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"Then my third thought was, 'Hold on, what's it doing on the SCI-FI CHANNEL?' Since then BRAVEHEART has been shown on the Sci-Fi Channel, live action movies are shown on Cartoon Network and there isn't a music video to be seen on MTV so channel formats straying from the channel names doesn't really surprise me anymore."
Triple Kelly, WrestleCrap

"Before there was Syfy, there was the Sci Fi Channel, and while the movies are still crap, they've taken to adding "Mega" to most of the titles."
Obscurus Lupa, Alien Apocalypse

Announcer: Coming soon on Ninja Movie Week! Ninja Dry Cleaner, Ninja Shoe Repair, Ninja Video Rental and Ninja Dentist! Coming this week on... See-Fee?... S-Y-F-Y? Eh. Um. That wrestling channel!
The Nostalgia Critic, "Raiders of the Story Arc: TMNT"

Then, as if you weren't already ashamed enough to waste your weekends watching shit like Frankenfish, they started to wonder aloud - "could we possibly make it so that EVERY single thing about this channel is ridiculous and embarrassing, right down to the namTHEEERE." Honestly, it really is that extra little bit, it's not enough I'm about to watch Knights of Bloodsteel, but add in the fact that I'm watching it on the "Sifee" channel that really makes me yearn to wrap my lips around a fucking glock.

I sure am glad the Syfy channel is doing more reality shows, instead of original Science Fiction shows!" - Nobody, ever.

"A channel where new sci-fi shows are created based on old sci-fi shows, retreaded and reassembled like crusty multi-colored play doh that is drying out. Also includes new movies where giant CGI animals are sent on a rampage after actors with no will to live (or act)."

"Rodney gets a brain parasite that slowly shuts down his higher brain functions until he's reduced to the state of a drooling imbecile. Then he renames the network 'Syfy'."
Chuck Sonnenburg, host of SF Debris


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