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Characters / Child's Play (2019)

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Characters from the Child's Play (2019) remake film.

Also see Child's Play for a list of characters from the main continuity.

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Voiced by: Mark Hamill

  • Adaptational Backstory Change: There's both a major and minor case.
    • He's not the soul of a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray who transferred into the body of a soft doll through Voodoo magic, and is instead an artificial doll that was badly tampered with by a vengeful factory worker in Vietnam angry he got fired.
    • This Chucky was made in Vietnam, not Japan.
  • Adaptational Badass: Is much more powerful than the original Chucky. Here, he is given an artificial upgrade that allows him to manipulate cars or machines just by a lift of his finger and send in flying drones armed with blade rotors and killer teddy bears. The original Chucky often hid or ran away from humans with only a knife to keep him safe, but artificial Chucky is powerful and dangerous enough to send whole dozens of humans running from him this time around.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: The original Chucky was a total monster who not only got pleasure from killing and inflicting pain, but was also a foul-mouthed Jerkass who was verbally abusive to everyone, in addition to being a grade-A Manipulative Bastard. This Chucky, on the other hand, starts off as innocent but goes insane due to being tampered with, he also rarely ever swears and genuinely wants the best for Andy, in his own twisted way.
  • Adaptational Species Change: In the original, he was a genuine human soul inside a toy but here he's a sentient robot toy.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Unlike the old Good Guys Chucky who thought of Andy as nothing better than a (potential) Soul Jar and Fall Guy, the Buddi Chucky sincerely did love Andy but his desire to have Andy all to himself and murders of many people who he witnessed or suspected have hurt Andy or tried to take Andy away from him is what becomes the undoing of his and Andy's friendship.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Despite everything he does, Chucky is ultimately just a malfunctioning doll that struggles to fulfill his programming, and his descent into evil is often treated with a degree of tragedy. Even Andy has a brief expression of sorrow after stabbing him in the chest.
    Chucky: I thought we were... friends...?
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: He's what happens when you mesh Skynet with the original Chucky.
  • Anti-Villain: Chucky genuinely wants to be Andy's best friend and please him, but has horribly misguided ways of going about it. He eventually slips off the deep end and becomes a psychopathic killer.
  • Ax-Crazy: It wouldn't be Chucky if he wasn't using wanton violence to solve his problems. Although this time he doesn't start out that way.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: He kills Andy's cat. The original Chucky in the TV show that debuted after the reboot film doesn't seem too fond of cats either.
  • Big Bad: The film's main antagonist, while also being an Obliviously Evil Tragic Monster who was the creation of the Greater-Scope Villain, a factory worker who made a malfunctioning lethally dangerous toy to intentionally kill people to get back at his Mean Boss and ruin the company.
  • Big Bad Slippage: He gradually becomes worse as the film progresses since he wasn't a villain to begin with, until Chien's removal of safeties and failsafes started to turn Chucky into a Killer Doll.
  • Car Fu: He is able to control cars that run on Kaslan's software.
  • Creator In-Joke: He's voiced by Luke Skywalker. Andy at first wanted to name him Han Solo.
  • Cute and Psycho: Chucky looks like a cute doll who befriends and helps people through the Kaslan ads targeting kids, up until a disgruntled factory worker tampered with one of the dolls' safety protocols...
  • Deathbringer the Adorable: Andy's new Buddi rejects his given name of Han Solo, and rather arbitrarily decides on the very normal-sounding Chucky. Anyone familiar with the franchise should know what he goes on to become...
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Both physically and psychologically.
    • He didn't realize he could cut Andy with a knife, which he accidentally did on his arm.
    • He also doesn't realize that him playing Andy's verbal contempt for Shane right in front of Shane's face was corroding Shane and Andy's already semi-hostile relations.
  • Doing In the Wizard: Chucky is now a robot with defective programming rather than a doll possessed by voodoo.
  • Evil Is Petty: Chucky makes a point of playing back Andy's "Shane's an asshole" comment directly to Shane, just to get him in trouble after Andy shuns him in the wake of his trying to stab Pugg during the kids' film night. Then there's Doreen telling Andy he's her best friend. He does not take it well. At all.
  • Evil Versus Evil: His first victims are an alcoholic jerkass who bullies Andy and then a sex offender who put camera on every bathroom in the apartment building to spy on women nude as they shower.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Gets jealous of Doreen for calling Andy her best friend.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: And how! Chucky thinks he's protecting Andy from Shane and that mean bad cat of Andy's, but he's an exponentially worse threat towards Andy and other humans than Shane or that cat.
  • If I Can't Have You…: He wants to be Andy's ONLY friend and vows to kill anyone who threatens OR tries to befriend Andy. He doesn't want Andy to have any contact with other humans. When Andy refuses to play with him anymore, Chucky decides to cut him open.
  • Killer Doll: Killer robot toy.
  • Knife Nut: His preferred weapon is the kitchen knife he took from Karen's kitchen.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Chucky's answer to anything upsetting Andy - the cat scratching him, his mother's dick boyfriend intimidating him - is to off it as brutally as possible.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Chucky has a brief one, when he accidentally cuts Andy with a knife while imitating a slasher movie villain.
    "I'm sorry, Andy..."
  • Obliviously Evil: Because of his malfunction, Chucky displays a naive innocence as he starts resorting to violent measure to make Andy happy. He doesn't fully jump off the deep end until the climax.
  • Off with His Head!: Chucky is ultimately done in when Karen rips his head off.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Admittedly always a Child's Play staple, but this Chucky can move ridiculously fast when no-one is watching, best seen when he somehow manages to get to the bingo hall ahead of Doreen's Kaslan car despite her having a headstart on him in a vehicle as he's pursued by Andy.
  • Please, Don't Leave Me: His sentiments to Andy. These are also lyrics in the Buddi song.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When his eyes turn red, that means trouble.
  • Robotic Psychopath: Since all his safety protocols were turned off, Chucky has no issue with using weapons, hacking other devices, committing illegal acts, or killing animals or humans.
  • Sanity Slippage: Chucky initially starts out as a relatively harmless doll who is given the wrong influence from what he observes. However, things start to change when his protective nature of Andy causes him to kill Shane and present his head to Andy as a gift. Then he goes full blown Yandere when Andy and his friends attack him, shut him down, and throw him down a garbage chute.
  • Technology Porn: The powers Chucky demonstrates of what he can do count as this trope as he can control cars, drones, security systems and other Buddi robot toys.
  • Tragic Monster: Rather than being a doll possessed by a serial killer, Chucky's homicidal tendencies were the result of a malfunction caused by a disgruntled employee. Chucky's desire to be friends with Andy is genuine and just wants to make him happy. Even when he starts murdering those that wrong Andy, his innocence comes across as a child that doesn't know any better.
  • Tyke-Bomb: From the get-go, Chucky is not only full of potential to be a powerful ally to automate (and even humanize) most mundane tasks. This fact makes him even more dangerous when he is on the "dark side".
  • Villain Song: The Buddi song.
  • What Have I Done: He is capable of showing remorse and guilt for accidentally cutting Andy.

