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If they ever do Zero's theme, it will be him calling out Wily for his actions
Zero being a robot capable of independent thought, realizes what Wily has in store for him, (namely, to turn him into a psychopath, seal him away and kill X), and before Wily can induce his murderous personality and put him in stasis, he tells Wily he's a lying, manipulative hypocrite, who built and stole armies of robots and programmed them with their various neuroses and set them loose on innocent populations, lambasting Light and Mega Man for their actions in daring to try and save innocent people from his rampages (all from the comfort of his fortress), then running like a coward or begging for mercy he did not deserve every time they had to stop him. Furthermore, for all his exclamations of robot rights and whatever, he was responsible for more robot deaths, misery, reprogramming and oppression than any other person in the world, done in the name of his own self-aggrandizement, and that he was about to lobotomize his greatest achievement for petty revenge.
  • Alright, it's not so much a WMG as something I'm hoping for.
  • They probably are going to do Zero's theme. They said that, after Mega Man 3 is done, they're going to work on the first Mega Man X game. However, as, by this point in time, Zero has absolutely no idea who Wily even IS, it'll probably be a later Zero song that discusses it (unless you're talking about a flashback).
    • I was talking about Zero doing it to his face before he got sealed away. Maybe it could be a progressive thing, starts with Zero telling Wily to go fuck himself, and ends with something about how he doesn't know who his origins, but he has this overriding desire to protect X, and thinks this is what his creator wanted him to do.
  • It would certainly add to the Decon-Recon Switch, going from depicting the villain as a sympathetic figure with plans for the future of mankind to calling him out on being a mass-kidnapping, mass-brainwashing, mass-murdering, hypocritical Psychopathic Manchild driven by envy and delusions of grandeur.
    • Even as these villainous goals end up coming to fruition and end up arguably being non-villainous. By ZX, humanoid robots are conquering the world (or at least recolonising it), as Wily dreamed would happen, and the robots are at peace with humans because they are now indistinguishable from each other, which is recognisably a derivative of Gamma's peace plan.

The Message From Dr. Light takes place in the same universe as The Protomen as well as this one.

Either just before or during Hope Rides Alone (in which Proto Man attacks the robot masters from the first game), or just after Unrest In The House Of Light (in which he tells Mega Man about what happened to his "brother," causing him to go out to try to avenge his death).

  • So does "I Want to be the One," which come immediately before "Unrest in the House of Light."

Mega Man started wondering about being a war machine because of Crash Man
Seeing Crash Man throw the fight, he began wondering about what he did. The other Robot Masters were not so big an issue, given they were causing mayhem and destruction for poorly-defined reasons, or were trying to kill him for personal glory or intense Moral Myopia (avenging the other robot masters despite the fact that they were rampaging murder machines working for a deranged power-hungry mad man), or in Flashman's case, because he was a Stalker with a Crush who could stop time.
  • It's also possible that Mega Man didn't know some of the robot masters like Flash Man weren't as shallow and sadistic as the others(Looking at you, Heat Man). When Crash Man forfeited the fight, despite having the advantage, Mega Man realized that they weren't just mindless mooks like the mechaniloids, but machines capable of thinking and feeling. It's the same process as dehumanizing the enemy in war, to not BSOD. Mega Man simply saw through those rose-tinted goggles.
  • Supported due to "Programmed To Fight" segueing directly into "Lamentations of a War Machine" on the album.
  • It might have started slightly before. Quick Man saw him as nothing less than the unstoppable incarnation of Death himself, but he talks to Mega Man just before he dies. Mega Man realized that he has become He Who Fights Monsters, but he couldn't stop; not with one more robot, the only one with the power that Mega needed to get to Wily.

Crash Man died by his own bomb, but not his own hand.
In the frantic fight, although he had the upper hand, at some point, Mega Man managed to tornado Crash Man and a fired crash bomb into a wall. He got up to finish Mega Man off, but noticed the lodged crash bomb next to him, and rather than take off to finish off Mega Man, he stood next to the bomb until it exploded, saluting Mega Man just beforehand.

The Megas will get a woman to sing Splash Woman's song.
It makes sense, as she's a girl. :p

The death metal screaming in Look What You've Done represents Wily's insanity.
The calmer singing represents his more rationally evil side.
  • For that matter, this could also apply to Bomb Man as well. He certainly does seem... unhinged.

