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Nightmare Fuel / Space Runaway Ideon

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In a span of 39 episodes and two films, Space Runaway Ideon proves to be among Yoshiyuki Tomino's darkest works, and its not hard to see why considering that it's the main inspiration for Neon Genesis Evangelion.

  • Ideon itself. To put it this way, imagine piloting a mech that is more like an Eldritch Abomination than a traditional mech, and it has the capability of leveling an entire universe. Now have it piloted a bunch of not mentally sound children.
  • Karala's death. We didn't see the aftermath of her face got shot three times.
  • Homeworld of Ajian got destroyed by sub-light missiles.
  • The infamous Kill ’Em All ending. During the climax, meteors strike both the Earth's of the Earth and Earth colonies and the Buff Clan Homeworld, rendering them all uninhabitable wastelands, and Ideon and Ganda Rowa are destroyed in the final battle against each other, creating a blast that kills everything, and rather gruesomely.


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