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Lady Gaga worships Satan openly and uses blatant Masonic symbolism.

Yes, I said it and I have the right to. It's so obvious I still don't get how people can't see it. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of Freemasonry can notice the obvious symbolism in her videos, especially Bad Romance or Born This Way. She makes constant references to Aleister Crowley, to the all-seeing eye (cf. the Illuminati) and to various Masonic signs such as the pyramid, the the goat horns. Again, I'm not hating, I just state the obvious.

  • Aleister Crowley was not a satanist, he even invented a religion loosely based on the Egyptian Mythology and loved the concept of the Qaballah, which is defenitely not satanic. This does not mean Lady Gaga ain't deliberately using esoteric symbolism related to Luciferanism, but calling her "satanic" is insulting to the many esoteric traditions she borrows from.
  • This theory is so ridiculous, I don't even... the eye symbol has been used waaaay before Freemasonry. Oh, and Satanism ≠ Freemasonry ≠ Illuminati.

Lady Gaga is evidence we are living in a dystopian future.
Read here.
  • When I mentioned this seizure theory to a friend, he admitted to being confused by the word "dystopia". Knowing his vocabulary was of a respectable size—if perhaps not entirely attuned to 21st-century pop culture—I confirmed he knew the spelling and meaning of "dyspepsia". Then followed up with, "Dyspepsia is when you have an upset stomach. Dystopia is when you have an upset future."
  • Her crew sure dresses like the raiders from Fallout.

The entirety of Just Dance is contained inside of Monster
like so:"I wanna just dance[All of Just Dance]But he took me home instead..."

Lady Gaga is Sailor Mars.
Think about it! They're both singers, Gaga's really a dark haired woman, and in the Bad Romance video, she sets a guy on fire.

Lady Gaga is the reincarnation of Klaus Nomi.
Klaus Nomi allegedly expressed impatience at his lack of mainstream fame, and so he's back for another crack at the whip. Both have been noted for their otherworldly personae, and both are Bunny Ears Lawyers, heaping quirkiness on top of undeniable talent. Compare (among other things) these photos.

Lady Gaga is the baby that Madonna's character kept in "Papa Don't Preach."

Lady Gaga doesn't appear in any of her videos.
When she appears in public, Lady Gaga is almost always wearing sunglasses or concealing her face in some way, and she's talked about how she doesn't like people making eye contact with her. But the "Lady Gaga" character in the music videos doesn't seem to have this problem. Obviously the videos are just showing an actress lip-synching, not Lady Gaga herself. We can't tell the difference because we see the real Lady Gaga's face so rarely. It's not even dishonest - she's never claimed that it's her in the videos.

Lady Gaga is an anime Evil Diva who has escaped into the real world.
Gender ambiguity? Impossibly Cool Clothes? Creepy Uncanny Valley vibe? Undeniable charisma? She's the villain from a show where idol singing is Serious Business. Of course, as its not Serious Business in this world, her attempt to Take Over the World with singing is doomed from the start.
Lady Gaga (real first name Stefani) is the time-traveling daughter of Baby Mama's Angie Ostrowiski.
She came from the future to save us from boredom and conventional clothes!
  • Actually, it would be more realistic saying she's an Anti-Hero from an anime.

Lady Gaga has some sort of connection to either Daigon or Cthulhu.

Lady Gaga is a Time Lord.
Well, you tell me why not.
  • Hell, why stop there? My guess is that Lady Gaga is Romana.
  • Her music can turn the manliest man into a flaming homo and the girliest of girls into a whoreish butch. Clearly she is the reason Everyone Is Bi by the 51st century
  • The Singing Simlish lyrics in "Bad Romance" are obviously her full Gallifreyan name. Clearly, her name is actually Lady Rahrahahahahromaromamaahgagaoohlala. But that would never fit on a billboard, so...
  • Could she actually be the latest incarnation of Iris Wildthyme, another extravagantly-dressed lady who has suspected Gallifreyan origins? Iris has a Mexican lover (Alejandro = Senor 105?), has a story revolving around a Poker game where she knows far more than her opponents (A Gamble with Wildthyme), and in the audio adventure 'The Wormery', Iris finds herself in a club with no fixed location, gets increasingly drunk, and the plot leads her to performing a wild dance which attracts everyone's attention, for better or worse (Just Dance) while her rival and future incarnation (her Valeyard) Bianca attempts to manipulate the Doctor into loving her, but has to balance this against her plans to expand her business and fame throughout the universe (Love Game)... If we compare their costumes: Iris and Gaga. Nuff said?
  • And through a Stable Time Loop, LittleKuriboh's parodies are the original versions, and the loop allowed the Pharaoh's Throne video to say it was a parody, when in fact, it is the original. And when LK found out about the loop, he decided to make things go full circle by making Shady Could Have Done It Better.
  • Perhaps the Gaga lady is merely a future incarnation of Missy (AKA The Master). Her music career is one of her trademark needlessly convoluted plans to rule the world or make the Doctor evil or whatever it is she does.

Lady Gaga is the result of Cyndi Lauper's failed attempt to be a Time Lord a la Mawdryn Undead.
This Troper™ will sometimes tell people that Lady Gaga is Cyndi Lauper for a new generation. On closer inspection, there are an AWFUL lot of similarities between them:
  • They're both Italian.
  • They're both from New York City.
  • They're both dance-pop singers.
  • They're both active in the LGBT movement.
  • They were both part of bands before going solo.
  • They're both blonde.
  • They both wear REALLY wild outfits.
My guess? Following The Body Acoustic, which was one of the CD's involved in the 2005 Sony-BMG rootkit scandal, Cyndi finally realized that she was no longer relevant in today's society. So she tried to be a Time Lord to revive her relevance, but got the formula wrong, and, à la Sabrina in the Pokémon animé, split off a second persona that called herself Stefani Germanotta and carried on her "mother's" legacy.
  • Don't know about Cyndi Lauper, but Gaga's not a real blonde, she dyed herself, originally to avoid being confused with Amy Whinehouse IIRC? For the rest, well, yeah why not.

Alternatively, Lady Gaga is a female version of David Bowie that resulted from his failed attempt to become a Time Lord.
Several years ago, David Bowie decided to gain new powers, so he attempted to become a Time Lord, but failed. A side effect of the failed attempt was the creation of a female version of David Bowie, who went to America, renamed herself Stefani Germanotta and decided to pursue a career in music in the weirdest way possible- and taking anything she did Up to Eleven.

Lady Gaga is the latest person to find the supercomputer from Jem, Synergy.
It explains how she went from her plain self to some who is, ahem, truly outrageous. Instead of earrings, however, she uses sunglasses to activate it.
  • More likely Lady Gaga is Minx. Blonde? Check. Killer voice? Check. Plays a mean synthesizer? Check! Tight fitting and revealing wardrobe? CHECK!
  • Even the opening theme song for Jem sounds like something she would write "Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame"
Lady Gaga is an extraterrestrial
Because she's clearly not a normal human.

Lady Gaga is from Transexual Transylvania.
  • As described in the guess above, she's an "androgynous, bisexual space alien who comes to Earth to sing Intercourse with You anthems while wearing insane costumes and makeup?" If that isn't Doctor Frank N. Furter, then it's clearly one of his descendents.

Text all requests for clarification to 4242 now!

Lady Gaga is an Avatar of God.
Go ahead. Dispute me.
  • So basically God is a merged entity formed of Michael Jackson and Haruhi off his/her anti-depressants and back on LSD?
  • Maybe God, angry and upset how his word was being used to abuse and condemn his LGBT children, sent Gaga to help bring hope to people and encourage them to embrace who they are and accept one another. She references God a lot, and one of her major phrases nowadays is "God Makes No Mistakes". She's over the top because it helps people to notice and spread the message.
  • I'd say she's more likely an incarnation of Slaanesh, with the Chaotic Evil replaced by a heaping helping of Intercourse with You.
    • It's possible she's more in thrall to Khorne...
    • Or she's the Emprah (the first psyker) before he learned to control the whole "voices from the warp" thing.

It would also probably be a great big freaking Crowning Moment of Awesome. Who wouldn't want to see that?
  • Our eyeballs would probably burn out by then. Of course, our ears would ironically explode last.
  • A mash-up. "Dance In The Dark" + "Komm, süßer Tod" = … suicide symphony?

Lady Gaga is either a member or an agent of the White Court.
"Bad Romance" and many of her other songs are basically White Court theme songs. More than that though, she has the same sort of allure that Lara Raith, Inari, and the rest of the Raith clan are said to have.

Lady Gaga is a creation of Hirohiko Araki.
Her outfits are about fabulous enough to look at place in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. God knows what her Stand is or what its power is.
  • Lady Gaga is the Stand of Miss Germanotta.

If Lady Gaga is proof we're living in a distopian cyberpunk future, Kesha is proof that it's low budget.
Seriously, what the hell?
  • All of the budget is paying for Adam Lambert's version...

Glee will do a Lady Gaga episode, and the universe will implode from the sheer camp.
And it will be the most fabulous sight in history.
  • Glee just listed that its penultimate episode will pay homage to Gaga. It's called "Theatricality."

Lady Gaga is trying to weaken the fourth wall.
She probably can't break it completely on her own, but she will come dangerously close.

Lady Gaga is a shapeshifter.
Well, why not?

Lady Gaga is the ultimate performance art about the nature of celebrity.
And it will culminate in her dying young, tragically, and possibly onstage.

Seriously, Gaga has been hinting at this from the beginning. In interviews she constantly muses on the nature of fame and celebrity, and how it ultimately destroys its children while audiences watch and applaud. "Paparazzi" and its video are about the obsessive, destructive relationship between the media and celebrities, and during a performance of it at the Video Music Awards she pretended to die onstage. The crowd went wild for it. Building on this, other skits have involved things such as her being sacrificed because fame made her into a "monster". She's been known to continue performing even when on the verge of passing out, possibly to help familiarize her audience with her eventual death. And her second-album song "Dance in the Dark" implies that she will be joining other icons who died tragically and young (such as Princess Diana).

And how has her career been? She shot to sudden stardom at a young age with multiple number one singles off her first album... titled The Fame. She wears the most outrageous, attention-grabbing outfits both onstage and off, which keeps people talking about her. More and more product placement has crept into her hit videos, to the point of being interpreted as parody. She has announced that her next album will be "the anthem of a generation", which is a tall order to fill... unless it gains extra fame by being released posthumously.

