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Nightmare Fuel / Kraftwerk

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  • God damn "Mitternacht" from Autobahn... that screeching is simply Hell Is That Noise Up to Eleven.
  • The middle section of "Autobahn" (between 8 and 11 minutes in) sounds noticeably darker and unusually haunting compared to the rest of the song. Those creepy synths emulating the sounds of oncoming traffic on a motorway... brr...
  • Dear god though, the album Trans Europe Express is absolutely locked and loaded with this stuff - from the album cover down. Not that the remastered version did it any better...
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  • "Chrono" from Tour De France can land in this category, especially when it comes from an album that's barely even got a drop of Nightmare Fuel on its axles.
  • "Uranium" from Radio-Activity sounds really eerie, like waking up in an unknown landscape that could very well be the afterlife if that heavenly going-on in the background is suggesting anything - or a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And then there's that slow, broken voice... holy crap.
  • The original album cover for ''Radio-Activity''.
  • The album cover for The Man-Machine, clearly inspired by Soviet propaganda posters in the middle of the Cold War. There's certainly something unnerving about four men clad in red with steely gazes staring into the distance while on a staircase.
  • "Metropolis" from The Man Machine has synths which have melodies that sound pretty intimidating.
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  • "Ohm Sweet Ohm" on the Radioactivity album. With the looped synthetic voice and the funereal organ, it's like a computer singing longingly about its own blood. Maybe it'll come for yours next.
  • Several pieces from their first two albums, including the first half of "Stratovarius", the middle of "Ruckzuck", and the intro of "Kling Klang".
  • "Kometenmelodie Part 1" is a dark and spooky piece, which segues into the second movement with a high-pitched whistle.
  • The ominous Opening Narration for "Radioactivity" on the second half of Minimum-Maximum.

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