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Tear Jerker / Lady Gaga

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This pop performer has more than a few emotional songs.

  • For some of us, "Hair" can be this — due to the "I just wanna be free, I just wanna be me, and I want lots of friends that invite me to their parties" line halfway through.
    • The beginning verses of "Hair" are the sad Truth in Television for many. Anyone who has had parents not accept them for who they are and instead try to change them could cry at these lines:
    Whenever I'm dressed cool,
    My parents put up a fight.
    And if I'm hot shot,
    Mom will cut my hair at night.
    And in the morning,
    I'm short of my identity.
    I scream "Mom and Dad,
    Why can't I be who I want to be?"
  • "Speechless" is a song about breaking up with someone who did something abusive to her. Especially her live performances of the song can be emotional.
    • Given the actual inspiration of the song, it could also be interpreted as trying to get through to a loved one who's given up on life.
  • "Bad Kids" and the message behind it can bring a tear to the eye of anyone who was one of the "bad kids" when they were growing up and told they were a "lost cause" and they'd never "amount to anything":
    Don’t be insecure,
    If your heart is pure.
    You’re still good to me if you’re a bad kid baby.
    Also the lines My parents tried/Until they got divorced cause I ruined their lives.
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  • "Again Again"
    You gotta a lotta, lotta nerve, coming here,
    while I'm still with him
    and I can't have you, it isn't fair
  • And "Brown Eyes"
    In your brown eyes, walked away
    In your brown eyes, couldn't stay
    In your brown eyes, you watch her go
  • "Scheiße" really speaks to anyone (young women in particular) who's ever felt debilitating insecurity:
    I wish that I could dance on a single prayer/ I wish I could be strong without permission yeah
    I wish that I could dance on a single prayer/ I wish I could be strong without the Scheiße yeah
  • "Yoü And I" gets everybody the pure emotion and honesty in the song... However, due to the epic nature of the song, it's likely happy tears.
    Something, something about this place
    Something ‘bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face
    Something, something about my cool Nebraska guy
    Yeah something about, baby, you and I
  • "Dance In The Dark". "Marilyn, Judy, Sylvia, tell 'em how you feel, girls! Work your blonde, Jean Benet Ramsey. We'll haunt like Liberace. Find your Jesus, find your Kubrick. You will never fall apart, Diana, you're still in our hearts. Never let you fall apart, together we'll dance in the dark." No matter what your personal feelings on these people were, you can't really deny that they all needed someone to look after them — and they didn't get it.
    • "Dance In The Dark" becomes a tear jerker after you find that the song is about a girl who is very, very insecure.
  • "Edge of Glory" is often played as an upbeat dance song, but the idea behind it is of someone on the verge of suicide, and only stopping on account of a memory of a friend. Not upbeat, and very realistic. According to Word of God it was inspired by her grandfather's death.
  • "Dope". Just watch her performance of it at the YouTube Music Awards. She was on the verge on tears.
  • "Til It Happens To You" (her contribution to the documentary The Hunting Ground) is song about discussing sexual assault from the perspective of the victim, and for most of the song, the tone is fairly sad/angry. However, after the bridge it gets heartbreaking, where the main line "you don't know how it feels, how it feels" becomes "You don't know how I feel, how I feel, how I feel". Even sadder when you remember that Gaga herself was raped.
    • Her performance of said song at the 2016 Oscars is even more tear-inducing, as she's joined onstage by dozens of sexual assault survivors with various phrases on their arms. Phrases like "It's not your fault," "It happened to me," "unbreakable," and "survivor." It was further moving that she was joined by women AND men, showing that it can happen to men, which is often ignored/overlooked. It was also followed by a speech by VP Joe Biden, encouraging the audience and viewers to take action before it happens to others. An incredibly powerful, moving performance that caused a standing ovation.
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  • "Joanne", which is about her Aunt who died of Lupus before Gaga was born.
  • "Always Remember Us This Way" and "I'll Never Love Again" from A Star Is Born (2018).


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