Based on the name of her first album, she absolutely had to become successful in order to avoid a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.

After a couple years on the scene more and more people are calling her iconic. What's the one certain way to stay iconic?

  • And messianically. Don't forget messianically.
  • So for Gaga, "So Happy I Could Die" isn't a trite phrase, but a literal expression of hopefulness at the prospect? (Putting it another way: there is definitely not a comma after "happy".)
  • 'To the point of parody?' She had product placement for Tiberium in the Telephone video.
  • It's probably more of a satire, really. There's her name, which comes from Queen's song Radio Gaga. There was the dress of meat, symbolizing that culture sees stars as pieces of meat to be traded until it's used up. "Bad Romance" is actually about performers wanting the love of the audience. "Born this Way" is about her not being able to be herself and get popularity as Stefani Germanotti. "Applause" is comparitively open about what it is.

Lady Gaga is some sort of mannequin with no real identity.
Think about it - she gets to model tons of outfits, doesn't seem to keep a consistent voice between songs, and... I don't know. Apparently she stays away from... er... male suitors for whatever reason - what if she did it due to being about as gendered as a Barbie doll?
  • Oh my god, you're right! Dollhouse!
    • Those pods at the beginning of Bad Romance! Her deliberately artificial persona! Sudden deaths, playing with tropes, it all fits! Lady Gaga is a Doll who's had a composite event, but is too high-profile for the 'House to do anything about! She's dangerous! She has to be stopped! I've got to tell someo
  • There's evidence for this! For example, consider this line from the song "Fashion": "Fashion, put it all on me, I am only what you want me to be."
Lady Gaga's plan is working.
Just look at how many more Music Videos look like dystopian cyberpunk/urbanfantasy worlds than they used to! THE FUTURE IS COMING, AND IT WILL HAVING A CONFUSING SENSE OF STYLE!

Lady Gaga is a glitched Doll.
The Dollhouse hasn't been able to get her back to the House yet to fix her. She suffered a composite event but something went wrong and she managed to escape the chair before all the imprints were loaded into her head. As a result, she became overly ambitious and daring, willing to try out any crazy idea- hence the crazy outfits and insane videos- and her imprints keep surfacing to provide the ideas for her songs to her original personality- i.e., Stefani Germanotta- to create. So far, the personalities are working well together, but who knows what might happen in the future...

Lady Gaga is recruiting other celebrities to help her take over the world.
Beyoncé is her dragon and Elton John is the head of the Quirky Mini Boss Squad. Yes, it's much like every other Gaga-takes-over-the-world theory on here, but this time she's not the only one in on it. With every celebrity mash-up she does, she's slowly recruiting for her army.
  • There have been a lot of posthumous Lady Gaga/Michael Jackson mash-ups. Does that make Michael Jackson Gaga's Spirit Advisor?

Lady Gaga is a female reincarnation of Brian Slade.
His mainstream success under his "Tommy Stone" persona wasn't enough to make him happy, and he died young in the mid-1980s. The Gods of Glam allowed him another chance to fulfill his sparkly destiny without making the mistakes that brought him down in the 1970s, and reincarnated him as a bisexual American female avant-glam-pop star. Lady Gaga is carrying on her predecessor's divine mission of fabulousness, sparkles, and artifice - but, one hopes, without falling into her previous incarnations drug abuse, narcissism, and ill-advised publicity stunts. (Although, like Slade, she has pulled a "dying on stage" act in a different context.)

Lady Gaga is executing a grand trolling of the music industry.
We have video footage of her performances before adopting the Lady Gaga image, which prove that she has both a good voice and decent enough songwriting ability. However, the execs in the music biz obviously didn't see much promise in "bland" sort of music, and rejected her from a contract; I believe she's said as much, but I can't remember for sure. As a result, she reinvents herself in as over-the-top a way as possible, begins writing music that is perfectly calculated to be lapped up by the modern culture (including the conscious decision to NOT use her voice to its fullest extent), and tries again. The music industry can't resist. I greatly suspect her entire rise to fame has been a plot to show the hypocrisy of the music industry, and doubly a sort of grand duping of the current culture.
  • I would also predict that, if the culture's short attention span kicks in as it likely will and she drops out of the public eye, she'll change her style again and find a new fanbase, as it's obvious she has a Bowie-like chameleon tendency. Look how many times HE changed styles in a given decade. * Well, really, it's not necessarily "trolling the music industry" so much as "smart business sense". Sad to say, really.
  • To add to this WMG, I'll submit the idea that she was hired by 4Chan to troll the music industry, which 4Chan decided that it wanted to wreak havoc in the music industry for the lulz.

Lady Gaga is actually Princess Nehema.
She apparently thought that this world was a bit too boring for her tastes, so she took on the identity of a promising singer from New York in order to spread her influence via music and turn the world into something suiting her own tastes. Just look at the Commonplace Book quote that Eversion is based on.
39 Sounds—possibly musical—heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being.
Also, think of it this way: at first, she didn't really seem like anything too special, but her songs were pretty catchy. As her popularity grew, she began to show her true colours and things began to look a little... darker. By 2011, we're probably going to Go Mad from the Revelation.

Lady Gaga is a Champion of Slaanesh.
Her ascension to daemonhood comes at the end of the "Alejandro" video.Worshippers of Slaanesh are obsessed with pleasure and obtain it through any means, such as elaborate fashion, art, music, and sex, with violence added in as well. Nicely summarized by her performance at the VMAs.
  • I actually came to the page just now to propose that Lady Gaga IS Slaanesh.
  • And I came here to propose that the prevalence of short hair in her Alejandro outfits was a Shout-Out to the Adepta Soritas. I think you may have changed my mind.

Lady Gaga is a Cylon.
And she has a plan that is working already - exploring the powers of Memetic Mutation on Earth.

Lady Gaga is the product of Alejandro Jodorowsky's artistic esssence and Stefani Germanotta's talent and ambition.
Okay follow me. For starters her outfits are very extravagant and vaguely sexual. In quite a few of his films his characters have been known to dress strangely and extravagantly, see the Holy Mountain. Also there is quite a bit of ho yay in his films, and we all know that Gaga loves the gays. Furthermore there is a very paparazzi feel to Fando's mother. Also when Fando Y Lis came out in Mexico the people were scared because they thought he was a vampire. On occasion Gaga has been known to pretend to be a vampire to scare off paparazzi. Because o this evidence I would conclude that her song Alejandro is about her trying to figure the spirit of his art out.

Lady Gaga will play Belarus in an upcoming Live Action film.
Alright, so I ripped it off a Facebook fan page. But, go ahead, try and tell me that wouldn't be fuckin' amazing.
  • It wouldn't be fuckin' amazing.
    • Says you.

Lady Gaga is actually an Eldritch Abomination, similar to Nyarlathotep.
She (it?) feeds on Fame. Her hunger has grown, and her methods to gather Fame have expanded to the point of insane brilliance. Look at the Telephone video for the most prime example: SHE'S IN PRISON. Where does she keep getting those bizarre outfits from? Who is doing her hair and makeup? She is assembling increasingly bizarre forms of appearance from the disjointed pastiche of human fashion and culture. Her ultimate goal may be to gather enough Fame until she undergoes a further transformation into an unstoppable force.
  • And poor Stefani Germanotta is the unfortunate Earthling who just happened to be going for an evening stroll in the place where Gaga's portal into our world opened. Miss Germanotta was the first human being that Gaga saw on Earth, and thus Gaga attached herself to Stefani, taking over her body and using it as a vessel, absorbing Stefani's memories so as to navigate our world better, and gradually changing the body's appearance more and more as time goes by. Meanwhile, poor Stefani Germanotta is still trapped in her own body, stuck in an soundless And I Must Scream scenario, forced to silently watch as Lady Gaga uses her body as a vessel through which she can interact with humans and take over our world!
    • Building off that last addition to the theory, the only way Gaga can be defeated is if Stefani manages to gradually regain enough strength to wrestle control of her body away from Gaga.

Lady Gaga is a boy from Brazil.
She's a clone of Hitler, somehow made into a girl. (Possibly because it's easier to take over the world if you have bewbs. Everybody knows that.) She has an army of gay Nazis.
  • She rapes the Nazis, who are so traumatized they switch teams. And everybody knows that Lady Gaga can control the minds of gay people when she wears more than 5 pounds of make-up.

Lady Gaga doesn't exist. We've all just dropped acid and we're never gonna crash.
Well, do you have any other explanations?

Gaga is a major Otaku amd she's trying to get America to become them as well.
Come on! The Sailor Moon references? The One Piece Shout-Out? The Moe eyes? The odd fashion sense? The hair? She's young enough (24) to fit the demographics,
  • Not limited to anime, there are a number of Shout Outs to the original Command and Conquer in the video for Telephone.
  • Isn't this actually true? I seem to recall it coming up in various things written about what Stefani Germanotta was doing before the Lady Gaga personality.
  • She does the Mikuru Beam pose in ''Bad Romance'' and a dance step from Hare Hare Yukai in ''Telephone''.
  • The shoes she wears in Alejandro when dressed as a nun about to be raped look similar to Rachel Alucard's
  • And according to some, her appearance as seen in a recent charity concert in Japan was an attempt at cosplaying Hatsune Miku.

Gaga's master plot is get acceptance for the sub-cultures of America.
Homosexual, BDSM, Rubber-fetishists, it makes sense man.

Lady Gaga is a sparkling vampire.
...and that's the real reason why she wears so much makeup.
  • To add onto this, she's not just any sparkling vampire. She's Maggie. Y'know, the little Irish one? Two years after Breaking Dawn occurs, Maggie decides to do something with her eternal life and get a record deal, taking up the name and eventually becoming Lady Gaga. She eventually finds her mate after the last book, who helps her write a few songs, and got her into the business via a close friend (similar to Jasper and J. Jenks relationship). Stefani Germanotta is really one of Maggie's last living relatives, who handles photo shoots, press conferences, etc. The reason Maggie herself doesn't appear in those things? Meyer lied, and vampires can't really appear in photos. Maggie may also be slightly camera shy, if Meyerpires can appear in photos.

Lady Gaga is Sheryl Nome.
I'm surprised no one beat me to this.

