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Nightmare Fuel / Child's Play (2019)

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Andy probably didn’t expect to see that in the morning.

  • Let's start with Chucky’s redesign for this film. Even before he starts killing, his Uncanny Valley look, coupled with the expressions he makes, is creepy enough on its own.
  • In this film, Chucky isn't a doll possessed by a serial killer, but an interactive doll gone A.I. Is a Crapshoot after a disgruntled worker tampered with it. And why did he do it? So he could get even with the company who laid him off. It really makes you want to reconsider hiring someone who can hold a grudge.
  • Shane's death scene. Which starts with him falling off a ladder and shattering both of his legs with a Sickening "Crunch!" (causing brutal open fractures) and ends with Chucky sitting on his chest and stabbing him while his head is slowly eaten by an electric tiller.
  • Chucky giving Andy a melon with Shane’s skinned face on it. What's scary is that Andy doesn't really notice it until he makes a Double Take. That's when the Scare Chord starts.
  • Gabe’s gruesome dismemberment after he reactivates Chucky. There's no denying he had it coming, but it goes without saying mutilation by table saw groin-first after having his hands slowly burned by the boiler pipe he grabbed on to until he let go is an ugly and horrific way to go.
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  • An excited little girl at ZedMart is scarred for life when Wes (Karen's coworker) comes out after being stabbed in the neck by Chucky, and his blond costume head comes off, spraying the little girl with blood.
  • A hybrid of this and Paranoia Fuel is Gabe, the creepy-ass custodian of Karen and Andy's apartment building who has installed cameras in pretty much every person's residence and watches them have meals, talk about personal details, and in Karen's case, undress. Needless to say, he gets what he deserves courtesy of Chucky.
  • The possibility of evil Buddi dolls falling into the hands of mad men and creepers. Gabe would have done far more creepy things had Chucky befriended him instead of Andy. This version of Chucky would do anything for his friend. Let's not forget the doll can control electronics and record things. To make things even worse, Chucky would be the perfect assassin/hit-man for criminals.
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  • Chucky playing the death cries of the cat as he just stands there in the darkness.
  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, a distraught Mike uncovering his mom Doreen's corpse after she's brutally murdered by Chucky.
  • The climax: Andy's mom is tied up by the neck to a forklift, and Andy has to hurry and save her before she's hanged to death.