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Quotes / Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

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Vala: Yes! And I'm absolutely terrified - have any of you ever heard anything like it?
Both Carter and Mitchell fidget as they both obviously seem to think of Jesus
Lt. Colonel Mitchell: W-Well.. there is one...
Teal'c: (Cutting in) Darth Vader.
Vala: Really? How did that turn out?
Stargate SG-1note 

Q: What is the one thing Robin Hood is most famous for?
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris: He has a band of Merry Men?
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris: He's good with a Bow and Arrow?
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris: He wears green?
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris:He battles the sheriff of Nothingham?
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris:Hrrrm... He's a master of disguise?
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris:He.... hrrm.... won an archery tournament by splitting an arrow with his own!
Q: Besides that...
SF Debris:Gyah Fuck!
Data: Perhaps you are referring to the rescue of Maid Marian from Nottingham castle?
Q: Yes Data.
SF Debris: Of Course! You mean the thing he was MOST famous for... You mustache-sporting dweeb.
SF Debris Qpid review.

The Doctor: A valley of half-eaten TARDISes. You thinking what I'm thinking?
The TARDIS: I'm thinking that all of my sisters are dead. That they were devoured and that we are looking at their corpses.
The Doctor: ...ah. Sorry, no. I wasn't thinking that.
The TARDIS: No. You were thinking you could build a working TARDIS console out of broken remnants of a hundred different models. And you don't care that it's impossible.
Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Wife"

Wayne: You know what would cheer us up?
Guy: Oh I getcha'! I'll go prepare.
Guy: I don't know why I thought we had the same idea. Let's do your thing.

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