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A two volume manga series that collects several of Chie Shinohara's one-shots with a theme of murder, mystery or horror into it. The volumes contain the following one-shot chapters of her work.

  • Kootta Natsu No Hi (A Frozen Summer Day): Youko is watching over her home for a few days, until her mother returns, when a robber forces his way into her house and holds her hostage, trying to get 40 Million Yen out of her.
  • Yasashii Satsujinsha (Kind Killer): Ayumi wants to present her crush Magami a love letter and follows him after school, only to see him kill someone? There's no way Magami killed anyone, right?
  • Houmonsha wa Mayonaka ni... (The Midnight Visitor): Masami returns home from tennis practice, only to find her home abandoned and her mother and brother nowhere to be seen. And yet, someone is out to kill her?
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  • Mokugekisha ni Sayonara (Farewell To The Eyewitness): Ryoko was only trying to protect herself from her perverted teacher Murakami! It was self-defense! But having run into someone on her way home, she needs to make sure to shut that eyewitness up.
  • Weekend no Joutaijou (Weekend's Invitation): Noriko receives an anonymous invitation to a concert and meets her crush Shiki there. Rumors of a love triangle begin to form, because Shiki has a girlfriend.
  • Nemuru Machi (Dead Town): Yuna and her friends from the archery club fall asleep on the train and end up getting out at the last station. Yet, the town is abandoned...
  • Jisatsushitsu Room Number 404 (Suicide Room Number 404): Eriko moves in with her friend Mari. And when Eriko begins an affair with Mari's boyfriend, Mari commits suicide and seems to haunt Eriko out of spite.
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  • Soshite 5-kai no Suzu ga Naru (When The Bell Rings 5 Times): After a fight with her boyfriend, Aiko finds a bell and then herself waking up next to a corpse. Is she really a murderer? Has it to do with the bell?
  • Crystal Doll: Kazuya encounters a dead person, only to learn that it might be an android. And now the CIA is out to kill him.
  • Fuyu no Hana wa Chinkon Hana (Winter Flower's Requiem): Mariko wants to see her dead best friend Ami one last time, to say farewell. But there is no corpse in the coffin?
  • Akai Densetsu (Red Destiny): Hisako has known for ages that she's destined to be with someone, waiting to meet The One. But her friend begins to act strangely.

Chie Shinohara The Best Collection Contains Examples Of

  • Abusive Parents: Youko Nosaka's stepmother beat her repeatedly, after her father died.
  • All Men Are Perverts: In Farewell To The Eyewitness, teacher Murakami. He used Ryoko's dropped trainpass as an excuse to get her into a situation where he can blackmail and try to rape her. There's rumors of him having done this in previous schools, too.
  • Always Identical Twins: Kind Killer with Masaru and Suguru Magami. They're mentioned to have the same body build, same appearance and same voice.
  • Artistic License – Medicine: In When The Bell Rings 5 Times, the victims die through broken necks, yet have an inordinate amount of blood splurting out when this happens, which is very unlikely to happen, unless the skin has been ruptured during strangulation.
  • Asshole Victim: Majority of the chapters end up having one. Farewell To The Eyewitness has Takashi Murakami, Mari and Tooru from Suicide Room Number 404, When The Bell Rings 5 Times has practically any of the guys who went after Yoshie and killed her.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Ryoko from Farewell To The Eyewitness. She beats a teacher, who tries to rape her, and then proceeds to calculate a plan to kill the person she ran into on her way home.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In Suicide Room Number 404, the little trap Eriko sets for Mari in a moment of jealous insanity. It's used to eventually incapacitate Tooru.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: The Midnight Visitor has Yoshitaka, who has had feelings for Masami for ages.
    • Masanori in Red Destiny, who confesses to Hisako in the beginning. He wasn't confessing as himself, but does confess to her as himself in the end... kinda.
  • Child Prodigy: Mayumi Kuroki in Crystal Doll, whose genius is making huge leaps in the creation of androids.
  • Dead All Along: The Midnight Visitor ends with the revelation that Masami's mother and her little brother Ikuo were killed by the robbers the day she returned from tennis training, so she merely saw their spirits the days after.
  • Evil Twin: Kind Killer has Masaru Magami.
  • Faking the Dead: Mari from Suicide Room Number 404, using her supposed death to continue torturing Eriko mentally and emotionally.
  • Four Is Death: Suicide Room Number 404 has the titular room on the fourth floor.
  • Gaslighting: In Suicide Room Number 404, this is done to Eriko by Mari and Tooru. She repeatedly sees the spirits of the previously deceased women at night, finds herself waking up and unable to move, all to make her go insane. The 'spirits' are merely mannequins and Mari and Tooru having been spiking Eriko's coffee and wine, respectively.
  • Human Popsicle: In Winter Flower's Requiem, this is the fate of people who are beyond saving with the current state of medicine.
    • In Crystal Doll, this is a medically-induced condition for Mayumi Kuroki, whose body is very fragile and allows her metabolism to work better.
  • Indian Burial Ground: The titular room in Suicide Room Number 404, where women tend to commit suicide over lost or betrayed love. Whether it's really cursed is left hanging, though it is mentioned that it might be, with it being the reason for the enmity that springs up between Eriko and Mari.
  • In-Series Nickname: Red Destiny has Hisako go by 'Chaco'.
  • Kill It with Fire: Dead Town has Yuna and Rin use fire to kill the poisonous moths.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In The Midnight Visitor, Masami notes how strange her mother is behaving, insisting that she stay at home or making her take her little brother along, if she absolutely must go outside. It's the first hint to Masami that something definitely happened with the guys she encountered the day before.
  • The Plague: Dead Town had all of its inhabitants killed through poison found on the scales of a type of moth that originated from there.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: In Suicide Room Number 404, this is the relationship between Tooru and Mari. They fight and make up.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: In A Frozen Summer Day, Akemi Nosaka's corpse was locked into the fridge.
  • Taking You with Me: In Weekend's Invitation, this is the plan of Kuramoto, who plans to jump out the window with Noriko. He never actually meant it, since he let go of her, which allowed Shiki to keep Noriko safe.
  • Tap on the Head: In Farewell To The Eyewitness, Ryokou smacks Murakami over the head with an iron pipe and he dies from it. Subverted, it's revealed that he was merely unconscious from the one tap. Saiki then came across him and beat him over the head with the pipe multiple times, actually killing him.
  • Undercover Cop Reveal: In A Frozen Summer Day, the robber turns out to be Shiro Ikushima, a newbie on the police force, who went undercover as a robber to find Akemi Nosaka.
  • Wicked Stepmother: A Frozen Summer Day has Akemi Nosaka, Youko's stepmother, who has been beating her for a long time.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Eriko begins an affair with Mari's boyfriend in Suicide Room Number 404, which leads to her suicide.

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