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Headscratchers / Child's Play (2019)

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How could a factory worker have the ability to disable safety features on the assembly line from his own workstation? The Buddi dolls should simply have had their firmware already loaded on their chips or loaded from a specialized program with only the ability to do a quality check on the hardware and software. You'd think that it would be cheaper to do that then let the workers have what is effectively administrative access.


Come to think of it, why would a store's building control systems be accessible from a public-facing wireless network? Even if the products are made by the same manufacturer, there should be basic security features like random default passwords and basic air-gapping to prevent someone like Chucky from getting in and taking control.

  • Actually, you might be surprised to learn that systems like electronic locks, PBX phone systems and even security cameras are accessible on the Internet. Some vendors and installers might set things up incorrectly and/or not understand why putting certain things on the Internet without a firewall is a bad idea.
    • Or, more bluntly, there really are people who never change their password from the default.
  • Wouldn't be surprising if the "hacking" on the beginning was a last minute addition. It feels too arbitrary that some simple lines of codes give out deactivating warnings for safety protocols that should otherwise be untouchable in the source-code to prevent involuntary malfunction and law-suits.
    • It would make more sense if, like the older movie Small Soldiers , the toy company was using premade chips for an earlier military device, and needed a patched-in safety protocol to turn off the less consumer-friendly parts of the code.

Wouldn't a super advanced doll like Chucky/Buddi be too expensive to buy? He can walk, talk, and act as your servant or friend. He seems to be sentient at times. Those parents can just walk into a store and buy Buddi dolls as if they are regular toys. I've seen advanced toy robots on ebay that cost THOUSANDS of dollars.

  • That's on eBay. Presumably, Kaslan has a strategy centered around their customers buying a number of other Kaslan products, Buddi being the hub for them all, which may allow them to sell it at a more affordable rate. It's not just a general toy for people to buy. This would also explain why Karen felt getting one would cheer up Andy, since it is such a prestigious "toy".

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