Lady Gaga isn't actually as over the top as she acts.
Most of her songs are extremely normal. There's nothing deranged or crazy to match all the outfits. She was also fairly normal before, with her only unusual trait being that she'd play in lingerie from time to time. Of course, if this is an act, why is she doing this? Well, one reason is obviously for the publicity. But it may have also been an attempt to be discovered as well. You see, Miss Germanotta did most of her early gigs in New York city, where singers with pianos are a dime a dozen. In order to stand out enough to get noticed, she had to do something different.Plus, being a crazy rich person is fun.
  • Obviously true, though her hatedom would probably disagree.

Lady Gaga is a time traveler from one of several alternate futures.
She was sent back to influence pop culture as much as possible in an attempt to steer humanity towards a Crystal Spires and Togas future. Unfortunately, several other timelines had similar plans, since they could never be satisfied with how the future turned out. Other time-traveling celebrities may include, but are not limited to:
  • Kesha: Attempting to sow rebellion to prevent what she views as an overly restrictive Dystopia.
  • Justin Bieber: Was told that "people would love him" in our time period, but was actually sent back as a warning against mainstream use of some sort of harmful food preservative or genetic engineering technique that would cause mass sterility and make humans almost completely androgynous.
  • Alternatively, she wasn't sent back for any real reason, but is trying to do that anyway. Hence the oddness.

Lady Gaga is the mother of Miley Cyrus.
Britney Spears is the other parent. If you're wondering how that works: it's Lady Gaga. She'd find a way.

Lady Gaga will be the next President of the United States.
...and her vice president will be a cyborg ninja penguin. A cyborg ninja penguin that wears a cute little top hat. Yes.

Lady Gaga will lead to Justin Bieber being Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by appearing in a Lady Gaga video.
He will play a caustic Deconstruction of himself. The video would start with Lady Gaga pregnant, would then segue into the child growing up. Lady Gaga develops a hatred for her son. She would at this point be old enough to be less popular as a celebrity, so to get money she has her son castrated to make him a popular singer himself, and then would get the money out of him a la Gary Coleman's parents. It works... for a while, but the kid has a psychological breakdown and becomes a transsexual, and in his last appearance he's in a full dress. It then cuts back to pregnant Lady Gaga, reveals the whole thing was just her imagination, decides she doesn't want to deal with such a scenario, and gets an abortion.

Lady Gaga is an Umbra Witch.

Rampant sexuality in pretty much everything she does? Check. Outrageous hair and outfits? Check. Wields outrageous weapons in unorthodox ways? Check. It all just fits, really. The fact that she looks kind of like Jeanne also makes me think this...

Lady Gaga is a Sailor Scout.

You only have to look at her interaction with her fans and her support of gay rights to realize she is a crusader of love and justice. However, instead of fighting the monsters generated by the Negaverse, she uses the purifying powers of her spells (honestly, don't "Bad Romance" and "Love Game" sound like Sailor Venus attacks?) to try and dispel the despair and loneliness in the hearts of those who hear her music. It doesn't work for everyone, obviously, but for those fans that are cleansed by her music, they look to her as the savior of the music world. And to hear her talk about her relationship with her fans, it's like she loves them in a Messiah-like capacity.

And her various crazy outfits are the ways that her sailor fuku manifests itself. Every time she transforms, it's a new and different look, generated by her own soul.

  • One wonders what this theory implies about her soul then...
  • Or she could be abusing the Disguise Pen/Teletia S ...
  • Actually... theories earlier on this page suggest that Lady Gaga is using her music to mock/tear down Twilight and all it embodies. There's a theory on the Twilight Wild Mass Guessing page that Twilight is, in fact, a plot by the Negaverse to harvest the energy of young girls who read the books and watch the movies. When the Negaverse is in town, who you gonna call?

Lady Gaga killed Princess Diana.

Or alternately, she didn't kill Diana...but she knows who did
And all her songs have hints and clues as to who it is. You see, she wants people to figure out the truth, but she's afraid that if she reveals it straightforwardly, the Omniscient Council of Vagueness / Ancient Conspiracy that killed Diana might go after Gaga as well. So instead she drops clues throughout all her songs and videos (and even her costumes), in the hopes that the public will eventually put the pieces together, and that this time there will be too many people for the Ancient Conspiracy to deal with, and that they will finally be brought to justice. This is also why she pretends to be a Cloudcuckoolander: she's hoping that by Obfuscating Insanity she can convince the members of the secret conspiracy that she's not a real threat.

Lady Gaga is the Anti-Anti Christ.

I started developing this theory while listening to Todd in the Shadows. She was put on Earth to tempt man to evil with the power of rock. She instead decided to mess around and make Mind Screw pop videos, but she can't quite cover up her demonic characteristics, e.g. scary-ass eyes, inexplicable charisma.

Lady Gaga is a time agent, as well as her own mother, her own father, the progenitor of her own Stable Time Loop, Justin Bieber, and John Lennon.

From a timeline in which sex is mutable, her family wound up at the turn of the 21st century on a mission, and while learning the piano, she inadvertently found herself trapped as a young man shortly after her piano training, lost much of her skill, and became Justin Bieber. As Bieber, he/she came into a brief, clandestine affair with the biggest popstar on the scene. It was when he/she had improved in both skill and impersonating a man that she was pulled into a mission involving the Kennedy assassination and became a pop star of a much better class - namely, John Lennon, until he/she was shot and rescued by his/her agency, after which she, having more control over her estate, became a woman again and went back to a bit after she started her piano training, got pregnant from a brief affair with a certain pop star, slipped off to have the child in the future, and the rest is history. This is why she appears to have a penis in some shots - she can do that - and why she seems to have aged a decade or so (her people, including her cousin David, have vastly extended lifespans) in the interim. (That sound you hear is Heinlein rolling in his grave.)

Lady Gaga is from the Dragonball Z universe.

She probably used the Dragonballs to become talented and ultra-famous and travel to our world. The evidence is in the shoulder pads.

Lady Gaga is actually Elesa.
  • Elesa also gives a speech about the importance of being yourself and following your dreams.

Lady Gaga will attempt to run for office in 2012.

She will succeed and this will be why the world ends.

Lady Gaga will eventually act in a Repo! The Genetic Opera remake featuring...

Gaga - Amber Sweet

Doctor Steel - Nathan Wallace

Voltaire - Grave-Robber

Emilie Autumn - Blind Mag

Jonathan Coulton/"Weird Al" Yankovic - Pavi and Luigi Largo. And they will switch places throughout.

Amy Lee - Shilo Wallace

You read it, you can't unread it!

  • Or it could go like so, for an all-popular/well-known music version, straight from the WTH, Casting Agency?:

Taylor Swift - Shilo Wallace

Lady Gaga - Blind Mag

Music/{{Ke$ha}} - Amber Sweet

Pavi Largo - Justin Bieber

Luigi Largo - Eminem

  • I agree with the first casting list (partly because I am a huge fan of both Jo Co and Weird Al) and shouted NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the heavens when I read the second one.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift will do a devil vs. angel duet.
In the video, Taylor will wear a simple white dress while Gaga entices us to the dark side with her usual outlandish costumes.
  • The only way that this can end is Lady Gaga wearing Taylor Swift's skin.

Lady Gaga is in love with her father
I mean, look at the examples under Electra Complex on the main page.

Lady Gaga's whole thing with dying on stage, and her illness, and the like is a Poison Pill
Or, rather, a handy way out. When she feels like the Lady Gaga role has gotten to be too much, it gives her a perfect out.

Born This Way, and its heavy religious undertones.
Are a deliberate set up for a Dramatic Christian Revelation ala Anne Rice.

Lady Gaga has been planning to better the world all along.
She has a lot of catchy pop, and I do mean a lot. It has been proven in old videos that she can sing quite well and is using camp and craziness for effect. She has been working in this industry for a long time, she knows how it works. Now, listen to Born This Way. Not a sexual, crazy, campy, song. Its message is actually a pretty good one. Soon, she is going to tone down the camp, and use her fame to change the world somehow.
  • Arugably Jossed by her Grammy performance.

Whatever it is Lady Gaga is trying to do in her music videos, it's spreading.
Let me tell you a story, Troper. Once upon a time, there was Lady Gaga. She wore some strange outfits and did some strange music videos. Each one was a little more odd, a little more cyber-punk dystopian, and a little more... well, we don't know what it was, really, but it was more. It wasn't that the videos were too strange or too weird, that would be nothing new. No, it's that there are symbols in them. Lots of symbols. Some are familiar, others are fresh. They're all somehow unsettling though. But it was fine, she was a visionary, and on the fringe.Then one day Kesha arrived. And she started doing the same things. Empty-ish Pop-y dance songs with stranger and stranger videos that slowly moved from random singing to Urban Fantasy Cyberpunk Furry RPG Death Battle Fights. And Adam Lambert. And Rihanna. And now Britney Spears, with her Britney on Britney death-fight, computer melt down. They have the same one-of frame images of strange things, the flashes of something you can't quite make out.And so, troper, we don't know what Lady Gaga is doing, but we know it's working. And there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Lady Gaga is Kamina reincarnated into our world.
They both like to show off, and are considered crazy or reckless. They also seem to have immense confidence in themselves and their actions, like Kamina going against a gunmen with just a katana and Ga Ga saying her album will be the best of the decade. They both try to distill some of that confidence into other people: Simon for Kamina and the Little Monsters for Ga Ga.However, their verbose confidence may not be as true as it seems. Kamina's Hidden Depths revealed in episode 12 show that he just puts on a 'brave face' to keep the others going. Lady Gaga says that she's never happy with her work, and one of the Lady GaGa Revealed clips shows her taking about her own insecurities.Of course, they have their differences, but reincarnations are never perfect matches, right?

Lady Gaga is using reverse psychology to rule the world.
Her over the top eccentricity and aesops about being yourself are all a ploy to get us to do exactly the opposite. In the future, we will all look and act exactly the same. We will have no free will. And we will all wear gray. All while Lady Gaga rules from her throne that is neither sparkly nor fabulous.

Lady Gaga is Ember McLain.

It all fits! A crazy singer who pulls lots of stunts, inserts her name into every song of hers, and said songs allow people to express their individuality but they all do the same thing to express their individuality, (monster claws, Ember merchandising) and she's really a ghost who feeds off attention, and ll her fans are obsessive devotees. Now, am I talking about Gaga or Ember? Lady Gaga as we know her is the vengeful, crazy ghost of Stefani Germanotta... and Bad Romance is the story of how she died.

