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Awesome / Child's Play (2019)

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  • Andy, Mike and Karen all get moments in rapid succession in destroying Chucky: Andy stabs his chest with his own knife, and right when he recovers Mike shoots him right back down with perfect accuracy complete with a Pre-Mortem One-Liner, and Karen does the finishing touch in ripping Chucky's head off with her bare hands!!
  • Falyn in general during the climax. Realising that Andy may be right about Omar's mysterious Buddi being Chucky, she threatens Omar into handing over his phone, proves her theory by looking up Chucky's recorded footage on the Kaslan app, and leads the others to rescue Andy at Zed-mart - and they're armed when they show up. Then, when Chucky unleashes his attack, she slaps a panicking Pugg back to reality, and saves Andy from a bear-model Buddi 2 by cutting its head off with an axe. No wonder Andy declares he's following her as she storms away.
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  • Mike gives a Pre-Mortem One-Liner after shooting Chucky.
    Chucky: You're my buddy until the END!!!!!
    Mike: This is the end.