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Manga / Juvenile Orion

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A manga adaption of the Aquarian Age trading card game and series.

Mana Kirihara returns to her hometown after seven years to reunite with her childhood friend Kaname Kusukabe, who only tries to distance himself from her in return, leaving Mana confused and hurt. Several people Mana encounters — including Kaname — have their powers awakened as Mana becomes involved in a war that spans hundreds of years — the Aquarian Age.



  • Fun with Acronyms E.G.O. stands for Evolution Girls Organization
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Amou.
    • Mana can't remember the events of seven years ago — all she knows is that something happened that began the distance between Kaname and herself.
  • Love at First Sight: Shiba becomes instantly smitten with Mana upon seeing her.
  • Magic A Is Magic A
    • Certain factions are out right stated to have magical abilities.
      • One is Wiz-Dom, pronounced exactly like wisdom, which practices Western Magics. Despite also appearing to have some sort of connection with the Christian Church and claiming all Darklore are evil demons that must be exorcised.
      • The other is Arayashiki which out right claims to practice Eastern Magics.
    • The E.G.O. don't count, because they claim to use Psychic Powers.
    • The Erasers, the Our Angels Are Different faction, claim something about being the warriors from heaven, which gets even more confusing after Mana's Flash Back arc.