Lady Gaga is Xxxyyy.
Mad Artist? Check. Wears weird outfits and makes confusing works out of unlikely materials as an artistic statement? Check. Getting more and more outlandish with time, possibly as part of a Springtime for Hitler gambit mocking their industries, but finding that people keep eating it up? Double check. All we need is a music video featuring her in bed with the Chronomancer to prevent her assassination by Time Police trying to maintain a The Singularity, and it'll all but confirm it.

Lady Gaga's future costumes will include a fursuit.

In an alternate universe, Lady Gaga is... Anti-hero / Anti-willain in a war between all sorts of musicians and bands.In said universe, she also pulls multiple heel face turns and face heel turns, and is, overall, rather ambiguous in terms of her character motivations in said universe. Think about it: The Fame is bright and poppy, The Fame Monster is darker, and then Born This Way goes BACK to being poppy. Her albums have the same track record as her alternate universe self: they go up and down the Sliding Scale of Idealism v. Cynicism.

To explain what, exactly, she keeps turning to, in this alternate reality, the Big Bad is Justin Bieber, therefore, each time she's a heel, she sides with Bieber. Also, in spite of not being the main character, due to a lack of characterization, she's the Ensemble Dark Horse, and SOMEHOW plays an important role, and interacts with the main 'character', which is our hero or sorts, in her face phases.

Now, who's our hero in this alternate universe? Brendon Urie. In this universe, he's the Knight in Sour Armor / The Snark Knight with a magical steampunk mike, similar to the one in The Ballad of Mona Lisa's music video. Considering who the Big Bad is, and the fact that musicians like Ozzy Osbourne would too busy doing meth in this alternate universe (like they are now, but worse), making them more akin to background characters who, despite agreeing with the hero, just don't give a damn...well, what basically happened was that the role of hero got tossed around in a game of Hot Potato, and it happened to land in Brendon's lap, and he couldn't get out of the duty of defeating Justin Bieber. Oh, and here's a bonus guess for the plot of all of this: Gaga was Mary from The Ballad of Mona Lisa. She was disguised to kill Brendon for 'Lord Bieber', but it didn't work as she planned for whatever reasons unknown to us. The inconsisten hair color? She just dyed her hair for the events of The Ballad of Mona Lisa. It's so obvious that Gaga speaks as 'Mary' in Judas, thus making this theory have total sense.

Overall, at worst, Gaga is The Dragon to Bieber, with the goal of anihilating all good musicians and bands, and at best, she has a sort of screwball alliance with Brendon, in which good music would be restored for all, and she only turned to bad music for the sake of survival...or something. Either way, she does a bunch of treachery.

(Also, Andre 3000 is the mentor to Brendon and Gaga, for whatever reason he has for bothering to get involved with this whole damn mess of an alternate universe war in the first place. Lupe Fiasco is the oddly subverted Lancer, in which he's actually a little more idealistic than Brendon (seeing that Lupe's music is about getting up and making political change in this universe, whilst P!ATD is more about...well, not politics, overall), and would actually make a better hero, if it weren't for the fact that he enters the plot later on, and makes for a good foil anyway.) Gaga, amazingly, doesn't try anything murderous on Andre 3000 or Lupe Fiasco, even whilst she serves Bieber.

Lady Gaga reads her Tropes page.

There are little things in each of her latest videos that make it clear that not only is she a complete dork; but she's taping into the same wavelength as the tropers who write about her. Where better to do that than here?

Lady Gaga is an alternate universe version of Icy

Just look at Lady Gaga when she dances in Poker Face and tell me she's not Icy with her hair laid down.More accurately, she's Icy in a universe where Bloom saved the Trix from going back at Lightrock(a Fate Worse than Death, to them), and then found out from Riven that Icy is a good singer and dancer and got her and her sisters to listen some Earth music (including but not limited to Radio Gaga). By the time Bloom returned to Earth, the Trix had murdered the actual Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and Icy (who happened to look like her) took her identity to start her career as a singer, with Darcy and Stormy providing her stage clothes and special effects after she started a solo career as Lady Gaga.

  • Also, magic would explain a lot.

No theory could possibly describe Lady Gaga.
Admittedly, this is less Wild Mass Guessing and more "it makes the most sense."

Lady Gaga a reverse-gender clone of Freddie Mercury.
Because everyone wants to hear what he could have sung if he had more time.

     Lady Gaga Videos and Songs 

The chronology of Gagaverse
The Gagaverse in chronological order are as follows: Magnetic Baby, Lovegame, Poker Face, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), Just Dance, Bad Romance, Chillin, Video Phone, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, Paparazzi, Why Don't You Love Me, Telephone, Alejandro.

  • In Magnetic Baby Lady Gaga meets a musician and is taken with him.
  • In Lovegame Lagy Gaga and the musician begin dating, or as she puts it, "Play a Lovegame" which may indicate she isn't that serious about the relationship or doesn't have faith in it.
  • In Poker Face she begins losing interest in the guy and starts to fantasize about women, "bluffin' with my muffin'" but keeps it to herself and does the best she can to hide it from her boyfriend, "he can't read my poker face".
  • In Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) she confides in her friends about her doubts and newly discovered bisexuality and they advise her to end it, "but my friends keep tellin' me somethings wrong" so she decides to end the relationship but tries to do it as nicely as she can, "I didn't mean to hurt you" "Nothing Else I Can Say".
  • In Just Dance she and her friends go out partying to help her get over her boyfriend and maybe meet someone new but she drinks too much, "I had a little bit too much" and they get seperated and Gaga slowly realizes what's happened, "What's the name of this club? how'd I turn my shirt inside out" and tries not to panic, "Just Dance, gonna be okay" unfortunately she's kidnapped and ends up in the hands of the Russian Mafia.
  • In Bad Romance she puts on a show for potential buyers until the man she gives a lap dance to(possibly her ex-boyfriend?) purchases her and she kills him and escapes, though because of the events she's started to become unhinged.
  • In Chillin she starts her musical career and is gradually becoming more successful, "Look at how they're lookin' at me Eyes all sticky like honey on bees" "Stuntin' in my billionaire Gear on my millionaire friends" but she's not well known everywhere, "Drivin' my car to a foreign place Lookin' at me, now they know my face"
  • In Video Phone Lady Gaga meets and befriends B.B. "Honey B" Homemaker and Honey B meets and falls for Tyrese Gibson, and with Gaga as her wingman woos and seduces him.
  • In Beautiful, Dirt, Rich Lady Gaga has finally become very rich and successful, "We're beautiful and dirty rich" and gets a new boyfriend.
  • In Paparazzi Lady Gaga finds out her boyfriends only dating her to make himself famous and he accidentally drops her off of a balcony, causing her to be put in a body cast and for her to become a laughingstock, Hitting rock bottom she stays with him and he continues to leech off of her, eventually she gets better and goes off the mental deep end, killing her boyfriend and then telling the police and the press about it, resulting in her arrest and return to fame.
  • In Why Don't You Love Me all is not well for B.B. and Tyrese, they've married and Tyrese has become cold and abusive and forced her to alienate all of her friends (i.e. Gaga), after having a breakdown she decides to break Gaga out of jail.
  • In Telephone Lady Gaga is brought to jail and makes a name for herself, but is quickly bailed out by Honey B who tells her about Tyrese and asks for her help in killing him, after Gaga makes sure her friend really wants to do this and live with the consequences, "Once you kill a cow you gotta make a burger" and making sure she B has forgiven her and that she can trust her "'You know Gaga they say trust is like a mirror, if it's broke you can fix it' 'But you can still see the crack in that motherfuckers reflexion'" Also eating out of eachothers hands and sharing food could be seen as a sign of their closeness returning, B and Gaga then procede to kill Tyrese and celebrate, but their celebration is cut short by the police and the flee.
  • In Alejandro Lady Gaga has come to rule the world, and I'm not sure what else yet. She laments about how she has had many lovers on her way to the top, all of which have either died for her or she has thrown away. Most notably she regrets doing this to Alejandro, and begins to recover from her insanity.
  • In Born This Way, Gaga is once again sane and does her best to make the world a better place, but eventually has to make her own paradise in GOATS (Government Owned Alien Territory in Space) as humanity recovers from her rule. it is during this time that she mutates into Mother Monster. She and her scientists are able to cause the birth of the New Race, the little monsters, from both Gaga and humanity, but this is such a strain that Gaga's good and hopeful side is split and the insanity reemerges, and the two are constantly battling one another to control her body. The Evil side protects the little monsters, but at the same time prevents them from entering the world because it would not accept them. Eventually the firstborn monster, who takes on Gaga's name, leads a revolution and a few are able to escape. The new Gaga is seen exiting a club and reveling in her freakishness before riding off on her unicorn.

Now go and write fanfiction!


  • Where does "Magnetic Baby" fit into this?
    • He's the boyfriend.

  • Clearly it's easy to add Born this Way into it (well, the video anyway) : it's the Gagaverse's Creation Myth. But what about Judas ?

The "Bad Romance" video does have a plot, or at least a coherent premise.
It's set in a dystopian future. The man in the metal chin plate is a member of the ruling elite who used to be Lady Gaga's boyfriend but had her committed to the Bedlam House/ high-price brothel in which the video is set when he got sick of her. The two women in white force-feeding her vodka are orderlies; the backup dancers are her fellow inmates. Eventually, her ex decides to visit the place, they have sex again, and she gets her revenge by incinerating the jerk.
  • No, Metal Chin Plate Man was the owner of that facility, and it's the place where he trains his Dark Action Girls disguised as a bedlam house. But they failed at brainwashing Gaga, and she kills The Chin Plate Guy to set herself and the other inmates free.
  • No, it was about an abusive S&M relationship. She was purchased, brainwashed to her Master's wants, and forced to love him. (Hence the "Want your Bad Romance.") That's why she's crying near the end: she finally realizes what's happened to her, sobs, shakes it off, and sets up a trap to kill him. She struts over to him in her usual weird fetishy getup. Then BAM, spontaneous combustion. No one is the wiser.
  • According to The Other Wiki:
    "The main idea behind the video is that of Gaga being kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her, and sell her off to the Russian Mafia. It takes place in a fluorescent white bathhouse. The video begins with Gaga sitting in a white throne, wearing a golden dress and glasses made from razor blades. She is surrounded by several people and her signature harlequin Great Dane. She has her finger on the mute button of an iPod speaker (from which a synthesized excerpt of the fugue in B minor from Book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach emanates as an intro to the music video), and when she presses it, "Bad Romance" begins to play. Sunlight begins to pan across the walls of a bath house activating the fluorescent lighting, and a sign is shown that reads: "Bath Haus of GaGa". A group of dancers wearing white long-sleeved leotards with knee high boots and matching crowns crawl out of white, egg-shaped pods. The center pod has the word "Monster" written on it, and Gaga emerges from it wearing a similar outfit to the dancers, who begin to dance behind her. When the chorus of the song begins, two women pull her out of a bathtub, rip her clothes off and force her to drink a glass of vodka. As the second verse begins, Gaga, wearing a diamond-covered outfit complete with a crown, seductively dances for a group of men bidding on her. She straddles one of the men and performs somewhat of a lap dance on him. Afterwards, he raises his bid and becomes the highest bidder for her. When the chorus is played for the third time, Gaga is shown wearing a faux polar bear hide jacket. She walks toward the man, who is sitting on a bed, unbuttoning his shirt. Gaga has a look of indifference on her face and removes her jacket and sunglasses. Suddenly, the bed spontaneously combusts with the man still sitting on it. The video ends with Gaga lying beside a smoldering skeleton on top of the destroyed bed with ashes everywhere. She smokes a cigarette, while her pyrotechnic bra activates."
    • Now that's just boring.