In the (hypothetical) Mega Man 4 album, the robot masters sing about their intention to save their sister.
Them fighting Mega Man was just to distract Wily from seeing Protoman pulling his Heel–Face Turn and saving Kalinka, but when Proto Man shows up with Kalinka in tow, Wily pulls an epic Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, pointing out that Mega Man just slaughtered 8 innocent robots, and Proto Man was complicit.
  • The album though, ends with Mega Man and Proto Man reconciling, Proto telling Mega the others did what they felt they had to do, ending with Proto Man promising he'll never work for Wily again.
  • Unfortunately, The Megas aren't all that fond of the game, and are more likely to skip to Mega Man X or 9 rather than do this game. Which is a damn shame, because 4 had some stellar songs this idea is brilliant.
    • Thanks! And I'm listening to the end music, and I think the transition from the solemn train ride music to the MM 2 Remix would work very well for the mourning and reaffirmation of hope in Mega Man that I was going for.

The voices in Heatman's mind are his brothers that had fallen before.
He blames himself for letting them die in the first place and hunts Mega Man down for revenge, destroying anything that gets in his path which may or may not have been entire cities.

"The Message From Doctor Light" is Doctor Light's answer to the questions Mega Man asks in "Lamentastions of A War Machine"
In "Lamentations", Mega Man has been reduced to begging Doctor Light to tell him why he was made; was he built solely to kill? Is anything he's doing right? Is there a soul beneath all his programming? Etc. And what is in "The Message"?
Doctor Light's answer.
Yes, Mega Man was built with the ability to fight "I gave you power", but he was also built to save mankind "A sense of justice beyond any compare." The very fact that Mega Man is questioning his right to kill is proof of that. As for Mega Man's question of whether he has a soul, all Doctor Light can offer as an answer is to tell Mega Man what he built; from his eyes to his (ROBOTIC) hair; "But the burning in your heart, I did not put there."
Finally, we have Doctor Light's answer as to why Mega Man was made. "What purpose am I to fulfill? Was I built to kill?" Doctor Light's answer? "Latex, and steel / Zeroes and ones make up my son. / The world gave me / no child, so I built one." "They call you hero, I call you my son.". Above all else, Mega Man is Doctor Light's son. That is why he was built.
That is the message from Doctor Light.

The Robot Masters are all aspects of Wily's Personality
When you think about it, each of the Masters exhibit as their primary personality trait something that you'd expect to find on a crazed scientist like Wily. Air Man represents Wily's isolation and loneliness, and his resentment for being exiled from the scientific community. Metal Man is Wily's arrogance and self-confidence, his unwavering belief that Light, and by extension Mega Man, could never defeat him. Wood Man is Wily's inner Well-Intentioned Extremist, but like Wily himself, he goes overboard in trying to protect what he cares about. Bubble Man is Wily's feeling of worthlessness, and his unending desire to prove himself. Heat Man is Wily's rage and hatred for Light and Mega Man, and the more unstable side of his personality. However, he also represents Wily's guilt, which is why he imagines himself to be in Hell. Flash Man has aspects of both Air Man and Bubble Man - loneliness and worthlessness - but primarily he's Wily's envy and jealousy of Light's accomplishments, which reveals itself as a desire for Mega Man - symbolically, Light's acheivments. Quick Man is Wily's inner fear, the knowledge that, even if he won't admit it to himself, Light is actually better than him, and Mega Man is going to win, regardless of what he does. Finally, Crash Man is Wily's own self-loathing, his own desire to be defeated. Deep inside, he hates himself, and wants to be stopped, and that reveals itself in Crashman's desire to help Mega Man.
  • I think Quick Man also represents his desire to change the world for the better somehow. Now, let's try the guys from Megatainment.
  • Actually, I think desire to improve the world is mostly Elecman, who represents Wily's radical, 'revolutionary' side. Bomb Man is Wily's insanity and emotional turmoil (it's implied that his emotions - "The robot can feel!" - drove him crazy, as he didn't know how to deal with them), as well as Wily's destructive impulse. And finally, Fire Man and Ice Man both represent Wily's inner longing to work with Light again (as he hinted at in Look What You've Done).

