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He was Gabriel of the Cherubim, he was Djibril of the El-Karrubiyan, those brought near to Allah... he soared through the first sunrise and sang his joy to the first-born of the world, and every living thing learned how to smile. He'd walked through Babylon with roses in his hair. He'd given the Sumerians Water of Life. He'd covered stirring sleepers with his wings beneath the Pyramids... it was the will of the Lord. And... He'd bathed in Assyrian blood, spiked Egyptian infants high on spears, torn eyes and guts and ribs and jaws from bodies of still-living men. Sodom and Gomorrah died in an apocalyptic fire, though why one man should not have another, he didn't know, just did as he was bid - the will of the Lord. He'd committed rape behind a carpenter's in Nazareth, and began a cycle of agony that ended on a hill above Jerusalem... the will of the Lord. It was not for him to doubt. Everything was the Creator's will. Nothing surprised the Lord of Hosts.
Hellblazer: For God And Country

"Shit!" said the King
And forty thousand loyal arseholes heaved and strained with all their majestic might
For it was death to disobey a royal command
The Saga of Daniel

To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

Pride: Damn you, Greed. Have you forgotten that you're one of the Homunculi? Where's your honor?
Ed: So he should just be a good boy like you and do everything his father tells him, is that it?
Pride: Do you need to ask such a ridiculous question? It's only natural we should want to obey our father, no matter the order.
Ed: Heh! You're the one who's ridiculous! Only natural, huh? So it's natural to be a brainwashed punk who doesn't even try to think for himself?!

Warhammer 40,000

To question the Emperor's will is to embrace heresy.

You are not required to think, only to act.

A questioning mind betrays a treacherous soul

To question is to doubt.

Blind faith is a just cause.

Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.

Reason begets doubt; Doubt begets heresy.

Reason is the cloak of Traitors.

True faith is blind and justified.

The truly heroic trust in blind faith.

An empty mind is a loyal mind.

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