The "Bad Romance" video is set in the Firefly universe.
The pods Lady Gaga and her dancers emerge from look suspiciously similar to the pods seen at the hospital in "Ariel," as a helpful anon pointed out in a fandom secret.
  • I like the idea, if only because of the idea of River and Gaga teaming up for great justice. Or madness. Or both. One thing's for certain; neither will be wearing pants.

Bad Romance is a Take That! directed at Twilight.
Think about it.

Most of the video for Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" is a dream or a hallucination.
At the start of the video, she's getting touchy-feely with her 'boyfriend' and then she falls or gets pushed off a balcony. The rest of the video is a dream that she has while unconscious or dying, which explains why it's so damn weird.
  • A better plot summary is this: Lady Gaga's love flame tries to exploit her for money from the paparazzi; when she resists his advances, he has a fit of rage and throws her over. She proceeds to go from being paralyzed to physical therapy (the sequence where she tries to walk in her gold body brace) until she's back in shape. She goes back to her 'partner' (who thinks nothing of it — after all, plenty of starlets put up with worse) and then colorfully murders him. Calling the police on herself may seem strange at first, but its a Batman Gambit}: See how the tabloids respond? The video is about how people's obsession with the fame and the culture that surrounds Hollywood is completely insane. When the Gaga character is a victim of near-murder, the media makes fun of her; but when she does murder someone, they treat her like a hero. Draw your own comparisons to how insane, unfair, and backwards the tabloid media in Real Life is.

Bad Romance (song and video) is about Opal Koboi and Briar Cudgeon (and Lady Gaga ships them)
All the lyrics fit. For example, in the first verse, Lady Gaga says "I want your ugly, I want your disease." In The Arctic Incident, Opal is always thinking how ugly Cudgeon is, and actually says it to him one time. "Disease" could be an extension of this, also referring to how Cudgeon is kind of insane in TAI - and, of course, there's the line in the second verse, "I want your psycho." The song also contains the line "I want your love, and I want your revenge." In TAI, Cudgeon wants to take revenge on Commander Root, and is working with Opal to achieve this. The end of the video seems similar to, and may represent, Cudgeon's death at the end of TAI.
  • The guys in the video, according to The Other Wiki, are supposed to be the Russian Mafia, who are the other antagonists in TAI besides Opal and Cudgeon. Coincidence? I don't think so.
    • I thought I was the only one who linked the two together! Good job troper!

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance is about Renesmee seducing Jacob.
While she knows French and has a thing for Hitchcock films, she only looks mature ("You're a criminal as long as you're mine"). Plus, "Gaga" is an appropriate name for an 18-year-old toddler.
  • Or...

"Bad Romance" is about Severus Snape.
Specifically, it's about his unrequited love for Lily Evans Potter. What gives this WMG credibility? The insistence that "I want your love, I don't wanna be friends." They were friends, but he always wanted more. Why is it a bad romance? Because some deep, subconscious, stable part of Snape's mind knows that his one-sided, obsessive love for her is unhealthy, but he can't stop loving her. His use of Hitchcock movies tells us all of his fantasies about her (and, because his father was a Muggle, it's not unreasonable to suggest that he saw any of those movies at some point, or at least knows about them).

Bad Romance is about an alien princess getting revenge on her human conqueror with Death By Sex.
It would explain the bizarre video. Think about the line "all your love is revenge" ... and the way that in the video Lady Gaga almost looks like she's being presented to a bunch of guys engaged in vaguely Roman-style debauchery, and in some shots she has freakishly large eyes and what looks like spikes on her back - plus the bizarre outfits. She's seducing him with the promise of "Bad Romance" - when really she means Flaming Death by Sex. It would explain why she sets the guy on fire in the end and then is seen sitting calmly in the charred bed jauntily smoking a cigarette. She's gloating over the corpse of the one of the guys who enslaved her people!
  • That. Is. Awesome.

"Bad Romance" is a Spiritual Successor to "Copacabana".
Or it could have taken place between the time of Tony's death and Lola's derangement. Copa is represented by the bathhouse/brothel, where Lola remains a showgirl. She just changed her name because she was so deppressed. The guy she's dancing for is Rico—and note how the physical attributes can be considered appropriate—which is why she wants revenge and kills him at the end of the video. And once Lola finally kills him, she loses her mind entirely.

The video for Telephone is proof that Lady Gaga is contagious.
And that her goal of turning life into a Singing Is Serious Business Anime is coming closer to being a reality.

The blatant Product Placement in the Telephone video is strategic.
Considering Lady Gaga's love of symbolism and cultural commentary, the "un-subtle" use of Product Placement was very likely premeditated and intentional (not least because she had to pay for everything somehow). Those who complain about the product placement do so because she was actively confronting the viewer with it. I don't know if I'm explaining this right. Anyone else see what I mean or have anything to add?
  • Sounds pretty solid to me. All the people whining about the Product Placement are probably Completely Missing the Point, considering that it's her and she never seems to do anything un-ironically.
    • No, I completely get the point, and it's still BS. This is my personal Berserk Button — even ironic product placement is still product placement. There have been studies — just SEE it and the ad's done its job, ironic or not. As one of my favorite writers explained, irony is "a leaky condom — in fact, the same old condom advertising brings over every night."
    • No one said that it wasn't intended to be actual Product Placement (clearly she has to pay for everything somehow). All I (original poster) meant was that she still managed to parlay it into a commentary about consumerism. That's what Lady Gaga does: She both utilizes and subverts whatever subject she tackles in her videos.
      • Everything is grist for the mill, agreed. But rather than "tackling subjects," would it be more accurate to describe a Lady Gaga video as a collage of calculatedly-fetishistic images and symbols?
      • Considering that it appears that Lady Gaga redesigned her entire act for Money, Dear Boy with everything she does, I don't see much irony there. Or rather, she is ironically laughing all the way to the bank. I don't dismiss her artistic abilities, but there is zero doubt in my mind she decided she was going to bring in lots of cash.
  • I've always felt that part of the lyrics were designed with Budweiser in mind and the "Cause I'm out in the club and I'm sippin' that bubb" would have been "sippin' that Bud" if Budweiser would have agreed to cough up the cash.

If Lady Gaga and Rammstein ever teamed up, the world would end.
And it'd be fantastic.

In the Telephone video, Tyrese is a pimp and Honey B. is one of his "working girls."
This makes a lot more sense than the common assumption that he is supposed to be her boyfriend. This also clarifies why she spends a portion of the video in what appears to be a motel room. Not to mention why she wants him dead.

Beyonce's video and song 'Why Don't You Love Me' explains her part in the video of 'Telephone'.
  • Think about it. In the song she's asking her husband or boyfriend why he's such a jerk. One can theorize that the man she is addressing is played by Tyrese Gibson in Telephone. Also in the video for Why Don't You Love Me Beyonce's name is B.B. Homemaker. One can also theorize that Honey B is a nickname for B.B. Homemaker. Beyonce looks distraught in Why Don't Love Me but in Telephone she finally decides that she should get revenge with the help of GaGa.
    • If you accept the premise that Bad Romance precedes Paparazzi, Gaga and Beyonce have been creating their own video miniverse for about a year or so. In Bad Romance, Lady Gaga escapes the human trafficking circuit. She gradually becomes famous, and meets Beyonce during Videophone. But eventually her psychological issues overwhelm her and she acts out by killing her boyfriend in Paparazzi. Honey B then comes to her rescue in Telephone; but thereafter an inverted Y: The Last Man scenario occurs and Gaga is the last woman on earth during Alejandro.

Bad Romance is about a psychiatric patient lusting for her therapist.
Again, explains the bizarre video. Plus, it explains why she wants his "psycho" and his "disease" and other things most girls wouldn't want. And "you're a criminal as long as you're mine" - it's illegal for a therapist to have a sexual relationship with a patient in most places.

