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Nightmare Fuel / TinkerQuarry

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Don't stay a while, run!

Although TinkerQuarry is filled with charm and cute characters, make no mistake, there are plenty of dark and terrifying moments too.

  • Lori climbs through one of the many dark holes in the walls around the Dollhouse to open a locked door for the party. A few seconds later, the door opens... but no one comes out. After going through the door, you find Lori... Impaired, and seemingly impaled on a stake. There's also a pair of scissors lying on the floor, implying that being impaled wasn't the worst thing to happen to Lori...
  • Shortly after the above, there's the encounter with Stella.
    • She warmly welcomes you into her shop and offers you coffee... Upon drinking it, Adeline spits it out, while Stella cheerfully tells her that it was made from rat blood. She then invites the party into the back room, where they find the parts of Impaired toys strewn around. Stella reveals that she makes clothing out of the parts of toys Impaired by Staya or other enemies. She then decides she wants Adeline's skin!
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    • Also chilling is the fact that, after her battle, there's no cutscene or anything. The party just leaves her lying on the ground, Impaired.
  • After entering the big gray door in the Residence Halls, you are greeted by Staya... and it is not good.
    • Not only is Staya covered in some black, grimy material, he is accompanied by a swarm of rats. And they all look pissed. They begin chasing after Adeline, forcing you into a boss battle where instead of your team surrounding the enemy, it's Adeline all by herself, running from Staya and the rats as she fights.
    • Although Staya was always pretty creepy, at least he manages to elicit other reactions before this - for example, we learn that he's a Tragic Villain, which might make you feel sorry for him. And his insistence on keeping everyone in the Dollhouse, and the lengths he goes to to achieve this, were almost kind of funny. But in this scene, he seems to be dead set on killing you, and it is absolutely terrifying.
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  • On the official Discord, Hallowraith occasionally teases an event that will happen later on, showing pictures of what appears to be Whiskers, Skid, and Sera all stitched together. And they're all in color, meaning they haven't been Impaired, meaning they're all alive and conscious! They all have mortified looks on their faces, which also somewhat drives this into Tear Jerker territory. But still, we know very little on why this exists, or what happened to the three. Although Hallowraith did leave a rather ominous description on Discord...
    "I hope you guys like paying for your mistakes. This....thing, is no joke."


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