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Nightmare Fuel / The Jungle Book (1994)

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  • The initial attack of Shere Khan on the village is extremely intense, especially with Mowgli's father being killed. The closeups of Shere Khan's snarling face make him look downright possessed (helping by him being played by a very real tiger).
  • Mowgli's introduction to Kaa. It's a very intense fight and surprisingly bloody for a PG film.
    • Kaa, despite being a snake (let alone a reptile), seemingly has the ability to scowl.
  • The scene where Mowgli sees Boone's trophy room is absolutely horrifying. Mowgli looks around the room seeing all the rugs and mounted heads from animals that Boone has shot, and each time we see a new one, we hear the animal's dying screams.
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  • Baloo getting shot. Sure, he survives, but seeing such a cute, lovable and defenseless character in pain and possibly dying is enough to give any child nightmares.
  • Tabaqui's unstable grimace when he tries to kill Mowgli is just demonic!
  • The second half of the film plays almost like a horror movie as the villains are picked off one by one. Unlike Mowgli, they don't know what to avoid in the jungle. One man slowly drowns in quicksand. One is mauled to death by Shere Khan. Another falls off a cliff onto jagged rocks. One of the final ones gets buried alive in salt.
    • Boone's death, however, may go down as one of the most disturbing in Disney film history. After Mowgli and Kitty run off, all of the monkeys, including King Louie, go dead quiet (the solemn look on King Louie's face is enough to make the audience go, "Uh oh..."). And then, suddenly, Kaa appears, alive and well and hungry. Boone falls into the water and sees all the skulls of various men that Kaa has killed over the years. As we see each skull we hear the dying screams of each man. Boone himself starts screaming, only for Kaa to attack and kill him.
      • This scene is extra disturbing when you realize it's a callback to the trophy room scene. Boone is treated to Kaa's own "trophy room", a collection of skeletons from previous treasure hunters, their dying screams but ghosts. He dies knowing he's gone from hunter to hunted. And like those animals he hunted, his scream is a dying one...


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