In the music video of "Alejandro", the United States of Gaga have crumbled into a gothic, dystopian dictatorship.
The scenes with Gaga addressing Alejandro seem much more like a queen addressing her people, and the black, oppressive tone of the video is symbolic for the claustrophobic and ultimately suicidal political climate of what was once a sunny, faintly Ruritanian nation. Gaga in her habit, swallowing a crucifix is symbolic for the way now-Empress Gaga has been turned into a pseudo-Catholic martyr-figure, whose religious veneration is also tightly linked with her sexuality — hence the red cross over her groin. Empress Gaga is in power only as long as she is potently sexualized, but looking at a great deal of the sexually suggestive choreography, it is obvious the sex is oppressive, impersonal and in fact, damaging her. It is more like an assassination attempt or a struggle, far more resembling the abusive lover she grapples with in the music video for "Paparazzi". The only men other than her consorts Gaga can trust are her Latin Lover bodyguards and soldiers, who are all fiercely loyal and fiercely sexually uninterested. The rioting and leather-clad militaristic figures are indicative of another totalitarian state aiming to overthrow her corrupt, decaying court, but Gaga is holed up in a darkened bunker somewhere with only her gay bodyguards for comfort, waiting for the end. In the final act, it appears as if her own men turn on her, and the struggle is again reminiscent of the very kind of brutal, dispassionate intercourse the Empress was trying to escape. But it quickly turns into another orgy as she surrenders herself to them, stripping off the religious garb and leaving only her vulnerable naked state. In the final frames, she lies dead and embalmed, her arms-akimbo stance bold and confrontational compared to clutching the crucifix earlier in the same outfit. She has committed suicide, but still her loyal Alejandro waits by her bedside.
  • This seems... like a pretty reasonable interpretation, though the implication in the last few frames then is that she's either Ascending, Descending, or some sort of horrible alien ala the Goa'uld.
    • Or alternately, the distortion (similar to melting film) is symbolic for how public opinion of the Empress collapses after her death. Gaga is The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask, or some kind of Fantasy Counterpart Culture Eva Peron, whose sexuality is figuratively (or literally) the only thing keeping her nation together. When she finds pleasure and satisfaction in sex, the kingdom thrives, but as she becomes disillusioned and objectified, the kingdom suffers and dies. The whole thing is a metaphor for the real Gaga's quasi-Creator Breakdown regarding female agency in their sexuality. Gaga cannot perform if she is lonely and all her relationships are strictly sexual, and when the men she wants a romantic relationship with are romantically incompatible.
    • This oddly ties in with "So Happy I Could Die". When the only validating, quasi-mystical sexual activity you can get your hands on (as it were) is A Date with Rosie Palms, it's still better than nothing. Before it became all about partnered sex holding the nation together, er...

'Alejandro' confirms several of the above guesses.
Specifically, that Lady Gaga is indeed a super villain, likely of the Power Rangers variety.

There is a narrative chronology to Lady Gaga's longer videos.
Specifically, it goes: Paparazzi, which ends with her in Jail leading to Telephone, which leads into an unshot video that will eventually lead to her being sent to a mental institution for Bad Romance which will eventually lead to her ruling the world in Alejandro.

Lady Gaga, as shown in Bad Romance, is the female equivalent of Pyramid Head.
This is just the emotional response I get when watching that video.
  • It makes sense, considering the ending of the video. Whether that's a representation of why she exists, or a brief cut to real life, it would further tie her to being a gender inversed Pyramid Head. Also the costumes on the other women towards the beginning employ many of the same psychological ideas as Pyramid Head's appearance.

"Alejandro"'s music video is a dystopian POV swap of Suzanne Vega's "The Queen And The Soldier".
  • Just as one interpretation of "The Queen And The Soldier" would read, the queen is a young woman who once found satisfaction in being highly desirable and iconic, but now suffers in loneliness as only a prize to be won. "I've swallowed a secret burning thread / it cuts me inside, and often I've bled" is obviously a reference to the crucifix Gaga swallows, internalizing puritanical, stereotypically Catholic guilt about open sexuality even as she fights violently to oppose it, be who she actually is, and be sexually liberated.

    The young queen, she fixed him with an arrogant eye
    But her face was a child's, and he thought she would cry

And even more tellingly:

And he said, "I want to live as an honest man
To get all I deserve and to give all I can
Your highness, your ways are very strange."
Seeing the music video this way makes it a literal tearjerker for this troper.

"Alejandro" has something to do with the Holocaust, and victims of war in general.
Take a look at what the dancers are carrying right at the start.
  • Wasn't this supposed to be obvious after the dancing Nazis showed up?

The lyrics to "Alejandro" are meant to make fun of Hispanic Soap Operas.
Because that would just be funny.

The entirety of the Fame Monster EP is a Take That! at Twilight.
Let's do a track-by-track breakdown of why this is so.

Track 1 - Bad Romance

This song is about Bella's lust for Edward, taken from her perspective. It also contains the stealth insult "You and me could write a Bad Romance." Twilight is usually regarded as:

  • Bad
  • A romance

Solid evidence. Plus, we've all seen that picture where Stephanie Meyer says "LOL I ALREADY DID" in response to Lady Gaga's singing of that particular line. The lyrics really make it seem like the singer (Bella) wants the forbidden "love" (riiiight) of Edward.

Continue on, it gets better.

Track 2 - AlejandroI'm sure we've all seen the "Team Jacob vs. Team Edward" shipping wars. They've even made it to commercials, for God's sakes! That's what this song is about, Bella's struggle to pick between the boys, and eventually picking Edward.

Track 3 - MonsterOnce again, Edward is the "Forbidden fruit", the demon. This is where the album changes from a semi-straight telling, to a parody/satire/deconstruction. Obviously Twilight is supposedly about staying celibate and showing control, but that's not what this album is about. Just like The Fame Monster is supposed to be the darker side of The Fame, it is also the darker side of Twilight, almost like what would happen if Twilight was even semi-realistic. If Edward and Bella were anything close to normal people as opposed to Mary Sues, they'd have rather a lot of rough and crazy sex. I mean, Edward's apparently quite the unintentional charmer. And everyone warns Bella against associating with the vampires. Of course, like the dumb bitch she is she ignores all the people being nice to her and does it anyway.

Here is where I believe the album stops being even remotely chronological. As such, for the sake of sanity and understandability, I'm going to rearrange the remaining tracks to make more sense.

The album also gets darker and even more sarcastic, and more abstract in its stealth parody.

Track 6 - TelephoneThis song could be the "odd one out" to the casual listener. Amidst all the darker songs, this silly and catchy song just does not seem to fit. However, if you look deeper, it is so much more. Twilight is vapid and stupid. The series is written at an immature level, and all the characters are shallow beyond belief. That’s what this song symbolizes. It has no real meaning besides "Stop calling me" (Or if you take Ms. Gaga’s explanation as fact, "Stop working and go have fun"). It is just as shallow as the characters in the Twilight series.

Track 8 - TeethThis one's obvious.

  • Not to me.
    • As I recall, it's about sex involving biting. Vampires may bite their partners accidentally when they are getting into it. One of the final choruses is, "Help me man/now show me your fangs", which is ironic considering that sparklepires don't have fangs.

Track 5 - Dance in the DarkIt's pretty damn obvious that if Bella and Edward's relationship were to ever occur in the real world, it would be fraught with problems. Both have serious mental issues, there's a "Stalking = love" mentality, and Bella (supposedly) has bad self-esteem. The relationship is horrible and it's only because of Meyer's -ahem- "skill" as a writer that it is treated as healthy and fulfilling. This song shows exactly what will happen if people get into "Bella-and-Edward" relationships: Low self-esteem, crushing depression, and lots and lots of tears.

Track 4 - SpeechlessAnd here we have the final chapter. After the most hellish relationship one can imagine, Bella chooses to end it all instead of finding someone who isn't a creepy sparkling stalker that makes her feel like shit. This is a tragedy that happens all too often with teens in our world.

And there you have it. Lady Gaga's tragic, blisteringly realistic version of the Twilight Saga. There's only one song to explain left.

Track 7 - So Happy I could DieRemember when I said the parody would be more abstract in some tracks? Well here it is. Word on the street is that this song is about Ms. Gaga fantasizing about herself. It's common knowledge that Bella Swan is a Mary Sue of Stephanie Meyer herself. Perhaps she never masturbated to images of herself, but it is certainly wish-fulfillment... just like this song. Alternatively, this song could be a joke on how much "tough stuff" is completely ignored in the Saga. For example, periods. And masturbation. Either interpretation works.

Lady Gaga is a genius.

  • And you Sir/Madame are as well!
  • All this stuff about Alejandro referencing the role of Jacob reminds this troper of Brewdening Love where Jacob is often confused with Fernando, a Mexican gardener. Hence the choice of Latino names for the boyfriends in Alejandro… ?

Alejandro is a sad story.
My theory on the video is that Lady Gaga's boyfriend has just died (funeral in the beggining) and the other 3 people(Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto) are suitors trying to get her love and attention. Being too nice, she says 'You know that I love you boy...' to try to let them down gently. The boys get her and try to seduce and rape her but they don't succeed. In the end, she tries to get her boyfriend back by doing black magic which is a taboo to the Alejandro's religion, so he sees her as a satanic demon. He kills her in the end but she comes back from the dead due to the black magic she was performing earlier, and the video ends...

Here's a few other things to explain;

  • The marching in the beggining is the funeral ceremony and she watches them from her balcony.
  • Her Evil Queen looking dress is actually her funeral outfit. She has a second one when she comes outside.
  • The red thing(possibly candy) they were carrying earlier is an offering to her boyfriend that just died
    • Nope. It's the Sacred Heart.
  • The men outside represented Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto
    • Gaga was watching them and they were trying to impress her
    • When the men were pushing themselves down, it represented that Alejandro, Roberto, and Fernando were trying to push eachother away.
  • The lyrics "But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad" referred to ARF and not the boyfriend who just passed away
  • The lyrics "Now he's gonna go and fight, gotta cool the bad" referred to Alejandro killing her in the end of the video
  • The man who didn't have a bowl cut who wore the police outfit was the dead boyfriend looking down on her while he's in the afterlife
  • The gun bra was to represent that she didn't want ARF and she was threatening them away.
  • The men trying to strip Gaga of her clothes represented their love for her and how low they will go to.
  • Klein is most likely the name of Gaga's dead boyfriend
  • When uniformed men were marching by Gaga, were ARF acting as harsh as the Nazis to try to get her
  • The video is not fully in the same order as the way I tell it
  • When the video ends, Lady Gaga died with her eyes open and when she was being revived, the video ended and burned. The only reason it burned at the eyes and mouth was a coincidence.

Alejandro is a Take That! at Twilight.
"She's just a baby. But her boyfriends just like a dad, just like a dad..." Squick enough, but what happens in Breaking Wind? Jacob imprints on Renesmee, which basically means he'll be her dad until she's old enough to be his wife.

In Alejandro, Lady Gaga's character represents fanatical Christianity, Don't Ask Don't Tell and/or the US military.
Alejandro, Roberto and Fernado are a few of the gay soliders. The song is about rejecting them. ("Don't bother me. Don't call my name. I'm not your babe.") The scene where she's wearing pants is about them being sent home for being gay. Lastly, in real life Lady Gaga has made her opinion on the matter quite clear; so, the scenes where the tyrant gets her crosses stripped off and the when her face implodes represents getting rid of the darned policy.

The images in Lady Gaga's videos don't mean anything, she's just fucking with us.
It seems pretty in character.
  • Maybe that is the meaning. Hmmm, thought of that?

