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Broccoli, founded in 1994, is a Japanse media company that publishes manga, anime, video games, trading card games, and operates a chain of retailers called Gamers. As the story goes, the name came about because the company's president wanted a memorable name. Thinking of the American tech company Apple as having such a name, brainstorming began for another fruit or vegetable. "Broccoli" was the end result, and it was a fortunate coincidence that broccoli is "broccoli" in almost every language.

The company's first big hit was Di Gi Charat starting 1998, which is a franchise built around Dejiko, the advertising mascot of Gamers. Galaxy Angel, another major franchise, followed in 2000. Both are Visual Novels, as would be most games to follow. These successes led to Broccoli's attempt to get a foothold in the North American market through the founding of Broccoli Books in 2007 for manga publication and through the puchase of Synch-Point for anime (and manga) publication. Both divisions closed doors in 2008.

In 2005, it became a subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment.

Not to be confused with the American family of film producers (Albert R. Broccoli and Barbara Broccoli).


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