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  • "Ananas Symphonie". Just the title, really.
  • "Pocket Calculator" from Computer World, a sincere attempt at AC/DC level goofiness from the band that made sternness their trademark. Live, the band would stand alone on stage with calculator-like controllers with which they triggered sequences - except for Florian, who on occasion would strike "air guitar" poses with his controller, play it behind his head, etc.
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  • The Mix versions of "Autobahn" and "Dentaku" contain some Narmy vocals in some places.
  • The group has been known to ham it up during soundchecks. Highlights includes Florian singing a song in the style of Opera, and Ralf replacing some of the lyrics of "The Model" with slightly more naughty versions.
    "Now, she's a big success, I want to fuck her again."
  • This snarktastic interview for Brazilian television with Florian Schneider.
    Interviewer: What are the songs that you are going to play?
    Florian: All.
  • The "Showroom Dummies" video. The dancing at the end especially.
  • Iggy Pop's story of asparagus shopping with Florian Schneider.
  • The out of place guttural "KORREKT!" in the German version of "The Model".
    • It gets even better once you now the full story behind it, which Wolfgang revealed his autobiography, I Was A Robot:
      Our favourite discothèque, the Mora, lay in the Schneider-Wibbel Gasse in the middle of Düsseldorf's old town, and there was a waiter who worked there who always greeted new guests with the words "Hallöchen! Sekt? Korrrrrrrekt!" You didn't have the chance to contradict him, because he always answered himself. He loved selling champagne to the guests, largely because it was the drink on which he earned the highest commission, and he forced it on everyone.

      We'd heard him so often, and he was such a fine example of Düsseldorf chic, that we invited him into our studio when we were recording "The Model" so that he could speak his smug slogan directly into the microphone. That's why his pithy "Sekt? Korrrrrrrekt!" appears in our most famous song.
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  • The stage robots, which typically got to "perform" the track "The Robots" themselves, had a tendency to be less than reliable. Watching them perform while a roadie took a mallet desperately tried to unstick robo-Florian's arm tended to recall a certain scene from This Is Spın̈al Tap.


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