In 'Alejandro,' the story is about a set of identical sisters
The first sister is a paraplegic evil queen who runs a prison/army camp in Siberia from her wheelchair. She can't have sex, and forces all of her younger sisters into celibacy, except for the youngest. The second sister is the nun, who is forced to sublimate her sexual desire into praying for everyone else in the video. The third sister wears the white outfit with red crosses all over the place, and she, too, combines fighting with religion to try and avoid any sexual contact - but she periodically takes on suitors (Alejandro, Fernando, Roberto are on the list) and after a while, she kills them (her older sister makes her do it), but she regrets it. She's a Paladin who's (technically) taken a vow of chastity. The last sister is the youngest who has been pimped out to all the soldiers ("She's not broken/ She's just a baby" is the oldest sister justifying that the baby of the family is too young to know what's being done to her), though at this point all of the soldiers are ridiculously confused about sex - they can't openly be gay, and they can't safely be straight, so what are they? - and all the sex they attempt is awkward and damaging. The woman of the machine gun bra is the goddess they invent for themselves - someone who perfectly encapsulates the dilemma of sexuality and war in their world. The entire song is a hymn to her sung by the various characters (note the repetition of the world "rejoice.")
  • That is both Nightmare Fuel of the purest form, and beautifully reasoned. Made of Win, and a hat tip to you.

Lady Gaga's music videos intentionally follow the sequence of periods in art history
Bear with me, folks.

Just Dance, Love Game and Poker Face: Renaissance. Half-naked men and women cavorting in dramatic backgrounds, still standard, especially when compared with what comes next...

Paparazzi: Mannerism: Just a little bit out there, when compared with earlier works. Just like Mannerism!

Bad Romance: Baroque: Strong contrasts of light and dark, probably some Chiascuro in there somewhere, dramatic poses, ambiguity, tromp l'oeil (forgive my spelling, my French is abysmal!), and all things Baroque.

Telephone: Rococco: It's bright. It's colourful. It's silly. It has darker undertones. It's Rococco

Alejandro: Neo Classicism: Defined as bitching about politics through references to classicism; what has come before. The "Alejandro" video is a statement on "don't ask, don't tell", referencing Madonna videos.

Therefore, if we generalize, Gaga's next video is going to be verry blurry and involve water lillies...

  • Does "Eh Eh (Nothing else I can say)" qualify?

"Alejandro" is about the martyrdom of Saint Maria Goretti
Lady Gaga was raised as a Catholic girl in an Italian family. St. Maria Goretti was an Italian girl who is now held as a saint in the Roman Catholic faith, so Lady Gaga must have heard of her growing up.
Maria Goretti's story is a rather sad one. At the age of eleven, she was approached by an older man, a worker on her father's farm, named Alessandro. He wanted to "Do wrong with her". She refused him, and he stabbed her fourteen times. As she died, she forgave him. He repented of his sin, and Maria Goretti was canonized. Today, she is held up as an example of purity and chastity. Lady Gaga has taken this story and twisted it somewhat:
  • "Don't call my name, Alejandro," "Don't bother me," "Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch," obviously, is Maria refusing Alejandro's advances.
  • "She's got a halo 'round her finger around you" - Maria's holiness is teased here.
  • "She's not broken, she's just a baby" - She had it rough, but using an eleven-year-old for a role model for all Catholic children is kind of silly.
  • "But her boyfriend's like her dad, just like her dad" - We don't know if Maria Goretti wanted to become a nun, or what, but if she did, then as a nun she would be figuratively married to Jesus. Then, at this point in her life, prior to that, she would be figuratively dating Jesus. And Catholic theology sees God as a Three-Person structure, where Jesus is the Son and God is the heavenly Father, whom Maria obviously worshiped, are reflections of each other. Hence, her boyfriend's like her Dad, just like her Dad.

The video for Bad Romance is set in Hell.

The woman in "Alejandro" is America.
Lady Gaga says the song is about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, so this makes sense. The line about "She's got a halo 'round her finger around you" refers to the influence of conservative Christians in the US government, one of the primary factors in maintaining DADT. "Hot like Mexico" is a comparison of the government's treatment of gays to America's love/hate relationship with Mexico; "she" wants the benefits of both, but doesn't really want the society of either. In the chorus, she attempts to make Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto (eg gay men) go away. However, "she's not broken/she's just a baby:" the nation is still relatively young and not beyond hope. The line, "Her boyfriend's like a dad" addresses the government holding America back with its strictness, in this case with regards to gays in the military.
  • That ... actually makes sense. I would add that maybe the lyrics "She's got both hands in her pocket/And she won't look at you" might refer to the way LGBT issues so often get brushed aside by an uncaring government/society which doesn't want to acknowledge anything outside of hetero norms.

Alejandro is a prophecy from the future
It explains the absolute jarring Mood Whiplash from her previous work. You see, after her campaign to legalize gay marriage and repeal don't ask don't tell fail, she is forced to take more drastic action by staging a revolution and overthrows the American government. After assuming power and declaring freedom for the gays she slowly begins to become corrupted and uses her shirtless army to take absolute control. Eventually, her most loyal minion, Alejandro tries viciously to save her from herself but she ignores him. His only hope is to chronicle what she has become and send it to the past so that they can see what will become if they continue opressing homosexuals.

All of the Lady Gaga music videos were written about the same defining chapter of her life.
It involved a romance that went bad when she became interested in someone else, which lead to her killing him, and becoming famous and rich for it. Paparazzi is the most true to the actual event, but all of the other songs are written about various emotions and feelings she had throughout this stretch of time.
  • That is the truest thing on this page and makes total and complete sense. Honestly.

Love Game is addressed to Edward Cullen
The line I wanna take a ride on your disco stick proves it. Because Edward is sparkly. And disco balls are sparkly.
  • This explains the usage of a disco ball to cover the Edward Expy's "disco stick" in Vampires Suck.

Alejandro is about a foursome.
But she doesn't want to be in a committed relationship with any one boy, as evidenced by the "cigarette, hush" line. The various shots of men in fishnets and high heels are people thinking that having a foursome with three girls is awesome, but three men in the act is gross and makes them gay (or Everyone Is Bi in the video, or it's just their kink). Most of the backup dancers are given identical outfits and haircuts because Gaga sees the boys as interchangable (Alejandro is the most persistant in trying to get her to date him alone, which is why he is glimpsed at the beginning and the end). The Nazi symbolism? People calling her a feminazi over her behavior (...or that is their kink). The nun outfit and rosary? It's either about the hypocritical views people have on the morality of sex, or she's left behind an ultra-conservative religious lifestyle. (Or again, that's their kink.)

The chorus of Telephone is now the outgoing message on Lady Gaga's answering machine or voicemail.
Because I wouldn't put it past her.

Dance In The Dark is Lady Gaga's future
Well, her prediction of it. She thinks she'll end up like the people mentioned in her song.Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, [JonBenet] Ramsey, Liberace, Jesus, Stanley Kubrick, and Princess Diana.

Love Game is written from the perspective of a desperate horny virgin nerd.
"You've indicated your interest I'm educated in sex, yes"? This is what it screams to me: The girl singing the song has no clue what is going on except the books and documentaries she's seen on human behavior, and the genetic message of her own raging hormones. The desperation in this song is piled on like gravy. She's standing in the corner of the club or party or whatever, wishing and wishing for somebody to come over to her and start coming on to her. Alternately, this is what she says when the guy approaches her that creeps him the fuck out and drives him away.

Just Dance, Bad Romance, Alejandro and Poker Face are all about Neon Genesis Evangelion characters.

Just Dance is about Shinji Ikari, the song referring to his uncertain feelings about being a Pilot. "Just dance, gonna be okay" refers to his doing what others tell him to or are doing, in the hopes that all will turn out right in the end.

Poker Face is about Asuka. The 'he' in the song refers to Kaji, who she outwardly is only in love with, and deluding herself that she is his girlfriend. However, she is also concerned with her growing feelings for Shinji, her unconscious mind rendering him as 'she' due to his social and mental weakness (compared to Asuka).

Alejandro is about Misato. "Her boyfriend's like her dad, just like her dad"; this refers to Kaji. "Stop, please, just let me go"; this refers to her on-off relationship with Kaji. The three men referred to in the song are Kaji, Shinji and Makato.

Bad Romance is about Rei. I have spent some time on this point.

  • The opening represents Yui Ikari surrounded by other stylised images of the NGE cast. The fact that she looks exactly like 'Rei' in the rest of the video refers to the fact that Rei is Yui's clone.
  • The entire song is about Rei's pseudo-incestuous relationship with Shinji, a "Bad Romance".
  • The pods at the start represent Entry Plugs. Rei has a negative self-image, and contains the soul of Lilith, an Angel, and so her pod/Plug is marked with "MONSTER" and a cross.
  • The Rei in the bathtub represents all Rei clones in the Dummy Plug System. She is happy and content, and unaware of her nature, until figures representing Naoko and Ritsuko Akagi pull her from the 'womb'.
  • The Rei with the glowing spine represents Lilith, or possibly Rei in her Entry Plug/Rei clone in a Dummy Plug.
  • The other pods are the other Pilots, the plugsuits and interface headsets turned into skintight unitards and crowns. Rei appears like them because Rei considers the Rei driving the Eva to be different to the Rei outside the Eva.
  • Rei is forcibly sold by Ritsuko and Naoko to Gendo Ikari, shown as Gold-Jaw. The golden jawplate represents Gendo's beard, obviously. The other 'buyers' are Nerv personnel, those that Rei does not really interact with and who she vaguely blames for her servitude to Nerv.
  • "I'm a freak bitch, baby"; this line refers to Reis only semi-human status.
  • The end of the video is a representation of Rei/Lilith excluding Gendo from Instrumentality. The red-dressed dancers are other souls during the process, and Reilith lies next to Gendo, the lackluster fireworks representing how Earth is simply abandoned, silently, after Instrumentality.

In the music video for Alejandro, Gaga's character is Akasha.
  • With a dyejob, of course. All the men in her fortress are the surviving 10% of all the world's males, mostly gay and bisexual men, and the whole "kill most all of the men for the sake of a feminist utopia governed by me me me!" thing hasn't worked out.

Any other ideas below, please.

