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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Adeline The Atoner, who wants to make up for what she did to her toys in the past? Or is she mindlessly following and being pushed around by the other toys? Alternatively, considering that you get to name her and make choices on what she does throughout the game, maybe it's totally up to the player what Adeline's personality is like, and you're meant to play her however you want.
    • Amusingly, Camime gets hit with this a lot. The Discord community loves to joke that her innocent behavior is just a facade, and she's actually either a jerk/psychopath, or, more often, a badass who uses guns and listens to metal. Once her whack-a-rat game was revealed, some players began to see her as insane in a Creepy Good way, effortlessly dragging the evil rats to her room because she thinks they're just dummies for her game.
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  • Awesome Art: While the in-game sprites aren't too shabby, the cutscene images are where Hallowraith's artistic talents really shine. The cutscenes are accompanied by amazing pixel drawings. They look like something out of a children's book, in that they have a very relaxing atmosphere and beautiful style, even for the more creepy scenes.
  • Awesome Music: Hallowraith and artist Antriksh Bali have put together a great soundtrack for this game. From ambient music to beautiful orchestral tunes, every song adds a great atmosphere to the game. Especially notable is "Attacked", an intense orchestral battle theme that almost sounds like something out of a war movie.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Even though he does nothing but sleep (though he apparently cooks offscreen too), fans love Frutti. During a discussion on Discord about which character the fans liked most, Frutti was voted as a very close second to Whiskers, one of the main characters. It probably has something to do with his cute design and funny name.
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    • Many fans also seem to have taken a liking to Walter, the shopkeeper fox.
  • Fan Nickname: "Clincel" for Clint, a portmanteau of his name with "incel", because of his Yandere feelings for Adeline.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The title screen image (the one on the Video Game page) can be seen as a ranking of how innocent the characters are from left to right. Skid and Whiskers are perfectly cheerful and friendly, so they're on the left. Peter is a good person deep down, but he has seen a lot of horrors and has kind of a bleak outlook on life. Adeline is in the middle because she's a Vanilla Protagonist and the player can interpret her however they want. Staya is evil and cruel, but he does have some good qualities and makes a Heel–Face Turn in one ending. Stella might have been a better person in the past, but we don't see this in the game. And finally, Clint is at the very right because he's a cold-hearted monster who pretends to be on his party's side, but eventually betrays them.note 
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  • Fridge Horror: So, Staya keeps all the toys locked in their rooms, and attacks anyone who tries to escape. Once you learn that he wants everyone to wait for Adeline to come to the Dollhouse, you could assume that despite his psychotic, unhinged behavior, Staya really does have everyone's best interests in mind, that he wants them all to celebrate together when their owner returns. But Adeline's backstory would seem to hint that this isn't the case at all. So, we know that Adeline had Abusive Parents and took out her anger on her toys, having Staya attack them. Then the toys came to life at some point, still remembering what Adeline did to them before. With this information, it seems most likely that Staya doesn't want to help the toys at all. He wants to relive the glory days. When Adeline comes, he's planning to go on a killing spree. Maybe he kept everyone in certain rooms to make them easier targets. Basically, whether the toys try to escape or not, they're screwed. The only reason we have a plot is because Adeline forgot everything about her past when she came to the Dollhouse, messing up Staya's plans.
  • Game-Breaker: In earlier versions of the game, Odette would completely refill your party's health and SP every time you saved your game. This feature was removed because it made the game too easy. However, the ability to refill your party's health/SP was later reintroduced with the addition of Ire, who performs that service for a fee, making it more fair.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Wilson initially comes off as nothing but an abrasive Hate Sink... unless you talk to him with Clint in your party. Clint delivers a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech that comes across as a little too harsh. Clint then forces Wilson to lower his prices for Adeline, which he does reluctantly, only out of fear of Clint. From then on, whenever you talk to Wilson, he will still be horribly frightened. In the exchange between Wilson and Clint, we also learn that Wilson has worked out a deal with Staya, Staya allowing Wilson to keep his shop running (or maybe even just to stay alive) as long as Wilson periodically gives Staya some Roaches (which Staya needs for a currently unknown purpose, and which Wilson is better at catching than him.) Wilson seems to be just as afraid of Staya as everyone else, but unlike most of the other toys, he has no friends to look out for him.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Many fans of the game have offered their own interpretations of each character's sexuality, and Hallowraith accepts them all. They say that they're happy with giving their characters different orientations because they feel that the community needs more representation in media.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: It's easy to mistake this for a kid's game, with the colorful cast of Living Toys and all. But the game is officially rated T, for "dark themes", and boy, does it get dark! The protagonist has a tragic backstory apparently involving abusive, alcoholic parents, the Dollhouse is a Crapsaccharine World where many toys live in fear of being violently attacked at any moment, blood is shown onscreen (from Adeline and some of the rats)... it's rated T for a reason.


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