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Pathology is an American slam death metal band. Having started as just another Dave Astor project, they have unexpectedly risen very quickly into being a fairly big name in modern death metal.

Formed in San Diego, California in 2006 by Dave Astor (drums), Tim Tiszczenko (guitars), and Ramon Mercado (vocals), the band has since gone through a whirlwind of lineup shifts over the years that have included, among others, Matti Way, though their most major event was a deal with Victory Records in 2010, which concluded in 2013 and was followed up by a new deal with Sevared, along with a (supposedly) indefinite break from touring. A new album is on its way, though only time will tell what the future will bring them from there.

As of 2018, they have returned to the active touring scene with a new lineup; in addition to Astor, their current lineup includes Obie Flett (Inherit Disease, Iniquitous Deeds) on vocals, Dan Richardson (Condemned, Lord of War) on guitar, and Ricky Jackson (ex-Suffokate) on bass.


  • Surgically Hacked (2006)
  • Incisions of Perverse Debauchery (2008)
  • Age of Onset (2009)
  • Code Injection (2010) - single
  • Legacy of the Ancients (2010)
  • Awaken to the Suffering (2011)
  • Tyrannical Decay (2012) - single
  • The Time of Great Purification (2012)
  • Lords of Rephaim (2013)
  • Throne of Reign (2014)
  • Pathology (2017)
  • Reborn to Kill (2019)
  • The Everlasting Plague (2021)
  • Unholy Descent (2024)

The band contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Gorn: Their main lyrical approach until Legacy. It's been creeping back into their work since their ninth album, albeit in a more abstract and poetic way.
  • I Am the Band: So far, Dave Astor is the only founding member left in the band
  • Indecipherable Lyrics: Even by slam standards, Jonathan Huber was really, really bad about this. They're damn near impossible to figure out even with a lyric sheet.
  • Metal Band Mascot: The mad scientist, who is himself an homage to Herbert West.
  • New Sound Album: Awaken was the first album with Kevin Schwartz, who brought with him guitar solos and more technical riffing.
  • Nobody Loves the Bassist: Oscar Ramirez and Ricky Jackson are the only ones who have stayed for any length of time, and they usually just have one of the guitarists double up on bass on the albums.
  • Protest Song: Their albums with Jonathan Huber at the helm generally revolved around topics like anti-capitalism, conspiracy theories, and environmental degradation.
  • Revolving Door Band: In the fifteen years that they've been around, they have never kept a lineup for any length of time when they were an active live act, and their return to the live scene in 2018 included a brief revolving door of vocalists.
  • Slam Death Metal: One of the most well-known acts along with Devourment, Abominable Putridity, and Kraanium
  • Start My Own: Started by Dave Astor as another project sometime after he left Cattle Decapitation and eventually became his main band.