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Quotes / Red Eyes, Take Warning

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    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
"You... will not... harm them..." Rei panted. Alone in the Plug, no one could see her eyes glow faintly red. "I... will... not... permit... it!"
Rei Ayanami, Advice and Trust, chapter 7

Rei was staring at Asuka, intensely, her face twisted in anger. Her fists were clenched, shaking slightly. It was hard to tell in the sunlight, but they thought they saw her blood red eyes glow brightly for a moment.
"Ohshit," whispered Touji. "She's mad."

She'd even fretted sometimes that the plans she'd stewed for seventeen years would fail, and she'd be left with a useless, fragile puppet after all her hard work. But it had all succeeded in the end; where men might once have drowned in Pyrrha's blue eyes, those same eyes now shone a familiar, baleful red the angel found comforting.

"When a mongoose's eyes grow red, he is angry."
Rikki Tikki Tavi, The Jungle Book

The walls turned red. The phone turned red. The inside of Billy's eyeballs turned red.
The Barrabas Run, by Jack Hild

    Live-Action TV 
The Doctor: His eyes turned red...
Donna Noble: What's that mean?
The Doctor: Trouble.

So lay down|The threat is real
When his sight|Goes red again

    Web Comics 
Petric: [Darko's] eyes glow red, Rene!! There's no telling what dank pit he crawled out of!
Darko: HEY!
The Stupiders, "Go With The Glow"

    Western Animation 
"So, is fire engine-red a natural eye color?"
Phil, All Grown Up!

"Glowing red eyes. That's almost never good."


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