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Dr. Wily: Call me wrong? The future needs us. Your answer’s death? You end us, bleed us.
Dr. Wily: And who is this you sent... One of them? While you cower, far from harm... He'll just disappoint you!

Dr. Wily: And how quickly you had him dispatch his brothers. You call this murderer a saviour!?

Mega Man: I want to be the one who fights for justice, I want to be the one (I've got to be the one). I want to be the one who fights against you, Dr. Wily.
-I Want To Be The One

Dr. Light: Bones will break, skin will burn, on this human. Lives will end, fear will rule, if nothing is done. My sins... you'll fight. The wrongs that I made, you will make right...
-The Message from Doctor Light

Quick Man: Is what they say true? Does Death wear blue? Can he fall?

Quick Man: You're too quick on the draw. Burn this town! There is no law... What they say is true..! Death does wear blue..! He can't... Fall..
-The Quick and the Blue

Mega Man: If I’ve a heart made of steel, then does that mean I cannot feel? Remorse for everything I’ve done... My hand’s a smoking gun!
-Lamentations of a War Machine

Mega Man: If it were up to me, I'd rewrite history, and change my destiny, one last time.
-History Repeating Pt. 2

Air Man: Up in the sky, ten miles high. A man stands above the city... He will destroy. Built from airplane parts, his propeller spins as he thinks to himself: "I will destroy these people... For I can't walk among them, then I will walk this world alone". There will be a fire in the sky, and your doom will rain down! Built from pieces of SR-71's! And planes that crashed on World War II! There will be a tombstone with the Planet Earth engraved on it!
-Annihilation of Monsteropolis

Heat Man: The time has come for the world to burn. This time you’re all gonna learn. The countless slain scream out in searing pain. Their souls and their ashes are all that remain!
-Man on Fire

Mega Man: And so it seems my mission is the same. What always ends in bloodshed, begins as just a game.
-History Repeating Pt. 1

Snake Man: The lines are blurring between wrong and right. You're getting closer to the other side. Take a bite, make a mark. Stop your fumbling in the dark of night, just walk away from light.
-Walk Away from Light

Mega Man: I'm just another machine...
-Fly On A Dog


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