Alternatively, the eight Robot Masters are reflections of Mega Man's personality
Bubble Man, Air Man and Flash Man represent Mega Man's insecurities: specifically, Mega Man's inability to determine his purpose. Quick Man reflects Mega Man's fears: Mega Man is actually scared shitless whenever he has to fight a Robot Master, and Quick Man is a representation of that. Metal Man and Heat Man are what Mega Man is afraid to become: murderers who feel no remorse for their actions. Wood Man represents what Mega Man believes to be a sense of justice: is Mega Man just as myopic as Wood Man is? Finally, Crash Man is Mega Man's Shadow Archetype: Mega Man is afraid that his directive to fight will eventually consume his free will.

All the Alternative Character Interpretation is intentional
They wanted us to relate to the robot masters and feel bad for someone of that we gleefully kill them. Though, we have a trope for this, its Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory.

Bomb Man is singing about dropping the bomb...
...Literally. He has somehow come into possession of a nuclear bomb and is going to destroy a city (Monsteropolis?) with it. Think about the lyrics: "One detonation, and the city's coming down... My power will bring the light of a new dawn, it's time to drop the bomb... The day of reckoning is near... Obliteration: the human's chance has passed." But he's commiting suicide in a way because the bomb vaporizes him as well, like Major Kong in Dr. Strangelove. Mega Man couldn't have killed him, because he didn't have Fire Man's weapon (assuming the songs go in chronological order).

If they ever do songs about the Mega Man Killers
Yeah, I know, it's unlikely, but still, if they do, they'll each likely be influenced heavily by the genre the robot was named after, and based on the boss music that plays in their original Game Boy appearances.
  • Enker will be smug and superior, and only realize near the end of the song that he's been tricked into destroying himself, but refuse to relent out of pride.
  • Punk, fittingly enough, is basically a screaming, vicious anarchist.
    • Punk's actual personality has been described as being rather honorable. If he starts a rant using nothing but "p" words, i'm out of here.
      • The Megas are not beholden to the roles Capcom has assigned, and the Mega Man Killers are fairly obscure, so there's room for Punk to be more of a, well, punk... Plus, it only says he likes to fight fair... Maybe he just enjoys a good brawl, a bit of the old mega-violence as it were?
  • Ballade respects Mega Man as a worthy foe, and regrets that only one of them will live, but has been looking forward to the fight for as long as he can remember.

Dr Wily is in love with Dr Light
The second half of Look What You've Done does sound like the aftermath of a particularly bad breakup. Dr Wily's burning lust manifests itself in the form of Flash Man, who is obviously gay for Mega Man (Light by proxy).
  • Also Magnet Man's attraction to Roll in "Don't Mess with Magnet Man".

The Doc Robot will get a song in the upcoming Mega Man 3 album
He will constantly switch between the personalities of the Robots from Mega Man 2, in a homage to the Get Equipped album. Whenever he isn't using a bosses' power, he will sing about how he and Mega Man both share the ability to copy the weapons of others and will try and use this point to persuade Mega to join Wily's legion.
  • Unfortunately, no.

Mega Man is headed for a Heroic BSoD
The songs from his POV are getting increasingly darker, tracing the path towards a mental breakdown. In "I Want to Be the One", he is utterly optimistic and gung-ho about defeating Wily. In "Lamentations of a War Machine", he is remorseful of his actions, worries about being a killing machine, and repeatedly asks "Was I right?" "History Repeating" is, if anything, even darker, with lines like "Who do I call when I'm broken and bleeding?" and "What always ends in bloodshed begins as just a game", and a refrain about how he wishes he could change his destiny. If the trend continues, he may hit PTSD.
  • "Fly on a Dog" continues the pattern, being even more depressing than "History Repeating".
  • Jossed. History Repeating: Red ends on a positive note, with Mega Man realising (with a little help from Proto Man) that he's not just a machine.

Both Gotta Run/Be The One and Megaman 3 With Lyrics are canon.
Related to the above, Megaman's been headed on to this for a while. Gotta Run/Be The One has The Megas' half represent Megaman's rational side, optimistic and courageous about the future. The Brentalfloss half, on the other hand, represents his instinctive and crazier side. The two both refer to themselves as Megaman, yet the Brentalfloss voice refers directly to the Megas voice, implying the two are Split Personalities. Then, following the painful realizations at the end of Megaman 2, the Brentalfloss side took over in 3 in full to deal with it. If taken as canon, Megaman 3 With Lyrics really does sound like Megaman is just plain insane at that point, only able to survive by embracing the insanity.