    Buddi Bear 
A Buddi robotic teddy bear.


    Andy Barclay 
The main protagonist.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: Over his predecessor.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: In the 1988 original, he was nuts about the Good Guys dolls to the point he wore the outfit and anxiously begged his mother for a doll on his birthday. In the reboot he is more mellowed out and has no interest in a Buddi toy and mostly stares at his phone all day.
  • Age Lift: He's 13 in the reboot, but was only 6 in the original.
  • Ascended Extra: Is already the lead character in the remake, Andy in the original continuity did not reach this status 'til the sequels.
  • Butt-Monkey: He's deaf in one ear, has a mean pet cat who bites him, a lazy mom who overregulates his personal life, his mom's abusive dickhole boyfriend, and now a dangerous robot toy that was altered by a vengeful fired factory worker. Then Chucky makes Andy's life even more of a living hell than it already is.
  • Defiant to the End: Even for a teenager, he risks saving his mother from death by strangulation (And possibly decapitation) when Chucky ties her up with a rope from the ceiling and hangs her by the neck. Chucky leaps onto Andy let alone with a knife and tries to stop Andy, but Andy instead takes Chucky's knife and cuts the rope just in time before Karen was about to die of lack of asphyxiation.
  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Andy is partially deaf and wears a hearing aid here, unlike the original. This is done to add tension when Chucky talks to him through his aid.
  • Disappeared Dad: Except for his dad appearing in a photo with him and Karen.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Like in the original continuity due to Chucky framing him. Except because this Andy is a teenager not just a child, he faces much harsher treatment from the police for Chucky's crimes pinned on him.
  • Introverted Cat Person: Andy is worse off than this trope. He spends a lot of time staring at his phone and computer because even his own cat is mean to him.
  • Nice Guy: Unlike Chucky, or his lazy Jerk with a Heart of Gold mother Karen or her boyfriend.
  • Only I Can Kill Him: Decides to wage his battle against Chucky with a saw and blade without Falyn and Pugg's help.
  • Take That!: He stares at his smartphone or TV all day and stays indoors rather than making real friends, which could serve as a jab at today's younger generations (Generation Y, Z and born after) for letting technology shape their lives.

