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  • Contest Winner Cameo:
    • On July 5th, 2017, Hallowraith announced a raffle for fans of the game to send in their ideas for characters. On the 15th, three characters (Tenor, Camime, and Charles) were chosen randomly to receive roles in the game, and they were added in an update on September 4.
    • From December 10-20 of the same year, Hallowraith held another YCH raffle, this time for fans to submit their own shopkeeper character, only this time, she added an extra rule: The character's name had to start with W, to fit with the Alphabetical Theme Naming of the other shopkeepers in the game. The winner was Wemblin, who was added to the game in the May 30, 2018 update.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • Some of the toy characters, such as Peter and Frutti, were modelled after real toys owned by Hallowraith and her friends.
    • While talking about what the characters would sound like if the game had voice acting, Hallowraith said that she imagines some of the characters having the voices of her friends, particularly Whiskers (who she compares to her friend Lars, describing him as "cool and collected") and Skid (who she compares to her friend Trey, describing him as "enthusiastic and full of life").
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Walter, a fox, was originally named "Renard" (French for "fox"), but Hallowraith decided that she liked the name Walter better, and changed it to that.
    • Before it was decided that Walter would have No Mouth, he was originally going to have teeth.
    • When you sneak behind the counter at Walter's shop, in earlier versions of the game, he would freak out and hit you. It didn't cause any damage, though. Later versions have him simply scold you and demand that you leave, perhaps to avoid the sinister implications that came from him hitting you.
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    • An old concept design for Stella.
    • Stella is named "Stellaluna" in some files as a reference to the children's book, but in the actual game, she's simply called Stella. Whether this is her official name, or just a nickname, is unclear.


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