There will be a song with one of the Robot Masters announcing their love to Proto Man.
Seeing how we have Magnet Man's song telling how he loved Roll and Flash Man's song has his major FoeYay with Rock, it'd make sense if another Robot Master would have an attraction to Blues. Only question is who would be the one the Megas to choose to pair up with Blues...
  • Sheepman. Sheepman has never been a popular robot master, and Protoman feels unloved. Sheepman will feel that if he has a kindred spirit, the opinions of others will cease to matter. But now, who will love Rush?

Proto Man will take offense at Mega Man's will to continue, claiming it to be his.
In Proto Man's song "I'm not the Break Man," he mentions that Doctor Light ripped out his heart to give Mega Man, leading to Doctor Wily in "Gamma Unchained" to mention that he gave Proto Man "[...] power, a new heart" that resulted in him thinking of nothing more than revenge. Doctor Light, in "The Message From Doctor Light" points out that "[...] the burning in your heart I did not put there." If Mega Man's heart is originally Proto Man's than the burning referenced in that song, would have been there when Light pulled it out of his firstborn and originally belonged to Proto Man. Proto Man in his song, clearly takes offense at being thrown away like he was by his father. He'll want to make a claiming on the burning, claiming it to be his will to "Continue".

Mega Man became disillusioned after Mega Man 2, because that was the first time he'd actually killed robots
Take Mega Man 9 as evidence. In the little comic that depicts what happens immediately before MM 9, we have the robot masters fromt he first game try (and fail) to stop the newest uprising before it starts. The robot masters fo the first game were DRN models; Doctor Light's creations. Rather than destroy them utterly, Mega Man broke them, and Doctor Light was able to repair them later. However, the robot masters in Mega Man 2 were the first DWN models; Wily's creations. Most likely, Mega Man was told to break them entirely, and even if Light wanted to fix them, he probably wouldn't know how, without Wily. So, the robot who wants to fight for justice is made to outright kill eight fellow robots (and whatever their legions were) for the first time. I rather think that it makes sense that he would lose his enthusiasm for fighting for justice right around then, wouldn't you say?

"History Repeating: Red" will be from Proto Man's perspective, and the Robot Master songs will address him.
"History Repeating" was a song giving us a look at Mega Man's thoughts before he went to battle the robots. Assuming "I Am Not the Break Man" is first, Proto Man will be the focus, to match the color naming of the album. One of Robot Masters will question Proto Man's loyalty, in reference to his little "training matches" in the game. The final song will show Proto Man not necessarily forgiving Light and Mega Man, but at least without malice, more just a grudge and estrangement.
  • Jossed. Three out of four robot masters just talked to themselves, and only two songs were from Protoman. Two and a half if you count Make Your Choice.

"History Repeating: Red" frames its Robot Master songs around the Easter Egg of being weak to their own weapons
Most if not all 4 of the robot masters in HR Red are framed with more personal conflicts and what could be seen as a sense of self-destructiveness: Hard Man is a champion fighter challenged to a match; Gemini Man has two personalities despairing at his chances of survival and even considers separating them in himself; Needle Man laments his design to the point of actively seeking an end to his own life; and Shadow Man deals with a fear of his own shadowy nature and purpose to kill, alluding to it having killed his old self or tearing himself apart. Magnet Man could be placed under a similar theme of "drawing [his] death to [him]," but where those are simply in the nature of his design, the Red group's nature are all directly responsible for how they die, rather than it being a factor with consequences that could not be averted. Hard Man agrees to a match despite his retirement and chooses to go out fighting rather than throw in the towel; The Gemineye persona leads Gemini Man into the trap and shoot out where he dies while looking for clues to avoid his fate; Needle Man's self-loathing leads him to welcome Mega Man's arrival to destroy him, presumably without resistance as the only way he can fight who he is; Shadow Man describes his ninja abilities as coming from "training," which can be interpreted as alluding to a long a deliberate preparation or modification that gave him the Shadow abilities that consume him, as well as how his good half is lost to his own powers' darkness. WMG though this theory is, the facts of their actions and flaws (Pride, Fear, Self-loathing, Corruption) are largely agreed to be present in the lyrics, whatever meaning a person takes from them. Self-destructive ideas and being destroyed by a part of themselves relates the idea that their own weapons can destroy them near as well as a weakness Mega Man could bring from another.