    Falyn and Pugg 

  • The Chick: Falyn, in Andy's group of genuine friends.
  • Expy: Falyn seems to be one of Kristin De Silva, while Pugg seems to be one of Harold Aubrey Whitehurst both from Child's Play 3 as both boy-and-girl character pairs are Andy's friends who are also his peers of the same age.
  • Those Two Guys: Are always seen together.


  • The Bully: Towards Andy and his friends at first.
  • Composite Character: Of both Tyler and Shelton from Child's Play 3.
  • Expy: Seems to be one of Tyler from Child's Play 3, as both are African-American child acquaintances of Andy who both end up in possession of Chucky and initially refused to listen to Andy about Chucky's true nature out of thinking he's jealous. Both characters don't realize the truth until the climax and team up with Andy to stop Chucky. That aspect of Omar wearing a military camouflage-colored vest in his appearances references Child's Play 3 being the Boot Camp Episode of the series and Tyler himself being a military school student. However, unlike Tyler in the third film, Omar seems to take up Shelton's role as The Bully for Andy in his screen time until becoming Fire-Forged Friends with him.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: He initially isn't nearly as friendly with Andy as Falyn or Pugg, making fun of him over the fact his Buddi doll Chode actually works, and later getting into into a fistfight with him after Andy flips out over Chode secretly being Chucky. Later, when Falyn deduces the truth, Omar ends up going with her and Pugg to save Andy, with the whole group ending up fighting for their lives against Chucky's army of controlled Kaslan products. The finale has Omar joining the other three in smashing up Chucky's body, and the final montage shows them hanging out as friends.

    Shane's daughters 
Shane's twin girls.
  • Parents in Distress: While Chucky is in the midst of killing Shane as revenge for his mistreatment of Andy, Shane cries out for his daughters to save him, but they're too distracted by their tablets and smartphones (and too comfy) to lift a finger even though they did hear his screams.


    Karen Barclay 

  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: Karen snarks she "had a very productive sweet sixteen" when a coworker expresses surprise she has a kid. Justified in that Aubrey Plaza looks considerably younger than her actual age, to the point Pugg mistakes her for Andy's sister.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: In the original, Karen is a devoted and struggling single mother who attempted to honestly buy a Good Guy doll from a second-hand merchant who then attempted to rape her. Here, she's somewhat rather neglectful to Andy as she doesn't really care about his opinion of her Bastard Boyfriend. She also essentially blackmails a co-worker to get the Buddi doll. She's also a lot lazier than her 1988 counterpart, both at work and as a mother.
  • Adaptational Wimp: Was a borderline Action Mom in the original film, searching throughout all of Chicago to find information about Chucky once she finds out he is a possessed doll, fighting him off with a gun in the climax, and struggled with an adult man who attempted to rape her. Here, she does next to nothing to stop Chucky and has to be saved by her son after Chucky kidnaps her.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: A blonde in the original, a brunette in the remake.
  • Adults Are Useless: She helps create more problems for Andy than solves them. Both Shane and Chucky wouldn't have come into Andy's life it weren't for her.
  • Age Lift: Appears to be much younger than her counterpart from the original film. Andy himself being strongly implied to be the result of a Teen Pregnancy adds to this.
  • Composite Character: Due to the Age Lift, Karen also shared some traits with Kyle from Child's Play 2.
  • Damsel in Distress: Doubles as Parents in Distress as Chucky uses her as bait to lure out Andy.
  • Demoted to Extra: Was the lead in the original film, a supporting character in the remake.
  • Entitled Bitch: Acts like she's entitled to a Buddi toy to give to her son just because the initial customer chose to return it.
  • Good Is Not Nice: She's far from likable being a lazy and neglectful mother towards Andy, and its because of her that Shane and Chucky came into Andy's life. Only when Chucky's actions have got Andy pinned for various murders of the first degree does she snap back to her senses and put an effort in mothering Andy.
  • Idiot Ball: If she were to blackmail Wes for a free Buddi doll to give to Andy for his birthday, the smart thing for her to do would have been to pick a fresh new one that wasn't used. Instead, she kept egging Wes for the particular Buddi that was returned by a customer because it was malfunctioning.
  • Laborious Laziness: Much like Chien, she gets bored with her job and daydreams a lot. But unlike Chien, she has it a lot better as she gets paid more and has a nicer boss.
  • Mama Bear: She gets worked up when seeing Detective Mike Norris brutally rough up and handcuff Andy and finally at the end, rips off Chucky's head.
    Don't. Fuck. WITH MY SON!!!
  • No Social Skills: She's a lazy Lower-Class Lout who talks back at customers, spends more time denigrating Andy than actually parenting him, and doesn't stand up to her abusive alcoholic boyfriend Shane for picking on Andy.
  • Soul-Sucking Retail Job: She works a dead-end minimum wage job as a clerk for a Buddi store. First time we see her, she's bored out of her mind and impatiently waiting to go home.
  • Stacy's Mom: Lots of men find her attractive.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Implied to be how she conceived Andy.
  • Useless Bystander Parent: She does hardly anything to stop Shane from bullying Andy.
  • Womanchild: She's in her 30s but still acts like a teenager.

