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  • The video for "Backseat Freestyle": the part with Sherane shaking it while Kendrick stands there deadpan. And that's for the whole verse (right after the part with his dad).
  • Kendrick's guest verse on "YOLO" from The Lonely Island. He schools fools on how to properly save funds for the future.
  • The skit between "Money Trees" and "Poetic Justice" features Kendrick's father getting high off his ass and singing "Girl, I want your body, I want you body, because of that big old fat ass" only snapping out of it when Kendrick's mother mentions his dominoes.
    • A similar skit occurs during the "Backseat Freestyle" music video.
  • Gih...aknowyouwan' di' di'!
  • This dick ain't free-ee!
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  • Kendrick and Shaq went shopping for soap. It's as strangely amusing as it sounds.
  • The internet, specially Twitter and r/KendrickLamar's shitposting about a supposed second album drop three days just after the release of DAMN.. Some believe it, others don't, but the funniest thing is that the man himself never said anything about a second album, so fans and theorists are basically basing their hopes in nothing but memes and shitposting.
  • Don Cheadle of all people mocking Kendrick's nickname in the music video for "DNA".
  • The video for "For Free" ends with a bunch of Kendricks popping out of nowhere and giving an oddly intense glare at the camera. It's funny in a somewhat surreal way. Really, just his eccentric mannerisms throughout the whole video were very over-the-top.
  • Kendrick got his labelmate Ab-Soul to record a track for the C4 mixtape. It's called "Take Off Your Pants" and it's as hilariously bad as you'd expect.
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  • Kendrick sitting in a palm tree eating elote. Yes, really. No, we don't know why.

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