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  • Andy torturing the original Chucky's severed head with a blowtorch.
  • Andy's scheme to save Nica ultimately fails, but it's still awesome to a point. To wit: he mails a Good Guy doll to the sanitarium where she's interred, gets himself committed to the sanitarium, knowing that Chucky will bring it to life and it'll come after him. When Chucky does so, Andy proceeds to disembowel Chucky with his bare hands, pull a gun out of his torso, and then shoots him repeatedly with it, including through the head.
    Chucky: You sent me?
    Andy: Thanks for coming after me. Saved me the trouble.
    Chucky: Fuck you!
  • While the movie has a bit of a Downer Ending (kinda like the previous film did), The Stinger makes up for it so well. The original Chucky's blown-off, severed head is still sitting around at Andy's cabin with nothing to do, when suddenly, a car pulls up. A figure dressed in black walks up to the door and enters. It’s none other than Kyle, Andy’s former foster sister from Child's Play 2, played once again by her original actress, Christine Elise.
    Chucky: Kyle?
    Kyle: Andy sent me. (holds up a pair of pliers) We’re gonna have some fun.
    • And that line she says implies that she may try to break Andy out of the asylum.

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