The film's secondary antagonist.
  • The Alcoholic: Is seldom seen without drinking or exhibiting signs of alcoholism like rage and laziness.
  • Asshole Victim: There's not one good thing to like about him. Nobody will miss him. An alcoholic drunk, a bully, a dishonest husband and father having an affair.
  • Bastard Boyfriend: For Karen.
  • The Bully: Towards Andy.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Bullies and threatens Andy (but doesn't assault or hit him) in front of Chucky.
  • Composite Character: Of several past Asshole Victim characters in the original films such as Mattson and Barb, who both cheated on their families (Mattson in the television Re-Cut only though), while Barb's an ableist towards the disabled protagonist, Shelton who is Andy's primary bully and Phil Simpson, who was a father figure who seemingly (at least increasingly) treated Andy poorly.
  • Creepy Souvenir: Chucky intended to make his face sewed to a watermelon as this for Andy.
  • Death Glare: Delivers one to Andy blaming him for Chucky's rambunctious behavior.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The only people Shane seems to have genuine love for are his two daughters.
  • Hate Sink: Is more than just a Bastard Boyfriend who treats his girlfriend's son terribly, he's also cheating on his wife and kids with Karen.
  • Jerkass: A colossal dick, especially towards Andy.
  • Jerk Jock: Turns out he has a gym membership.
  • Lazy Husband: Though he does have a job as a landscaper, he's freeloading off his wife and Karen to provide for him free room and board.
  • Lower-Class Lout: He works as a landscaper, but still has plenty of free time to screw women, drink, watch TV and bully Andy.
  • Off with His Head!: Or rather, just his face. Chucky carves his face right off his head and sews it to a watermelon as a gift for Andy.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He's an ableist who abuses Andy for his hearing aid.
  • Wicked Stepfather: Towards Andy.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He promises to get rough on Andy if Chucky plays Andy's spiteful audio clips like "Shane's such an asshole".

The janitor and electrician for the apartment building of Andy and Karen's.
  • All Men Are Perverts: He's a peeping tom sex-offender.
  • Asshole Victim: A creepy pervert who would not be missed.
  • Expy: He seems to be one of the vagrant from the original film as both characters came across a discarded Chucky and plans to independently sell him for their own gain, while Gabe's spying of Karen showering mirrors of that of the peddler's Attempted Rape of her in the original film. The only difference in terms of the their fates is the hobo survives after spilling the beans to Mike over where he found Chucky, while Gabe ends up an Asshole Victim.
  • Fat Bastard: He bugged every bathroom in his apartment to spy on women as they shower or get naked. His favorite peeping woman as it seems was Karen Barclay. He's also been described by outside sources that he's a sex-offender. No surprise there.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Chucky saws him with his own table saw. Balls first.
  • Morton's Fork: As revenge for trying to cut him (Chucky) open to see what he's dealing with, Chucky stabs Gabe with a knife then scares him into getting on top of his shop table. Chucky pulls down the shop table and activates the buzzsaw in order which makes Gabe barely escape the blade that's wide and strong enough to cut an entire human in half, so Gabe grabs onto iron pipes. Chucky reaches his hands into the software of Gabe's room temperature system and starts heating up the pipes so that Gabe's hands burn to the point he'll be released.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He treats and sees women as merely sexual playthings to him.
  • Slimeball: He's an overweight, unshaven sex-offender. Him watching Karen shower through his security camera could be a Mythology Gag reference to the Karen's Attempted Rape by the vagrant who sold her Chucky in the original film.

