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Music / Aja (Album)
aka: Aja

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It's your favorite foreign movie

"Well the danger on the rocks is surely past
Still I remain tied to the mast
Could it be that I have found my home at last
Home at last"

Released in 1977, Aja is Steely Dan's sixth album.


  1. "Black Cow"
  2. "Aja"
  3. "Deacon Blues"
  4. "Peg"
  5. "Home At Last"
  6. "I Got The News"
  7. "Josie"


  • Donald Fagen, keyboards/vocals
  • Walter Becker, guitar

"I Got The Tropes":

  • Bookends: "Black Cow" and "Josie" both mention a place called "Rudy's".
  • Drunk Driver: "Deacon Blues"
    "Drink scotch whiskey all night long
    And die behind the wheel"
  • Epic Rocking: "Aja" runs 8:00, "Deacon Blues" runs 7:36, and most of the songs are over five minutes. "Josie" is the shortest at 4:30.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: "Josie"
  • Minimalistic Cover Art: As shown above.
  • New Sound Album: Much jazzier, longer songs, much less pop.
  • Ode to Intoxication: "Black Cow"
  • One-Woman Song: "Aja," "Peg," "Josie"
  • Record Producer: Gary Katz, as usual.
  • Refrain from Assuming: The song is "Peg," not "Your Favorite Foreign Movie."
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  • Something Blues: "Deacon Blues"
  • Take That!: "Deacon Blues," to everyone who doesn't like their music.
    "I'll learn to work the saxophone
    I'll play just what I feel"
  • Uncommon Time: The title track, as described by The Other Wiki:
    The first part goes on for 17 bars, one in 2/4, as the other musicians vamp on staccato chords beneath. The interlude chords briefly return, and Gadd resumes keep the beat, with a few more flourishes, while Shorter's solo continues. Then the vamp and drum solo resume for another 17-bar section, this one including one bar in 3/4, that ends with a descending chord progression that takes us back into the intro.

Alternative Title(s): Aja