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Todd: They were legit and they captured the hearts of millions. Clearly, EMF's brand of dance-inflected indie rock represented the future of alternative music in 1991.
[Clip of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" plays]
Todd: Nirvana killed a lot of careers, people.
Todd in the Shadows, One-Hit Wonderland

"Again, I go back to the end of the year before, when Taylor Swift tried to address her own public drama, and it was such a bloated disaster that it felt like she cratered the entire genre overnight, leading to this black hole of a year."
Todd in the Shadows, The Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2018, comparing "Thank U, Next" to "Look What You Made Me Do"

"It says a lot that one of the most comprehensive pieces I can find on the game's development is a blog post from a developer who wasn't involved yet felt forced to comment because his team's game bore some surface-level similarities to Ride to Hell. Think about how wild that is; Ride to Hell was so cataclysmically bad that it potentially threatened the sales of other unrelated games."

"Two words: Sput nik. Once the astronauts went up, everybody wanted to play with space toys."
Stinky Pete, explaining why Woody's Roundup was Cut Short.

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