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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is a song on Born This Way called "Government Hooker"? Simple: The government screwed her over.
    • At first glance, the Born This Way album cover seems to be written in cheap, Halloween-style font. If you look closer, you'll see that it's actually Helvetica - the way the light shines off of it makes it look the way it does.
    • In "Judas", Jesus is played by Rick Gonzalez, which makes him Hispanic, which makes his name Jesús.
      • ...Wait, what?
      • [/Not to person who said that, but I can maybe guess?] Jesús (pronounced Hey-suess I think), is a legitimate Hispanic name... Which is FB for some reason.
      • Maybe they meant that since Jesús is a very common Hispanic name, then it isn't too much of a stretch that the gang leader guy happens to share names with Jesus? Of course, that doesn't explain why the white guy just happens to be named Judas...
  • The video for "911" is chock-full of what seems at first the usual Faux Symbolism for Gaga. However, since The Ending Changes Everything, every single little detail has a meaning of its own.
    • The setting (a Spanish mission) and clothing of the characters is inspired by the posters seen on the real-life street where the accident occurred: one for the White Sands National Park, New Mexico, and one for the film The Color of Pomegranates which is famous for its costume aesthetic.
    • The first character to lip-sync the song is not Gaga, but the woman in blue in the background. She's a witness for the accident, so she would have been the first to "talk" (to the police or the press).
    • Every other curious character has a counterpart: the man banging his head on the pillow (a car driver who banged his head on the wheel in the accident), the woman cradling a mummy (a mother grieving for a victim), the people in orange carrying a screen door (firemen removing a broken car door), those in blue doing moves (policemen directing traffic after the accident) and the group of people looking and waving a stick (onlookers who took photos and videos with a selfie stick).
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    • The nun and the man in black descend from the sky by twirling a parasol. They're arriving via emergency helicopter.
    • The two characters do a series of actions that seem random only at first glance: the nun covers the kneeling man with a golden blanket (she's covering the man in the car with a thermal blanket) and blinds Gaga with the glare from a mirror (she's assessing her eye reflexes with a torch), while the man in black grabs the mummy's neck (he's checking the victim's pulse), covers a sitting man's mouth with a strange cup (he's giving an oxygen mask to one of the people involved in the accident) and approaches Gaga with an open mouth and puts his hand over her chest (he's applying CPR.)
    • The parade scene during the bridge offers further clues on the aftermath of the accident with rose petals (sparks falling from a damaged sign) and blue streamers (water coming from a fire hose) being thrown into the air.
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    • And, of course, Gaga's ankle bracelet which symbolizes the tourniquet put on her ankle to restrict the blood flow. Notably the application is occurring while she is unexpectedly rising into the sky with a white rose (indicating the point where she comes closest to death.)

Fridge Horror

  • "Just Dance" is a song about stumbling around half-delirious in a nightclub. Is this because she's drunk like she thinks? She sings in the first verse that she lost her drink - obviously losing your drink in a club is a bad idea, particularly for women. Then, Colby O'Donis sings about how hot the girls in the club are and how they have 'so much energy'. She also uses words like 'hypnotic' and 'bleed' while Colby insists she just needs to be close enough for him to get his dick in. In short - a hedonistic night out, or a woman getting dosed with roofies and date-raped? Note in one verse, she asks, "How'd my shirt get turned inside out?"
  • The video to "Bad Romance" just seems odd until you find out it's about sex slaves. Then it goes from being uncomfortable, to being sensationalist, to just being tragic to at the end. Tragic and horrifying.
  • After "911"'s Twist Ending is revealed the main thing the injured Stefani is stressing over is that she didn't take her medication. A case of Skewed Priorities, or perhaps more likely that their forgetting to take that one pill means the difference between a happy, mentally healthy human being, and them losing control and hurting the ones around them. For many people this is a very real Adult Fear.


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