    Mike Norris 

  • Adaptational Dumbass: He's more incompetent than his 1988 film counterpart.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: Is more of a Inspector Javert Rabid Cop who inflicts Police Brutality on the Wrongly Accused in contrast to the original film. Also, he manhandles Andy in this movie while in the original he did not but still falsely believed Andy killed his own babysitter and no one else could have done so.
  • Adaptational Ugliness: In the original film, he was a Fair Cop, but in the remake, he's more of a Large and in Charge looking type.
  • Adaptational Wimp: Spends more time being a Police Are Useless Inspector Javert Hero Antagonist towards Andy than in the original movie. He doesn't really become a useful and helpful character until the end.
  • Angry Black Man: After his mother was killed.
  • Beware of the Nice Ones: Especially after his mother is killed.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He saves Pugg from the drone and then shoots down Chucky in the end to avenge his mother.
  • Demoted to Extra: Was the lead in the original film, a supporting character in the remake.
  • Hero Antagonist: Towards Andy when he initially suspected him for the murders.
  • Inspector Javert: He's an incompetent police officer, as he just assumes Andy is responsible for Shane and his mother's deaths without any solid evidence other than that Andy is the only person who personally knew and was next to both Shane and Doreen.
  • Jerkass Ball: His arrest of Andy.
  • Momma's Boy: Doreen is asking him to come have dinner with her frequently, since she's by herself and her husband is nowhere to be seen.
  • Nice Guy: Prior to his mother's death. He invites Andy over for dinner with him and his mother without even really knowing him, simply because he sees Andy in the hall and realizes he's lonely.
  • Police Are Useless: Nowhere near as helpful as in the original film.
  • Police Brutality: Treats Andy with physically strenuous care, pinning him to the ground and ignoring Karen's pleas to go easy on her son when he arrests Andy accusing him of having offed his mother.
  • Rabid Cop: The way he arrests Andy would qualify him as one.
  • Race Lift: Caucasian in the original film, African American in the remake.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Not above to inflicting Police Brutality on Andy.
  • You Killed My Mother: After Chucky kills Doreen, Mike cries then breaks down in anger and vows to find who jabbed that knife into her heart.

    Doreen Norris 
'Played by: Carlease Burke
Mike's mother.
  • The Alcoholic: Implied to be one, although we don't see her inebriated and she's much friendlier than Shane.
  • Car Fu: Chucky attempts to ram her to death with car collisions as he traps her inside a car that he controls (having hijacked the software), and he plays with it hoping Doreen will perish in a crash. She miraculously survives... until Chucky enters the car and stabs her to death.
  • Cool Old Lady: She can visibly tell something's off with Andy's story when he and Karen show up with a weird gift for her, but covers for him anyway.
  • Nice Girl: Is incredibly polite to Andy but she dies for this because of Chucky's jealousy.
  • Precision F-Strike: Doreen gets a great one during Chucky's attempt to kill her.
    Doreen: You Hobbit motherfucker!
  • Sacrificial Lamb: A sympathetic character with a decent amount of characterization who is killed to ensure how Chucky is absolutely dangerous and why he has to be stopped.

Karen's boss at Zed-Mart, a toy store that is hinging its financial future on the sales of Buddi dolls.
  • Bad Job, Worse Uniform: Wes has to dress up as a Buddi with an oversized head which is heavy, makes him sweat and he can't even see through it. He complains "Fuck my job".
  • High-Pressure Blood: When Chucky stabs him in the throat with a knife, Wes starts bleeding crazy like a gusher fountain and the blood mostly lands onto the face of a juvenile girl, sending her screaming.
  • Slashed Throat: Chucky inflicts this on him, followed by a drone with blades giving him the fatal blow.

A Vietnamese factory worker who was homeless, then employed, then fired.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: His goal was to ruin his company to spite his boss. He succeeded in it as Kaslan's now had to recall the Buddi dolls and possibly settle litigations with the people killed by Chucky.
  • Destination Defenestration: After he gets fired, he jumps off the factory's roof and lands on a Car Cushion.
  • Driven to Suicide: Evidently he took it that being dead would be better than being homeless.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He created Chucky to spite his Mean Boss and bring down Kaslan Corporation's image. He's effectively replaced Damballa from the original Child's Play continuity as the overarching antagonist of the reboot.
  • Misplaced Retribution: Chien felt that getting even with his boss justified sending a killer robot toy to the United States in hopes of killing one (or more) innocent lives abroad.
  • Nightmarish Factory: He worked in a Vietnamese sweatshop that makes Buddi toys, mainly since he was so broke he was desperate enough to take any menial low-skill job was thrown his way.