History Repeating will end on a sad note.
In "I Want To Be The One to Watch You Die", Dr. Light urges Megaman to kill Dr. Wily and put an end to the fighting Wily has caused. In the Ending credits song of History Repeating: Red, we will see Megaman kill Wily, and then watch as the public pushes for his destruction, being a robot that killed a human. Megaman is tried for murder, and is placed in cryostasis, paving the way for an eventual Megaman X album.
  • Thoroughly jossed. Megaman spares Wily, forgives his father, and even gets Protoman on positive terms.

There is a reason for the Mood Whiplash chorus in Fly on a Dog.
The song is mostly Megaman continuing to question his place in the world and emotionally sink deeper into a mental breakdown. Yet during the chorus the fun that comes from having a pet dog that can also be a rocket board is enought to, at least partially, break through Rock's turmoil and give him something positive to think about. This of course was the very reason Rush was created.

Continue is sung by Proto Man...
When he's found a beaten, hurt Mega Man who is still determined to keep going. The song is sung by Proto Man in awe—he sees his brother in a new light, fighting for what he believes in, for what he believes is right. And from this, Proto Man takes inspiration, leading to the supportive, if somewhat aloof, older brother figure that we see in the later games.

Scent Blaster actually fits into the canon
Most of the lyrics have nothing to do with the subject matter, instead sounding like a regular Megas song. Judging by the lyrics, it's probably Mega Man singing to Proto Man about how they can fight together, and how he should rise above Wily's control. As for the parts about scents, maybe Wily is releasing some sort of gas.

The Robot Masters from Mega Man and Mega Man Powered Up will get songs

There will be a song in Roll's point of view.
The song will either be about how she's rooting for her older brother despite his doubts or how she's scared for him and wants him to come home safely. May or may not also have some of her views concerning Magnet Man.
  • Possibly confirmed with "Continue".

If they ever do Cutman's Theme, they'll do a cover of Light's Out by Game Over.
Listen here. Jury's still out on Gutsman though.

They'll do a single about Beck

What the rest of the Mega Man 3 casts’ songs are about.
  • Needle Man's song will be about the pain that Mega Man caused to everyone because of his endeavors and compares him to a “prick of a needle”. (“Prick of a needle” would be a metaphor to Mega Man killing robots and just moving on, like how it hurts to get a shot, it’s almost immediately over, and how it still hurts despite it being over.) Needle would also angrily declare that Mega Man would just cause more pain in the future, “pricking” more robots.
    • Jossed hardcore. It's about Needle Man lamenting how he's the one who's hurting others.
  • Gemini Man's song will have Gemini telling Mega Man how he's much superior than him and just how his attempts at peace are futile. However, Gemini gets increasingly frightened when he sees just how much Mega Man still fights and how he manages to beat him up. Before the song ends, Gemini both questions just how strong Mega Man is to have beaten him and why he is fighting for a possibly useless goal.
    • Jossed. It was a Film Noir tribute.
  • Hard Man's song will be a about how he believes in Dr. Wily but he dislikes how he is going about it. Hard Man speaks how difficult it is to change the world for the better and how the process is not what he thought it would be. Before the end, Hard would ask Mega Man to achieve world peace despite all the hardships he comes across.
    • Jossed. Hard Man seems to be a prize fighter.
  • Shadow Man's song will be about how he has to “lurk in the shadows” to hide his doubts. He isn’t too sure if what Wily’s doing is right but he doesn’t feel that Light is much better. Shadow speaks how much he wants to step out of the shadows and have clear thoughts on how the war should be handled. He also questions Mega Man what makes him so sure that Dr. Light is the right one.
    • Jossed. Shadow Man is about succumbing to his dark side.

Gamma killed Wily.
Gamma decided that exterminating humanity would be the best way to bring about peace. Wily disrupts the peace, so he would be the first target.
  • This doesn't quite add up. If Wily was killed by Gamma, Mega Man wouldn't be questioning whether he should kill Wily in I Refuse (to Believe), because he'd already be dead.
  • At the very least, Gamma tried this, Wily might have escaped.

