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Nightmare Fuel / To the Moon

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Despite the fact that these games are classified as "drama-comedy", you'd be surprised as to how many creepy moments they have.

This page has unmarked spoilers!

    To the Moon 

  • At first, the sight of all of those origami rabbits can be a little unsettling even though this later turns into a Tear Jerker.
  • The fate of Joey, Johnny's long deceased twin brother. He wasn't watching where he was going and his own mother ends up running him over by accident! Seeing this happen and then seeing his lifeless body just lying there in the street afterwards is gut-wrenching, to say the least.


  • The second minisode has two very creepy moments that hint at something dark happening behind the scenes:
    • The first moment is when Eva is talking to her sister on the phone and she's heading over to her place when she suddenly slams on the brakes. Her sister is confused and concerned and asks if something's wrong, but a wide-eyed Eva doesn't respond... because another Eva is walking around outside before blinking out of existence! What makes this especially nerve-wrecking is how Eva seems to have forgotten what just happened as soon as the other Eva vanishes and her sister also seems to have been almost "reset" in a way as the scene continues as it had before and then Eva just leaves with no further incident. The music doesn't help matters much, either.
    • And then, right at the very end after the credits have rolled, everyone's leaving and Eva is about to ask her sister for a lift because Neil needs the company car, but then it suddenly goes to Eva in a dark room with one of the memory machines on her head! She briefly opens her eyes before closing them and once again, the scene continues as normal. Shortly afterwards, the minisode ends.

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