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Nightmare Fuel / Cult of Chucky

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Even with more humor this time, the horror hasn't been toned down at all.

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Andy blow-torching Chucky's still-living disembodied head. Even if he deserves it, listening to Chucky's horrifying screams is not pleasant. Same goes with Kyle arriving to torture him with a pair of pliers.
  • Dr. Foley sexually abusing Nica while she can do nothing about it. And it's heavily implied that he's been doing this to her for quite a while. Just to show that, even without Chucky, the franchise's universe is a Humans Are Bastards Crapsack World. Even Chucky is disgusted.
    Chucky: And they call me sick?
  • Claire's death, in which Chucky shoots a compressed air tank at a skylight, sending glass down upon her, with one of the huge shards cutting off her head.
    Chucky: Sometimes I scare myself.
  • Madeleine's Chucky drilling through the back of Malcolm's head and out through his eye.
  • The idea of a Serial Killer creating copies of himself. Chucky is pretty much unstoppable. Imagine him creating an army and sending them to different cities around the country. It would be chaos.
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  • Two words: CHUCKY WINS. No Near-Villain Victory, no last-minute interference; it's a 100% cut-and-dry victory. By the end, he's locked Andy up in the asylum and has succeeded in possessing Nica, driving off with Tiffany to do god knows what. Oh, and there's also another Good Guy doll which he transferred his soul into, who's likely to either find more Good Guy dolls to continue the process or simply go on killing. Minus The Stinger, this is without a doubt the darkest ending in the franchise.


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