"The Message From Dr. Light" isn't being sung to Megaman
But to Protoman. Light's listing off all the things that he built into his son could refer to Megaman, yes, but so too could it refer to Protoman. That's not all. At the end of the chorus, he states that the "Burning in your [Protoman's] heart I did not put there.", possibly referring to the new heart which Wily placed in there, alternatively referring to Proto's drive for revenge against Light. Just some food for thought.

Doc Robot Air Man is the man standing below the city he will destroy in The Haystack Principle
He's also the one telling Needle Man about his hands, face, and hatred, in an attempt to break Needle Man until he is the monster Air Man himself became from similar isolation. Think about it: Does the Needle Man in the song SOUND like he intends to destroy the city, even assuming he escapes from where he is "locked away?" Not to mention the fact that in the original game, you did encounter Doc Robot Air Man upon your return to Needle Man's stage. Mega Man WAS just above as stated earlier in the song, but was presumably delayed by his inane attempts at wrecking a Bikky with Top Spin.

Protoman was the one who killed the 4 robot masters in History Repeating: Red
The four robot masters in Red seemed to either not be doing anything wrong or desperately trying to get rid of their homicidal tendencies. Megaman may be jaded at this point but not enough to kill robots who were either looking for help or minding their own business. Hardman was deliberately challenged and forced out of retirement, Needleman was arguing with somebody about what he was and the geminimen were actively hunted showing that whoever attacked them had been more malicious then megaman is usually shown. Protoman on the other hand is "blinded by rage" at this point and would probably want to kill and/or torment wily's (and light's) creations.

Protoman was convinced by Snake Man to join Wily's side
Out of everyone working for Dr. Wily, Snake Man is the tempter. He made Protoman the same offer as he later made Mega, and unlike Mega, Protoman didn't turn it down.

Cutman and Gutsman will sing a song about Villainous Friendship
They are often depicted as hanging out with each other.

The next album is going to be another acoustic album encompassing all of Mega Man 3.

"Continue" is sung by Roll.

The person Needle Man is speaking to near the end of "The Haystack Principle" is Protoman
Protoman, having already given up on himself, saw that Needle Man was also trying to resist his programming and came to discourage the idea. In the end, Needle Man proved Protoman wrong by allowing himself to be killed by Mega Man.

Dr Light is central to Dr Wily's morality
It may be an instance of Morality Pet, Morality Chain, or Protagonist-Centred Morality (in canon and in the albums, he was a close friend of Dr Light before he become the villain), but he really does not want to see him come to harm and is fighting him and Megaman strictly over his vision for the future. When he resurrects Protoman, it causes him immense anguish to discover that he now utterly hates Dr Light.

There is no canon.
Rather than all being parts of a single, continuing narrative, each song is a self-contained vignette describing an event in an alternate reality, or how the singer perceived the event in the games proper, or simply an alternate stylistic interpretation of events. This makes sense of the seemingly disparate nature of how the conflicts between Mega Man and the Robot Masters play out. Some robot masters reference having a "level", which would imply that they exist in something akin to how the original games portray the conflict, but others act differently. Quick Man's song talks like he's the sheriff of a frontier town, Hard Man is treated like an aging prize fighter and Mega Man's fight with him seems to be an uncharacteristic fistfight, Gemini Man gives the impression that at the very least he -thinks- he's in a city and Mega Man is tracking him down, etc. It's very hard to reconcile all of these to be taking place in the same world.However, that doesn't mean the songs have no connection. They all take place as parts of stories that are structurally identical - that is, the rough story of the Mega Man games. There are constants. Characters that persist between songs, even if they are not the exact same character, have gone through comparable things. Wily always wages war on Light, Mega Man always fights the Robot Masters and wins, Proto Man always gets reprogrammed by Wily and so on. By providing so many different instances and takes on the same basic story, the songs of The Megas demonstrate how enduring and resonant the themes of that story are - Security and peace vs ambition and war, brother turned against brother, why people fight, soldiers questioning their actions, etcetera.

