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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Andy's reaction to finding out that his date Googled him.
    Andy: Fucking internet...
  • When Andy starts smoking some marijuana, the disembodied Chucky head asks for a hit. Andy complies- until Chucky attempts to bite Andy's fingers.
  • When Tiffany visits Nica, we get this Lampshade Hanging gem:
    Nica: Did anyone ever tell you that you look exactly like Jennifer Tilly?
    Tiffany: Yeah, I get that a lot.
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  • Chucky meeting Angela.
    Angela: You can see me.
    Chucky: Yeah. I can see you.
    Angela: Don't be afraid.
    Chucky: What?
    Angela: I'm not going to hurt you.
    Chucky: You fucking with me?
    Angela: No. I'm not. Tell you the truth, I'm happy to have the company, even if you aren't real.
    Chucky: Okay, let me explain something to you. I am a vintage, mass-marketed children's toy from the '80s...standing right in front of you, holding a very sharp scalpel.
    Angela: No, you're not.
    Chucky: Yes, I am.
    Angela: I'm a schizophrenic. I see things.
    Chucky: Aren't you the crazy bitch I talked to last night on the phone?
    Angela: Sometimes I hear things too.
    Chucky: Okay, lady, you know what? You're next! I'll be right back! [walks off muttering] Jesus, fuckin' cuckoo's nest...
  • The bit where the three Chuckys are arguing over which one of them gets to kill Andy.
    Chucky 1: I wanna kill Andy! I earned it! I've been through a lot today.
    Chucky 2: You got to suck titty today! [holds up his melted hand] Look what happened to me.
    Chucky 3: [motions to his buzzcut] Hello? Look at my hair!
    Chucky 1: Oh shit, you win.
    Chucky 2: Absolutely! Sorry, pal, you go fuck him up real good. Have fun!

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