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TinkerQuarry can be pretty dark at times, but that doesn't mean it's without any funny moments!

  • While Staya's Control Freak tendencies are usually depicted as disturbing, there's something really funny about the fact that he actually went to the trouble of putting up signs with messages like "GO BACK TO YOUR ROOMS" and "YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED HERE" all over the place.
  • Tenor's introduction scene is pretty funny:
    • Tenor complains that the musicians sound "treble." ("...Ah. I mean terrible!")
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    • This exchange between Peter and Tenor:
    Peter: Didn't you have like five birds?
    Tenor: Six, Peter, I had six!
    • When Tenor tells the party about his missing birds, Clint offers to help him, only for Peter to shoot him down, insisting that they focus on the task at hand. However, they soon change Peter's mind.
    Clint: We'll find them.
    Peter: Uh. No we won't. We're in a hurry.
  • While most doors in the Residence Halls are labelled with normal descriptions of the room (e.g. "Cap's Room", "Ire's Healing Shop"), Camime's room is simply labelled "Carnival! :)"
  • The May 30, 2018 update reveals that Frutti is actually a chef, and he has written his own cookbook! While most of the 3 recipes you can read sound pretty reasonable, his omelette recipe includes cough medicine of all things.
  • You obtain a sheet of plastic which you ride like a boat to get across the pools of dark, shadowy material in some rooms. The first time you get on, Peter instructs you to do it carefully. After you get on, Peter looks shocked.
    Peter: Well- I wouldn't have called that careful, but you do you!
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  • Poor Wemblin is so frightened of the mice and other enemies, she hides under her desk when she thinks nobody's around! And a cartoonish "boing" sound plays when she jumps up from her hiding spot to greet you.


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