In Melody from the Past...
When Break Man/Proto Man says "'If I was standing where you are I think I would've done what father wants, but now I know what I'd become...", he's not referring to how Mega Man fights to protect the human race. He's referring to how Dr. Light wanted Mega Man to kill Wily to end the cycle. Mega Man chose to spare Wily... but if Proto Man had been in that position, he would've killed Wily.

If they ever got to Mega Man 6...
If they finally decided to cover Megaman 6, they will do the songs in the language and cultural style the robot masters hailed from. For example, Yamato Man's song will be sung in japanese, Wind Man's song will be sung in mandarin, etc. Maybe they'll also make english versions of the songs.
  • Would Tomahawk Man's be in English or some native language?

The singer in "History Repeating: Part 2" is Protoman...
Note: This theory builds off the theory that Protoman is the Mega from Megatainment, it is one that I believe is solid and makes this one make a little more sense. Now to start: The song of course is completely a completely separate song from Part 1, despite the fact that their right next to each other in the actual album. This could be be explained by the tonal shift, but I think that just shows more that its a shift in perspective. Part 1 is more slow and depressing, more the way Megaman feels at the time, while Repeating 2 is more fast paced, and dare say it, angry. And who is said to be filled with rage at this current interval? Protoman! The brief part of Protoman coming in (if one thinks Mega is singing) doesn't have a separate singer/voice, despite the fact that they usually are at least different enough to distinguish which is singing, which quite frankly could jut be a mistake , and I won't take it as evidence, nut I thought it was worth pointing out. To pick apart some lyrics though, that helps this theory a little more. "I stand before a line in the sand/The fight lies ahead/My fate in my hands/Today the end begins" To me, at least, the line in the sand is his quest to destroy all that light stands for. The fight lying ahead is his fight with his brother, which is a surprise to Mega, in the games at least. And note he says my fate in my hands. Megaman is currently wondering if he even has a fate, but Proto's, Porot's is "Broken" and under his own control. This will be added more to later.

One of the songs in ZX will be an I Told You So from Dr Wily
In the game's setting, humanoid robots are in the process of conquering the world (or at least recolonising it), as he planned, and the robots and humans are at peace (because the two are now indistinguishable, which technically fulfills Gamma's peacemaking logic).

Guts Man and Cut Man don’t have songs because Proto Man killed them.
As we know from History Repeating: Red, Proto Man was originally going to be the One, but was destroyed before he could really become a hero. There's nothing saying that he never had a chance, however. He was originally set to stop Wily's 6 Robot Masters during his first uprising. He went after Guts Man first, then Cut Man, as many players do. After defeating them, he went to Elec Man, who damaged Blues beyond repair. The "circuits afire" Proto Man refers to In I'm Not the Breakmam are his circuits overheating from excessive amounts of electricity, and this also mirrors how infamously hard Elec Man was in the original game. It was at this point that Dr. Light used parts from Proto Man to create Mega Man. All of Megatainment takes place after Mega Man's activation, hence why Guts Man and Cut Man are absent.

They will later do a crossover with The Protomen
Just to see two Megaman bands working together.

History Repeating's songs have a different order when compiling both albums
The post-Robot Master songs are a mix of recurring music tracks in the game without an order, or that are being played well before what their order would suggest (History Repeating Blue has the Wily Castle Stages before 4 of the Robot Masters have been done). Besides the titular "History Repeating" songs and perhaps "Continue", I would posit that the other songs must come after "I'm Not the Breakman" properly elaborates on Proto Man's identity to Light and Rock.

Wily's apology in "Gamma Unchained" is prompted by seeing what has become of Proto Man, referencing that he hears The Red Song "again" after it first played as the intro to I Nt B on his reactivation and confronting Light; "Wanna Be the One (to Watch You Die)" is Light's response to that apology after Rock and Blues fight, much more emotionally charged and broken since the bitter reunion is still fresh (including Proto Man's direct call out of him as a "liar" for abandoning him); "Fly on a Dog" has Rock refer to Proto Man as his brother, something he couldn't really know before the latter discards the Breakman persona, rattled from the reveal and consigned to the idea he's a disposable killing machine like Proto Man sees himself as. This is also why "Make Your Choice" and "I Refuse to Believe" finally break Mega Man out of his spiral; besides his own pain, giving into those thoughts would consign his brother to the same, whether or not they destroy each other, and however much Rock suffers, he'd never turn away or abandon another who needs his help.


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