There will be a song about Death Note
The song will take place from either Misa's or Kira's point of view, as getting rid of the criminals in the world. As the song goes on, she will say about how she feels like a god, removing sin from Earth.

In Bad Romance...
Golden chin plate dude died because Lady Gaga emits an aura of pure camp that clashed so badly with his outward image of heterosexuality that he exploded of bicurious decompression.

Bad Romance is about The Joker and Harley Quinn.
It's all in the lyrics: "Caught in a bad romance" is Harley lamenting her love for the Joker. "I want your ugly, I want your disease" is a reference to the Joker's white face and physical state after Batman: Arkham Asylum. "I want your love and I want your revenge" is , from Harley's POV, how the Joker can't stand Harley and yet can't make himself get rid of her, and therefore goes all love-hate on her. "You and me could write a bad romance" is the Joker Breaking the Fourth Wall. "I want your horror" is the Joker's Monster Clown persona, and "I want your design" is the Joker being upredictable and being portrayed differently in different media. "You're a criminal as long as your mine" is Harley giving up her career for her love. "I want your Psycho" is self-explanatory.
  • It could also be about Voldemort and Bellatrix from Harry Potter.
  • This would explain why in her next video she runs off with another woman to poison people.
  • Well; even if Bad Romance isn't true Marry The Night's video certainly plays like a Batman Villain Origin Story

All content produced by Lady Gaga is a Let's Play of a future surrealist video game, somehow sent to the future and made noninteractive.
Lady Gaga is the antagonist of the game. The goal? Press buttons, see what they do, and try desperately to survive. You're never sure who your character is. You win if you kill her, but fat chance in hell of ever getting that done. The game generally starts out very peaceful and normal, but as you progress, she gets madder and uses more of her Mind Screw abilities. All music and video content is made up on the spot. We've seen people lose a few times (the ends of Bad Romance and Paparazzi, albeit the latter used a continue, as seen in Telephone). The game sometimes uses recurring themes (see the beginning of Monster, which connects to Telephone). Whoever was playing during Born That Way evidently got a lot closer than any of us could ever see, actually getting some exposition out of her. The dead girls in Paparazzi were an attack by SOMEONE on SOMEONE, but I'm not sure if it was the player hurting Gaga or if it was Gaga hurting the player. In any case, the weird solos where we see Gaga in a different form are likely the places where she's vulnerable (ie the "hit me while flashing" bits).

Judas is about a Yaoi Fangirl writing Judas/Jesus fanfic, and her interactions with an anti-slasher

"Highway Unicorn" has a strong connection with My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic
More specifically the song is about the episode "Fall Weather Friends" and even MORE specifically its about the pairing Apple Dash(Applejack and Rainbow Dash). I don't even think this because the obvious "unicorn" thingy, it goes deeper than that, the line During the beginning of the song the whole "run run" is referencing the "running of the leafs" and the race between Dash and Applejack. She mentions "Blonde hair", ok Gaga does have blonde hair but so does Applejack. There is also a line with something about Rainbow's and Syrup, in the episode Rainbow Dash(who's mane is well, rainbow color) gets stuck in syrup(It makes sense in context). Both people in the song are obviously strong individuals and Rainbow Dash and Applejack are both VERY strong mentally and physically. "She flies, with the fury of a saint in her eyes" both Rainbow Dash and Applejack fly during the running of the leafs(Dash is a peagusis)and Applejack flies with the help of a hot air balloon(again it makes since in context). There is also a lyric that states either "run run pony" or "ride ride pony tonight, we can be strong out on this lonely road follow that unicorn on the road to love", Twilight Sparkle(a unicorn) is ahead of them in the race so they would be following her. Lady Gaga has stated that her song "Born this Way" was inspired by My Little Pony, .Albeit the older generations/toys but maybe she got curious about "friendship is magic" wanted to check it out,fell in love with the show, and then wrote the song. She also wore a necklace ( ) with characters from the show. Some people say that the necklace was given to her as a gift but in a video ( around 1:23 if you dont wanna watch it all) she is seen with the Rarity figure she has on the necklace. Idk maybe its cause i'm a huge fan of both Gaga and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic or that its like 6 a.m. but the theory seems pretty legit...

The "Born This Way" Hits could be arranged into a narrative
This isn't based on the videos, just on the songs.
  • Hair: The heroine's life is ruled by her parents (and later, by her domineering husband) and she feels the only thing she can control is her body. She insists on keeping her hair long when her parents want to cut it short because her appearance is the only thing she has a choice in.
  • Marry the Night: The female character marries a guy chosen by her parents through an arranged marriage. The marriage isn't happy at all, but she can't get out of it, so she looks elsewhere for love and starts going out at night while the husband is at work/asleep/away on business.
  • Judas: The heroine realizes she is a lesbian and that she married the wrong sibling. She gets involved with the guy's sister. The sister feels guilty, like she's betraying the guy, but the heroine doesn't see the sister as Judas; she sees the husband as Judas for violating her boundaries (maybe he only saw his wife as property, not a person).
  • Born This Way: The heroine reassures herself that she is not wrong for not liking men and tells her new lover the same thing when her family disowns her for being a lesbian.
  • You and I: Eventually, the husband finds out about the affair and he's pissed. The two women don't know what he's going to do, but they suspect he's going to murder them both. They have to run away, but they live in a very strict community and the heroine is locked up, while the sister manages to leave town and hide in an inn (the heroine insists that she "save herself"). They try to "fix her," and suspect that her love for her husband's sister is a mental illness. The sister, however, will not leave without her lover, and goes back to the town to rescue her.
  • Edge of Glory: The heroine and her lover are caught. Their community decides to punish them by burning them at the stake. They plan an escape that ends with them getting chased by villagers with torches and a Bolivian Army Ending.

The Story of Gaga (Lovegame->Poker Face->Bad Romance->Paparazzi->Telephone)
  • (Love Game) Gaga is a young girl from the slums with beauty, charisma, and an amazing singing voice. She works as a stripper in backalley ‘clubs’, paid in cigarettes and booze. On New Year’s Eve, she meets a man in the subway, who promises to introduce her to the head of a prestigious record company in exchange for sexual favors. The company C.E.O. is enthralled the moment he hears her sing, and her first album becomes a wild financial success.
  • (Poker Face) Gaga buys an expensive house overlooking the beach in Malibu, and spends her days in a wild frenzy of drunkenness and debauchery when she’s not busy recording. One night, she passes out after an especially long party, and awakes as a captive in the hands of the Russian Mafia.
  • (Bad Romance) They drug her with aphrodisiacs and force her to perform in front of mob bosses, while an auction is held for possession of her body. She catches the eye of the richest man there, and he lands the highest bid just as the auction is closing. He cages her and puts her on a plane to his mansion in the middle of Siberia, where she is kept as a sort of pet. Gaga comes to her senses during the plane ride, though she pretends to still be under the influence of the aphrodisiacs, and murders her captor before commandeering a helicopter back to America.
  • (Paparazzi) Shaken by her traumatizing experience, she falls back into the arms of her Swedish ex-boyfriend, who has become a member of a mind-controlling secret society. All is fine for a while, until the secret society orders her boyfriend to give her over to be brainwashed. Gaga, trusting her lover utterly, is tricked into entering the society’s hideout and captured once more. She rejects all attempts at programming, and her frustrated boyfriend tries to kill her. His superiors rescue her, while making it appear as though she had died, and successfully brainwash her into subservience. Gaga is sent to kill her ex-lover as a punishment for trying to terminate her without official approval, but has a short breakthrough of sanity after completing the murder, and calls 911 in a moment of panic.
  • (Telephone) She is tried for murder, found guilty, and sentenced to prison for life, but the police are bribed to release her by another operative of the society called Honey B. The two are ordered to assassinate an escaped member, but accidentally poison an entire diner full of people in the process. Their mission complete, the pair drive their truck off a cliff and commit suicide. Meanwhile, the police search for the perpetrators of the Telephone Massacre, but their search proves to be unfruitful and they abandon investigations after several months.

Lady Gaga does NOT EXIST
She wears the ecentric clothes to keep you from identifying her too directly. In some random outfits she is seen with a covered face. In some pictures she even looks slightly diffrent.
Exihbit AMuch thinner cheeks.
Exihbit BDiffrent nose
Exihbit CPuffier cheeks.
The reason behind no real Lady gaga is because she doesn't get her money, the people who created her do, and to prevent anyone from becoming too content with the power that is Lady Gaga, they switch the actress for every apperance. If you should be lucky enough to get a random letter in your mail box, made from paper that will disentegrate minutes after being introduced to air, don't except it. Those who become Gaga for a day are sent back to their families with no memory of the entire day, and other potentialy lethal side effects.
Arguments may include...
  • How can so many people look exactly like Gaga?
    • Simple, there is such a vast population of people on this planet thatb the chances of meeting someone you look somewhat similar too is pretty high. That coupled with surgery, and the fact that Gaga was computer made from the most common looks on the planet, is how so many people can look like the infamous Gaga.
  • What about the voice?
    • Too easy, the voice was made in a lab, or studio. There is a voice box put into the person being Gaga for the evening. With either answers to common questions, or a link directly to the Creators so that they can speak in place of the Gaga drone.
  • If there is surgery, why does she need to cover her face sometimes?
    • Also pretty simple, Surgery, as any doctor can tell you, is a practice. Nothing is guarnteed, even after the millionth time doing it. When doctors make mistakes, Gaga is faceless, or covered.

Marry The Night's Video is the Origin Story for a new Batman Villain.

The video starts out with her getting treatment in a mental facility afterwhich her life starts to fall apart. She makes it clear that she's determined to be famous at any cost and seems to recover from whatever sent her to the hospital but eventually ends up having a breakdown and setting a bunch of cars on fire to get her 15 minutes of fame. By the end we see she's turned into some sort of crazy fire monster

"The Edge of Glory" is an extended metaphor for sexual intercourse/orgasm.
Apologies if this isn't really WMG.

Lady Gaga likes to change people's sexes for no reason
  • As she does in the "Lovegame" video

"Born This Way" is actually a ripoff of a different song with the same name
  • The song is not a ripoff of "Express Yourself" as it has been claimed. The song is actually a ripoff of the rather obscure Dusty Springfield track called "Born This Way". Both tracks are upbeat gospel inspired house tracks filled with affirmation. And not necessarily a ripoff but more like Gaga heard the song and decided she wanted the song from her then upcoming project to be like that song.


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