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Nightmare Fuel / Lady Gaga

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  • The video for "Bad Romance". It ends with Lady Gaga laying next to a charred corpse.
    • The parts of the video where you notice her eyes have been unsettlingly enlarged by CGI.
  • "Paparazzi". In the music video, she's knocked down from a balcony after a rather frightening fight. And that's just the beginning.
    • The violently murdered model corpses that are shown in quick flashes, particularly the one wrapped in a bag with her limbs all broken, and the one hanging from the ceiling.
  • There's a reason they call it the Monster Ball.
  • The part in the "Telephone" video where her head moves... oddly.
    • Also from Telephone, the mass poisoning.
  • The whole "Alejandro" video.
  • Pictured here, the official cover art for Born This Way. Apparently she's a half-motorcycle, half-human hybrid hailing from the Uncanny Valley
  • Some people find the skeletal/zombie makeup in "Born This Way" to be unsettling.
  • From the Born This Way album: "Government Hooker" and "Bloody Mary" are a touch unsettling. The latter mainly because of the warped effects on her voice, not to mention the random screams.
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  • The cover for "Bad Romance" is just incredibly creepy looking.
  • For a non-Monster could even her metal yells in her live shows and calling her own fans motherfuckers and that she'll "kick their asses" and they better get their guns out" are very scary if you're not part of her Monster pack.
  • Three words: Judas Goldfrapp Remix.
  • Lady Gaga's head on a goose's body in the "Applause" music video.
  • Her video for "Do What U Want" was going to be this, featuring scenes of Gaga as a hospital patient being drugged by a doctor played by R.Kelly (who tells her she will "wake up pregnant" while fondling her), and featuring artwork by Terry Richardson, who has been accused multiple times of exploiting and raping his female models.
  • "Bloody Mary", especially the screams.
  • The somber, brutally realistic music video for "Til It Happens To You" features several graphic depictions of rape occurring on a college campus.
    • Hell, the song itself! Never before has a rape survivor's story made the listener feel like it's happened to them before.
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  • The Reveal in "911" that the entire video was Gaga's near-death induced hallucination. In the real world, she was involved in a bicycle-car accident, and the people in the video represent the paramedics, the other injured, and bystanders. Her screams of pain and terror when she is revived through defibrillation are disturbingly realistic. Bonus points for it being heavily foreshadowed throughout the video, meriting a Rewatch Bonus.

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