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Nightmare Fuel / Jumanji: The Next Level

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

This sequel isn't called "The Next Level" for nothing. It's probably even more intense than the '95 original film and Welcome to the Jungle combined! If you looking for Jumanji Nightmare Fuel other films is down here:

  • Whenever people lose lives is played much more violently.
    • Eddie/Bravestone taunts an ostrich and it attacks him and he explodes into a bloody cloud.
  • Our heroes being chased by those damn mandrills on the bridge, those mandrills look creepy and terrifying.
    • Luckily Alex comes to the rescue.
  • When they realize that they only (except Alex) have one life. It means if they screw up, they're dead for real. Sure, they survive once in Jumanji. But it's still frightened them when they realize that they are closer to death. Thankfully, Alex cheers them up and told them "this team" can do anything.
  • Jurgen the Brutal turns out to be well named.
    • First thing he's casually greeting the heroes, then next, he suddenly threatens to behead them.
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    • His Establishing Character Moment is when he's offering a toast for his hyena's trainer, who had apparently died recently. But as he toasts, it's eventually revealed that not only did he kill the trainer for trying to steal the jewel from him, but that the meat he's feeding the hyenas as he monologues are the remains of their trainer.
    • During the final battle, Spencer approaches him to just punch him into orbit thanks to Bravestone's Super Strength... And then Jurgen takes it with little to no damage and sends him flying.


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