei.
Krei: Wording, people!

Sam: (being held over a garbage chute) So how about you guys just let me go?
Sam: (face-down in a garbage bin) As soon as I said it, I knew it was the wrong thing to say.

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