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Quotes / Sycophantic Servant

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Yellow Zircon: My Diamond. My brilliant, opulent, radiant, glimmering-
Yellow Diamond: "My Diamond" will suffice, or we'll never get through this.

Pink Diamond: Could you imagine that running a colony would be this dull?
Pearl: I could imagine it if you want me too, my Diamond. [Pink Diamond gives Pearl an exasperated look.]

Slave: It is beyond my humble capacity to offer an opinion, Master.
Avon: [smiles broadly] Oh, that's very good. You may turn out to be my kind of computer after all.

Smithers: People like dogs, Sir.
Mr Burns: Nonsense, dogs are idiots! Think about it Smithers, if I came into your house and started sniffing at your pants and slobbering all over your crotch, what would you say?!
Smithers: Um... if you did it, Sir?

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