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Music / Forever the Sickest Kids

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Forever The Sickest Kids is a pop punk band formed in Dallas, Texas in 2008. The band consists of Jonathan Cook (vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizer), Austin Bello (bass, vocals), Caleb Turman (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals) and Kyle Burns (drums). They went on hiatus in 2013, briefly reunited in 2017 and officially reunited in 2019.


Studio albums


  • "Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)"
  • "She's a Lady"
  • "Breakdown"
  • "What Do You Want from Me"
  • "She Likes (Bittersweet Love)"
  • "Keep On Bringing Me Down"
  • "I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious"
  • "Summer Song"
  • "Shut the Front Door (Too Young for This)"
  • "Chin Up Kid"
  • "Nikki"
  • "Nice to Meet You"

Forever The Sickest Kids' music provides examples of:

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: In "She's a Lady", the narrator describes being in love with a girl he hates, who also points out all of his flaws.
  • Non-Appearing Title: "La La Laniey", in which the song alludes to a dangerous girl the singer is in love with, but never names her. The "la la la" part of the chorus just continues, and the girl is never named.
  • Repurposed Pop Song: "What Do You Want From Me" was used in the credits for Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Silly Love Songs: The song "King For A Day" from their album Forever The Sickest Kids is about someone who would do anyone for a woman, saying that if he was king for a day, he would make her his queen.
  • Tsundere: "She Likes (Bittersweet Love)" is about one of these. 'She likes, she likes, she likes to fight and make up/ She likes, she likes, she likes to be alone/ She likes, she likes the heartache of a breakup/ She likes, she likes to be my bittersweet love.'

"That's Right, What Do You Want From Me?"